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Dice App

I created a very simple dice-throwing application. I intend to use this while teaching game design online and to play simple dice games. It's made for HTML5, and so can be used in nearly any browser. It stretches or contracts to fit a screen display on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Throw dice by clicking on the image of the die on the left, and the result is displayed in the dice pool to the right.
  • Re-throw a die or remove it by pressing the buttons that appear on either side if the die display when you hover over it.
  • The red button deletes the result, while the green button re-throws the same die.
  • Your Dice Pool can contain up to 10 results.
  • Clicking on "Reset Everything" restarts the program.

I intend to add in a few more features periodically, but it's not gonna be the next AnyDice dot com. A few planned features:

  • Percentile dice / d100
  • Sum of all dice in the dice pool
  • Average of all dice in the dice pool
  • Number of dice in the pool that rolled their highest result: for example, number of d6 that display a 6 result.

If you encounter problems or have suggestions feel free to comment here. Thanks!

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