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Collection of my designs

All games are mine - Jesse F.
For my Twin Eagle Graphics Independent Game Studio.

No games are published yet.

Knight's Adventure 1994-1996 (Knights Adventure has been added to my Dymino Monsters game as a location)

Quiet Terror 1999 - 2020

Typhoon Fighters 1999 version 1.0 now 2004 Dymino Monsters 2004 - 2020 version 2.0 of Typhoon Fighters

Connection Sections 2002
Connection Sections: Deluxe 2002

Muddy Flats Country Golf Card Game 2003

Travel Dice Baseball: August 6, 2006

Beat The Suits (Solitaire Game) 2006

Tornado Speed: Race A Go Go 2011

Dungeon Hall 2013

Bottle Ship 2014

King's Gemstones May 3, 2015

Lily The Lilly Pad Coin Flipping Game Paper version 2013 - CorkBoard with wooden coins 2015

Archery Showdown 1-6 player dice and card game Jan. 12, 2016

Mine Maze April 21, 2017

Quick Draw Shootout (dice game) Nov. 4, 2017

Cup O' Saucers (dexterity game) 2017

Tennis Hand Game 2018 (dexterity game)

9 Dice 2018

Fist O' War (dexterity game) 2018

Heart of The Knight April 4, 2020 12 card solo puzzle card game.


New Game

New game design / product on July 1, 2020:

Title of game: 72

72 wooden cubes in a square bowl with rounded edges.

So far there are 7 challenges out of 72 challenging challenges to get through this dexterity game.

Shake, tumble and manipulate the wooden cubes in various challenging challenges without using your fingers.

72 player count: Solo game, co-op and teams. Teams : 2v2 , 4v4

72 can be played on Timed Challenge or Non Timed Challenges.

The challenges for 72 is actually a 2 variant of the game.

72 is originally played by gaining 7 points out of 7 challenges.

I had 9 people yesterday evening intrested in my newest game. 4 of the 9 people have already played the game. Of those 5 viewers were watching me demonstrate the game and were fascinated with it already.

It was awesome to see my audience smile and be intrigued.


Sounds interesting, but... 72

Sounds interesting, but...

72 different challenges?

There is no way on earth they're all going to be good. Then you're just padding out the game and obscuring which things are fun.

I'm not sure what you're actually doing (or how 4v4 is going to work), but maybe find the best 7 or 10 or even 20 things you can come up with, and just use those. The other 60+ versions are just not going to be compelling.

Oh hello

Hey Jay,

Thank you for your interest.

Teams = 4 players against 4 players.

That's the whole idea of these challenges.

Why 72 challenges? There is no obscuring the details of these not challenging. It's a mind set of just seeing if the player can do them or not. It's a dexterity, puzzle abstract game and patient game.

It's a very simple and satisfying game.

As I have played the challenges , so far 7 of them, I've been better at figuring out how to manipulate the pieces faster. If the pieces fall out of the area, I start over. I will be sticking with the 72 challenges.

That's it, that's the challenge of this game.

Thank you for your feedback.


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