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Too Many Ideas

On the way to work today I was thinking about a failed concept from two years ago. For some reason this sparked an idea for a game with a similar theme but totally different mechanics and goals.

This new idea has potential and since it’s fresh my mind I’m driven to work on it. The problem is it will be taking time away from a big project H.M.S. Victory; I should be trying to get it ready for Origins. There is plenty of fine-tuning to do before I show it to publishers.

With Origins 7 weeks off I need to stay focused and get it done. The other can wait until after the show.

Dueling Wizards Destroyed My Game.

I’m back working on the wizard dueling game again. I did a test with two designer friends of mind Friday. They both agreed that I have gotten away from the core of the game and focused too much on secondary mechanics until they tread all over the original idea.


There was a rumor going around that Tahiti had made the top 100 games of the year issue of games magazine so I got hold of it and it’s true.

It didn’t win game of the year or even its category; Strategy but it did get nominated!

Maybe next time.

I must destroy it to save it?

Had some good tests of my wizard dueling game Order of the Wand at Protospiel. Many small issues where pointed out that I had not noticed and we ripped into the turn tracking mechanism too. There are several issues including clarity of the rules but most are mechanical. Major changes are needed to smooth out and shorten play time.

Now I have a laundry list of suggestions to consider before I rewrite the rules and change the components. Best of all the testers liked the main mechanic, using wands to cast the spells, which is the one thing I don’t want change.

Another disapointment

I just had two games released from their contracts because the publisher has changed their focus and is not going to make games. Not the first time I have gotten close to have it fall through and probably not the last.

Anyone know of a publisher of children’s games other than Haba that I might submit them too? One is for 6-8 year olds and the other 10 + speed game and would fit the family market.

Sports anyone?

I am expanding my game design work into the field of sports starting with revamping tennis to make it more exciting to watch. As I plan to make it 20% better the new sport will be known as twelvenis.

First improvement; explosive balls set on a random timer.

Naming the Game

I have been working on a wizard dueling game for a long time now. Many things have stalled the project but now that I have it well along its way and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel there is one sticking point that keeps gnawing at me; The Name.

Tahiti has arrived

My personal copies along with about 100 Box tops I need to sign and return to minion games arrived Saturday evening. I’m very happy with it. The box is efficiently small but with a great deal of heft. You know when you pick it up that you’re not buying air. The quality of the materials is top notch. Our distributer is filling orders, the games should be in stores very soon.

Did I say I’m very happy with it!

Approached by broker

Last week I was approached by Games Play UK. They asked if I would be interested in having them represent my game Cannon in an attempt to get it into a big publishing house like Hasbro, Mattel, or Spin Master. They required that I send the rules, pictures of the game and a play overview which I did and they said they would review the game and make a decision in a few weeks.

First in a long time

I have entered Buka & Back in the KGB game design Challenge

This is the first contest I have entered in a long time. Usually I miss the deadline because I can’t get the game ready in time. Fortunately Buka & Back has been ready for submission for some time and only took a little rules tweaking to get it ready.

There are several prizes
First Place $1000
Second Place $400
Third Place $200

And the possibility of licensing the game to them. We could all use a little $ and getting the games published is the ultimate goal.

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