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April 22,2017

Very early Saturday morning around 1:40 a.m. while my co-writer andI watched Troy the movie we started and completed our newest and next dice game called Mine Maze. It plays like the PC game Snake but with a unique twist.

Players are miners digging for ore (white 6d die) , dirt (green 6d die) , and metal (black 6d die).

Players use a 6d blue die as their picks to mine the maze.

This game of ours is very addictive to play. We have played the game 11 times , the rules have been finalized by the group. We will also be adding territories (fictional locations) for players to try to lay claim to.

Mine Maze is a Ruin Your Friendship , Trickster , strategical, tactics dice game. Very competitive and addictive for us that is. Very easy to learn , tactical to master.


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