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Someone posted this Link at BGG

It’s obvious they know nothing about making games and it's a Wiki so i figured i could fix it up a bit.

How about this.

1. Come up with a unique idea for your game like Lawn Gnomes trying to escape the maniacal and dreaded monster named MO-R.

2. Draw pictures of the monster eating the gnomes and show it to your sister. If she screams go to step 3, if she doesn’t try again.

3. You’ll need a flat surface to make the board like a coffee table. Now get some sharpies or paint and draw the board on it. Make sure you include the drawing you showed your sister. There is no need to re-draw them, just use some glue.

4. You’ll need some Gnome pieces for the players; Gnomes aren’t made of wood or plastic are they? To make them more realistic get some meat, preferable steak, from the refrigerator. Dress them up using some of your sisters doll clothes. If they look too girly paint them green like an army soldier.

5. Your almost done but there is no monster. Mow-R is big, mean and has sharp teeth just like the food processor. And since they both like meat all you need to do is paint it up to look like a monster.

6. Time to play. Gather the entire family including grandma and show them what you made. Don’t forget to demonstrate how Mow-R eats the Gnomes. It’s the best part.



I'd play it.


Significantly more helpful than the wiki-how article!

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