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Hidden Stares

Yesterday I have started to work on a new game project titled Hidden Stares at 3:25 am and my nephew Connor is my co-designer for this latest project. This is my 33rd game design for my collection.

Genre / Theme : Mystery Horror Card Game, puzzle, story driven.

Mechanic : First Person perspective walk through on cards. Some dice actions will be involved.

I already plan to have a second game continuation for this project.

Stay tuned for more updates for my latest project: Hidden Stares.



Hidden Stares Update

Feb 7, 2022

Hidden Stares update:

I'm currently working on sorting out the details for the prototype cards.

Right now, I'm just labeling the cards as locations and then later today I'll buy some more index cards for the rest of the prototype.

The next set will be for tools/equipment for the characters, action decision deck and other details.

The game will have a dice mechanic. It will use 1d6 dice for perception checks to be rolled.

Player 2 rolls the 1d6 for perception in a room to find clues.

The roll lands on say, a 3. The player will remove the first and second perception check cards to the bottom of the deck and flip over the third card. The player then reads the perception check card and reads the description they may uncover if anything has been found. It's just a thought process but I know it will work already. I just have to get the story, clues and puzzle solutions down.

On February 4 and 5th 2022, I already drew the following on the backs of the index cards.

4 first person perspective upward stair cases.

4 first person perspective downward stair cases.

I'm also thinking of using the 1d6 for movement. Probably will to.

Players will role play the characters they choose.

During the course of development on Friday February 4, 2022, with the discussion with my nephew, co-designer, there will be a part 2 continuation of the game.

Stay tuned for more updates on this latest project.


Update on Hidden Stares

It's been put on hiatus. Put on the shelf, somewhat forgotten. For the time being. Who knows if I'll get back into development for this game.

It's okay. I sort of forgotten about it due to work, rest, work. Work. Work. Lol.

I'll get back to it, eventually.


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