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Game Design and Submission Panel

I have been asked to be on a Panel at this years Bashcon held at the University of Toledo.

Alex Yeager of Mayfair Games, Uwe Eickert of Academy Games, and David Whitcher of Protospiel will talk about the process of game design, game submission, and easy fun ways for your design to be rejected (and a few tips on getting your design seen)!
Present your ticket at the door for a chance to win a prize!

I'm sure i was asked primarily because of my involvement with Protospiel rather than the plethora of block buster games to my credit. Even so it's an odd thing to be asked and I’m not much of a public speaker. Still i think i have enough experience to add something to group especially when it comes to helping new designers get past those oh so common misconceptions. On the other hand I can always help with the “easy fun ways for your design to be rejected” part since I have plenty of those to my credit.


Big Shot Industry Celebrity at BashCon

Way to go Dave!!

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