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Mom N' Pops - Game Jam Entry

I finished up and submitted an entry to this year's Mapemounde analog game jam over at . It's a tabletop game/RPG game jam that has 10 days or so of game development, then two weeks of playing/reviewing the submissions. The general idea is always about maps in some way, shape, or form. In particular, this year's theme was, "The map is the body of a loved one."

I decided to make a storytelling/journaling game about becoming a tattoo artist. Your parents are your two Subjects, and you draw cards to indicate where on their bodies the tattoos should be placed, as well as the inspiration for the tattoo. You can mark a diagram of the tattoo on the play sheet, increase your ability scores, and then write a journal entry about the process. I also created a couple random generators for previous work history and - for later play-throughs - relationship to the player/artist.

Mom N' Pops version 1.1 has been released with updated artwork and revised rules. It's available for US$2.49 at the following link:

If you want to learn more about the Mapemounde 2022 game jam, then have a look at this link:



I'm not really interested in the contest ... BUT

I am curious about YOUR entry. I personally don't work good with "restrictions", I'd rather have a "clean slate" to work on the ideas that I get. However that being said, I am interested in your entry ONLY. Why? Because I like the concept you've put forward, it is very creative and original and I'd like to know more about the design itself.

So I'm going to read the RULES PDF to get an idea.

It's only EIGHT (8) pages of rules...

Never-the-less I plan to read through the rules and see how much I understand.

On a side-note, it is nice to see you around It's nice that you are continuing your goal of designing games!

So let me spend some time READING the rules and see if I can get you feedback ASAP. Cheers @let-off studios!

Note #1: So far I've read a page and this FORMAT you have used for the RULES ... seems GREAT TBH!!! Natural and easy to read and follow. I've read the first few pages (before the Glossary) and it's NICE!

But I'm confused when I get to the "Random Generators" in the GLOSSARY section.

Why? Because I don't comprehend how this works with the game... Like I get there is die rolling and which is the FIRST to roll 1D6 and then you roll 2D6 to get the tattoo type?!?! The rules get a bit MESSY after the initial GLOSSARY section (of the type of tattoos).

Note #2: I'm going to make some suggestions to add some CLARITY to the rules much like the initial sections (of the "default" mode of play).

1> Give a separate section for "Tattoos". In the beginning of Section #2, you state: "Reflect on the nature of the prompt described on that card’s entry in the Glossary. and then make a small drawing..."

I would state instead something like: "Reflect on the nature of the tattoo described on that card's entry in the four (4) tables in the "Tattoos" Section on page 4 and 5."

2> Next add a new header on page 6 entitled "APPENDIX: Variation on Play".

This means you have your "Default" Game as the first section and then in the LAST section ("APPENDIX: Variation on Play") you have how you can ALTER the game with different rules...

Just adding some CLARITY to the rulebook... (What you need for a FIRST play and then the variations...) Glossary is just not good because everything seems to be "lumped-up" in that section. So make 2 Sections: "Tattoos" and "APPENDIX: Variation on Play". That will clarify a bit of confusion.

The point I am trying to MAKE is to DIVIDE the rules into "Everything DEFAULT" + "Variations"... To keep it as clear as possible.

Note #3: I'd suggest that you make the dice rolling with 3D6. What I mean is have one (1) colored die and two (2) another colored dice. For example: 1 Black and 2 White.

And then roll 1D6 to determine the CATEGORY of the tattoo and then roll 2D6 to determine the EXACT NATURE or TYPE of tattoo.

This feels more LOGICAL and easier to work with.

Note #4: Re-reading, I'm not sure if the RNG (dice rolling) is part of the "Default" game or not. I would suggest NOT.

Then make a clear separation ... And then explain what the various VARIANTS are. It's not clear, everything is all in the "same" section. Or moreso, there are NO SECTIONS clearly identifying what content belongs to what variation of play.

Like making a "APPENDIX: Variation of Play" with the "Random Generators" content, followed by "Variant #1: Work History", followed by "Variant #2: Relationships", "Variant #3: Other".

That will add some clarity into WHAT it is that I am reading and going to play.

Further observations...

I THINK(!?) that maybe you should have a separate portrait sheet for each subject such that the paper size is 8.5" x 11". Because the HALF-SIZE versions have very little ROOM for the Tattoos. IDK. Like I'm not saying they will be WORKS of ART but with some extra room, you could have a bit BIGGER "Tattoos".

Otherwise it's sort of pointless, no?!

IDK. I'm still thinking about it. Because quite honestly NEITHER mine nor your version allows for "very nice" tattoos. Just not enough SPACE. And I'm not saying they need to be ARTISTIC (very graphical) but just basic shapes are way too small on the existing playsheets (or even my own version which is double the size...)

Maybe I would take a DIFFERENT solution:

- Have 1 BOX (2" x 2") for EACH side of the NECK.
- And then 1 BOX (2" x 2") for EACH one of the shoulders.
- And continue to do so...

2" x 2" seems like a sufficiently large area to WRITE something or to make an ICON (like a Heart or a Star or a Diamond, etc.) and ADD writing when there is both an IMAGE and TEXT.

I don't think actually having the DUMMIES as you have is good. I think it should be a series of BOXES (2" x 2") for each position on the body. And then you can have both FRONT and BACK (don't use the grey... It makes it impossible to draw on... And I am suggesting to remove the dummies...) and so there are a fixed number of positions you can DRAW in the BOXES.

This is the BEST advice that I can SHARE... Sorry there is very little time for you to adjust and correct your design. But you need some more SPACE to be able to DRAW something or WRITE something legible.

I hope this is not too critical... I really think the design is cool ... But just needs some further analysis when it comes to the DRAWING of the Tattoos.

Cheers @let-off studios!

Some additional thoughts

On the TOP of each BOX (2" x 2") write the position: Like "Left-side Neck" or "Right-Hand Shoulder", etc.

And on the BOTTOM of each BOX write the REQUIREMENT: Like for the Neck positions "Connection > 5"... Or Buttocks positions "Technique > 5."

So some have additional positional constraints, other positions have none. And I think in this scenario, you would need TWO (2) sheets of paper, one (1) for EACH subject you are Tattooing. And each sheet should be reversible and contains different tattoo positions, not necessarily exactly the SAME on each side.

This you can play with and TWEAK. One of the GOALS is to figure out HOW MANY positions you want on each subject (Front + Back).

I hope all of this HELPS you... I'm not trying to hinder your DESIGN... Like I said I was very curious to your "Mapping" approach. And I really think that you went out-of-your-way to make something VERY UNIQUE in terms of design.

I'm just trying to IMPROVE it FUNCTIONALLY in terms of usability. Again feel free to use, adapt or ignore my ideas. But honestly you need more room to be able to WRITE simple WORDS and maybe an icon or two...

As always, cheers @let-off studios.

Also ...

I was just thinking about the DESIGN and the Tattoos... What IF you HAD CARDS, again this is NOT for the Game Jam... Something to consider in making the DESIGN even more interesting.

Hear me out... I think you are really going to LIKE this idea.

Instead of you WRITING and DRAWING... What if you went to a TATTOO SHOP and got the store to share with you their "catalog"...

Then you could create CARDS with the various TATTOOS. (THIS WOULD BE SO ULTIMATE!)... And then instead of DRAWING, you would collect SETS of cards for different positions.

I get it that the quasi-mapping is no longer there. IMHO that's FINE. Because your CARDS would look FREAKEN AMAZING! Some could be COLOR others could be B&W.

And then you could have like a set of general positions. And when you PLAY a card (or Tattoo), you put it into the corresponding POSITION. Again you would need to DEFINE them. Maybe like FOUR (4) Sets. And you could use your DUMMIES to indicate which position matches which TATTOO NUMBER.

Like "A01" is placed on Pops' "Right-Hand Shoulder". And "A01" could be a HEART with a DOVE (For example)!

I know it takes away the DRAWING aspect. But it REPLACES it with REAL COOL ART... Maybe you can make some kind of deal with a Tattoo shop in exchange for some of their Tattoo designs.

That IMHO would be the BEST SOLUTION. Why? Because you'd have REAL COOL ART in your game (on the Tattoo cards) and you could use the dummies to place reference numbers (like "A01") and so forth which could then have three (3) stats: "Technique / Artistry / Connection". In addition to having several positions where the tattoo can be PLACED (on the body).

You could even go FURTHER and add that some TATTOOS are MALE-ONLY and/or FEMALE-ONLY... I think this would make this game FREAKEN amazing!

Again just ideas that may be worthwhile thinking about and adapting to your specific game and what YOU want to do with it. I'm just giving you FEEDBACK after reading the rules and checking out the Player Sheet.

I know it REMOVES a bit of the "Artistic" quality of the PLAYER making ART. But let's be HONEST: Who have the ability to really make nice tattoos???

Having Tattoo Cards with the Tattoo themselves ... Would TOTALLY ROCK and IMHO take this Design to the NEXT LEVEL!

Cheers again @let-off studios!

Let me clarify a bit...

Instead of using 2" x 2" BOXES ... You could have small SQUARES 0.5" x 0.5" where you could WRITE the Tattoo ID: "A01", "D05", etc.

Each Tattoo card in the TOP LEFT-HAND space is the Tattoo ID for easy reference.

Again not necessarily for the CONTEST... This would be to ADAPT it further into a design that could be publishable.


Holy Smokes...!

Well, you give the man 24 hours and he blows your mind wide open, every time. :)

Thanks for all your feedback, questccg! You clearly spent a lot of time and brainpower on coming up with improvements and variations, and it's all appreciated. I'll have a look at how feedback is coming in on the game jam site and whether or not there's time for me to make changes or improvements.

I am considering releasing this on DriveThruRPG, and even The Game Crafter, so your revisions and improvements will come in handy.

Everything about the design is COOL ... But

The only problem is the player sheets: there is no room on the paper to make any type of Tattoos (be it image or text).

That's something "functional" that needs improvement. Like I said, it may not be required for the contest... But you could change and see how you can improve the management of "Tattoos".

Personally I would go with CARDS with the Tattoos on them. I get there is LESS "creativity" but to be real honest, on the player sheets you can't do much let alone write some text...

So you've got to marry Function with Flexibility and see what is more important.

You've got two (2) choices (the way I see it):

1. Allow for the drawing of tattoos in larger spaces (like the 2" x 2" boxes).

2. Use cards with nice art with Tattoos already on them.

Now I know you like more "grounded" designs where the players have more freedom and if this is true, no doubt you will go with #1.

But from my POV, I like better #2 because it allows players to be engrossed with all the "nice" artwork rather than a few lousy sketches...

However you are like Evan... He wanted "Holiday Fever" to be MORE than just about the game, he wanted players to make speeches, give toasts, dress and color their OWN Christmas Trees, etc.

So I get it... More freedom is one avenue.

Cheers @let-off studios!

Also if you prefer Option #1 there is more that can be done...

I mean I mentioned 2" x 2" boxes, you could maybe make the box closer to the space available in that area on the body.

Like for the Neck, could be 2" x 1". Whereas the Shoulder could 2" x 2"...

Some approximation of the available space in the different areas could lead to more realistic Tattoos which vary according to the space available.

Just figured I'd add this because I'm pretty sure you want the player to be able to draw and write his OWN tattoos. (I could be wrong... but I understand the desire to make it more a creative game than just using cards with Tattoos).


What happened to this Game Jam Entry???

Did you get any additional feedback from the Contest Judges??? Did you WIN?! And if not... Did you place in the Top 10??? Or Top 5...? Just curious because I thought your take on this Jam was very unique and COOL!

So just following-up with you to know what happened and to know if the contest is even OVER or NOT!?

Cheers @let-off studios.


I appreciate the kind words about this design/concept. :)

As it turns out, I've not followed-up with this game at all. Someone connected to the game jam made a comment about it, but I've not stopped by to check it out. There are a few other things on my plate at the moment and this seems to be continually pushed-off.

Considering I'm one of the only English-language entries and I've not had an opportunity to translate it to Italian (apparently the native language of the organizers and the majority of the participants), it's not surprising it's not had much attention from anyone.

I do want to revisit the player sheets. I agree with you, questccg, that the images of the Subjects need to be larger. I'd separate the Subjects with male on one sheet, female on the other, and instead of identifying the tattoo areas with "blotches" on the reference sheet, I'd likely add dotted lines to segregate body sections.

I disagree with you, however, on implementing cards. This is a journaling game, mostly about the story the solo player creates, and I still think leaving it open for the player to create their own images if they want is the way to go. This is also consistent with the concept of the player creating the backgrounds for each of the Subjects on their own, and/or using the random tables.

In summary, this project just fell out of my priority list as soon as I submitted it to the game jam. I felt it okay to move on after supplying a minimum-viable-product that was "good enough" to make it into the game jam.

Thanks again for the suggestions, feedback, and encouraging words, questccg!!! :-D

Well it looks like more people had a LOOK!

Hello @let-off studios, I think your entry now has four (4) comments, one of which is in both English and Italian. You should look into the entry and see what people are talking about when they say: "They did not have a chance to TRY the game prior to posting a comment".

That means based on the contents of your rules and entry, they are taking the game at "face-value".

Anyways I would look into the people who commented and see what others may have to say about "Mom N' Pops".



Mom N' Pops was rated #1 Overall for the game jam! What an honor and a pleasant surprise. :)

Looks like revising this should be a priority now. It might have some appeal beyond the walls of the game jam participants.

Congratulations on this Ranking!

Is there anywhere we can go read what the Judges impressions were??? I looked into the Design ... Because I think you did a wonderful job in "marrying" design and tattooing. Sure there was an issue of SCALE and the unavailability for the Art to shine through. But like I said, art at that scale is very limiting.

You could go a HYBRID approach and use Dry-Erase Pens to illustrate a tattoo on a card and then you would have like a 2" x 3" area (minus some card template). And then you would collect those cards and make them a part of your own game.

But yeah, if you could share a LINK to some feedback and what the judges had to say... Would be neat IMHO.

Again, congratulations!

Note #1: Update, I checked on the website and I saw the rankings of the various designs ... But I'm not very sure I get the POINT system... But I get you got the highest OVERALL putting you in 1st Place!

Comments Section

If you want to see what others had to say about the game, the best I could find was this comments page.

I thought about what you said ... And I've come up with an idea

I'm not 100% sure if you will like it or not... But it came to me while talking about your design (which is really cool BTW) with Family.

I understand your desire to KEEP the "drawing" element of the game. Like Evan, you have an "angle" that makes the game experience more "personal" and I understand that, even if in my own mind ... I would want something different.

So here's my IDEA (which you can use, ignore or adapt as you see fit):

questccg wrote:
Instead of just having a Deck of 52 cards with different tattoos like I suggested (because this would satisfy my own desire for an "esthetic" game) ... What if you blend a bit of BOTH "pre-designed" tattoo cards and "blank" ones.

This would mean that for the most part it's a SET COLLECTION mechanic which dominates the game in associative play (meaning associating a tattoo with a part of the body or a particular "theme" for the tattoo) and ALSO ADD the "creative" side with something like all the "Face cards" are open to customized drawings.

Furthermore, this IDEA stems well with your desire to make games using components that are standard. What I mean is "1" through "10" are pre-designed tattoos (which are amazing works of art people can appreciate) and "Jacks" through "Kings" are BLANK cards only with a theme (and written or image, etc.) so that means 40 pre-designed images/text and 12 blank cards for customization.

This would MARRY BOTH the desire to have "pleasing" artwork and nice tattoos and ALSO allow players to design their OWN Tattoos or Text/Images on the cards that only have a description of the tattoo...

Again this is just an IDEA... You don't have to adopt it or use it. I'm just sharing with you how to "IMPROVE" the overall design and make it more non-artistically pleasing (meaning people who can only draw stick figures won't be too embarrassed to play the game) and also allow people to express their more creative sides (or at least some of their thoughts in making their OWN custom tattoos).

Again... just an idea for you to consider. I think this would be the best possible "compromise" because it mixes BOTH "play-styles" (one more creative and free and another which is artistically pleasing using pre-defined tattoos) and make the game more appealing to people who are POOR in drawing skills and such. Like my Family member told me: "I can only draw stick figures... I don't think I would like to play a game where the focus is on me drawing such figures..." And I agreed ... That's why having BOTH "pre-defined" tattoos and BLANK cards with a theme work to make a wider audience for the game.

Cheers @let-off studios!

Note #1: And for those people who DON'T want to DRAW... They can discard a BLANK card for something with a pre-defined image (professional looking tattoo). Some kind of simple "replacement" mechanic (like discard two blank cards for one designer tattoo).

Note #2: Normally I don't talk about "design" with my Family. They know it's something that I do but are not implicated with the specifics. But today my Auntie asked me what I had been up to... And so I told her that one of our members won a contest and she was intrigued and wanted to know more...

And so I explained that I took a look and read the rules and made some suggestions. Now while some of the suggestions stuck others were not in the direction that @let-off studios wanted to go in. Specifically SET COLLECTION rather than DRAWING TEXT/IMAGES. And so we discussed the design a bit and she concluded by saying that she would never play such a game...

Having had that conversation, I hung-up the phone and just started seeing how I could IMPROVE in terms of having a "wider" audience that would feel "comfortable" in playing this specific game. I.E. What would it take to make it more non-artistic pleasing...

And you've got the results above of my reflection and thoughts thereafter the conversation on the phone.

Note #3: Obviously the "standard" deck of cards would need to be replaced with a "custom" one, having both PRE-DEFINED Tattoos and BLANK cards which allow the player to "personalize" his game experience.

Furthermore... You can KEEP the player aids as they are and allow each card to have a UNIQUE number (#1 to #52 -- No Jokers) and then on the player aid, you simply WRITE the NUMBER instead of no room for the tattoos.

This would allow for sufficient room to write the numbers on the player aids.

Note #4: Another COOL IDEA I had was DRAWING by NUMBERS!!! This would be awesome... Instead of BLANK cards only, what if you used the old line from point-to-point and follow the point numbers to get a nice image which is like a surprise because you don't know what it is BEFORE HAND!

That could be less "open/free" than DRAW whatever you WANT... Versus follow the points and reveal some artistic image or text ... That will look nicer than stick-figures for example!

Ah I am so full of ideas on this design. I really think it has GREAT potential and the reason I was drawn to it... Was because I would never get a tattoo... But you've presented WHY(?) people do get tattoos with the 52 Decks of various possibilities and meanings. So that has "clued" me into the whole reasons behind the motivation to get ink done.

Again I'm not "poo-poo-ing" on your design. I'm just offering up ideas that I had after thinking about the game. I know ATM it is more of a creative endeavor versus more of a GAME. The artistic/free side of things just dominates the game and would exclude MANY players from giving the design a change... (To simply TRY it ONCE).

Everything I've said is purely to offer alternatives and avenues to explore further. Nothing is by far "set in stone"... Just a collection of thoughts and ideas concerning the proposed design. Cheers!

Note #5: BTW to write on cards all you need a is UV Coating and the use of Dry-Erase Pens/Markers to draw on the surface of the cards. I personally LIKE the "Draw-by-numbers" because you DON'T KNOW what the design will be until you are DONE!

Forget the "pre-designed" tattoos ... and go with "Draw-by-numbers" that would OH SO COOL and be a compromise between pre-defined ART and a blank canvas. Plus it would be surprise when you make the art.

I know it's not as "FREE/OPEN" but it does have a HINT of mystery whenever you play the game a few times...

Note #6: You can have like FOUR (4) Colors and the color of the NEXT point determines the color of the "segment". Red, Green, Blue and Black. So if Point #1 is BLACK, you use the BLACK pen to draw a line from Point #1 to Point #2. If point #2 is RED, you use the RED pend to draw a line from Point #2 to Point #3...

That could yield some INTERESTING DESIGNS of Tattoos... I would call them SEMI-Professional (because they are assisted given the colors and points).

Again something else to think about and ponder! Best.

Note #7: Point-to-point numbered drawing may be too complicated to DESIGN. I mean if you are up to the challenge... IT could be POSSIBLE but definitely complicated... You would have to have some kind of NOTATION like: "a ROUND point means draw a segment from this point. a SQUARE point means MOVE to the next point but DON'T draw a segment."

Something like this if you want to accomplish very detailed or text-based images in which the lines don't ALWAYS interconnect.

I was just thinking if you write some TEXT, you need to be able to MOVE the pen without drawing lines in-between the LETTERS (no matter how fancy or how simple they are).

IDK maybe there are other caveats of using Point-to-point numbered drawing. Anyone reading care to share some thoughts on this METHOD of play???

Using the Pont-to-point Numbering ... I have something else

You could DESIGN "Booster" Packs for let's say 13 Cards per subject. So each Pack could be used ONCE or MORE... But they are fixed packs (not randomized).

This will allow you to EXPAND on the game as the popularity of it grows!

And you can make the BOOSTERS per "THEME" meaning that the cards in a pack have some kind of common "design" theme...

That ensure that the future EXPANDABILITY of the GAME is ENORMOUS and will continue to interest people who ENJOY this type of mini-puzzle game(s)!

You could start the game with 4 Fixed Boosters with 4 subjects. And then expand with new themes a point-to-point numbering illustration with other themes. Could be REAL NICE TBH. Fun for adults to play SOLO too!

Note #1: You could create six (6) Booster Packs (fixed) with 13 cards each... And you ONLY are required to buy 4 Boosters. Which four (4) to buy?! Well that's your OWN "personal" choice based on the "theme" of each pack...! Adds some pre-game strategy too... Hehehe!

I know you are probably thinking: "He's nuts BOOSTER PACKS!?!?" But I can actually picture this kind of design being very good for "fixed" booster sales. You're NOT "chasing" rare cards, you're just trying out DIFFERENT "themes"!

I think that's a very NOVEL and genuine approach. You're not bleeding people for their monies, instead you offer "customization" based on the four (4) packs that suit your fancy the most (based on a "description" like: "Growing Flowers" -- As an example something that could appeal to the "Ladies"!)

It's super interesting because it's GREAT for SOLO play.

And a 12-year old can understand the point-to-point notation (with the CIRCLES and SQUARES).

PLUS everyone can appreciate the COOL "Tattoos" they DESIGN by the end of the game! (Admire all your hard work in following the numbers given the various colors of Dry-Ink Pens...) So very cool as a design.

Again feel free to use, adapt or disregard these ideas. I really think your concept could work. Again no worries if you are not interested in this FORMAT or the notation. They are just ideas that I am sharing.

The way I see it is that numbered images are a COMPROMISE between PLAYER DRAWINGS (which would most suck unless you are an artist/illustrator) and PRE-MADE Tattoos (which have no excitement other than appreciating the nice art). This in-between adds a layer of MYSTERY: "What am I going to get in a PACK???"

Way Out There

The point of using a classic deck of playing cards is so that the game is much more accessible, and that custom components would not need to be designed, manufactured, and then shipped to the player. I'm not interested in making dry-erase cards and etc. at this point.

Additionally, there's the entire aspect of "journaling" that you haven't mentioned. That's primarily where those without the artistic chops can record their ideas, sketches, and so on regarding the tattoo designs.

You have a metric tonne of ideas questccg... If you want to make a spin-off, go right ahead. :) Seriously, the game is released with a Creative Commons license (this will be explicitly stated in my next release), so have a go at it if you want.

No worries...

You can't possibly imagine the AMOUNT of sheer WORK that I have up until Winter 2022. I've got a website to design (10% done), I've got to RE-DO ALL the Crystal Heroes cards (0% done), I've got to EDIT and RE-LAYOUT the CH Rulebook, I've got to follow the TradeWorlds KS campaign (in the event that people have questions or what to know what is happening), I have another Design which is (75% done -- the design only), I have Duel Dice (to re-spawn another iteration with a GAME for them...), I have a TradeWorlds Expansion (Smugglers Run) to continue to design (it's about 50% done), I have Monster Keep (which is 90% design done), a game collab with @X3M (maybe at 60%) plus I'm looking for a part-time job (to help make ends meet -- Designing and games hasn't made me any money yet and I've been doing it for more than 10 years), I've also got to re-visit the future of TradeWorlds in an open dialog with our Backers, That's got me all booked well into 2024.

So while I LIKE your design concept, I just can't embark on another VENTURE ATM.

And IDK about "Creative Commons", if I do ANYTHING it is to possible have a return on the time and effort I invest. So the licensing needs to be "Give Credit to the original Designer and maybe a link to his/her version, but otherwise you are free to make and sell your own version AS LONG as it is sufficiently different."

But like I said, SO MUCH to do ... I'm advancing most projects a little bit at a time. And going from one thing as my "advancement" naturally occurs. Everything needs to get DONE! Nothing less is acceptable. I'm a TRUE designer I want to do this as my future career and work on many different projects...

So yeah. No time! Hehehe. I may have time like an HOUR or so to give feedback and share ideas that I get concerning another designer's game or concepts. But to actually commit to MAKING a NEW and DIFFERENT game... That's like HOURS of work the way I make my projects.

Cheers @let-off studios!

Version 1.1 Release

I've brushed-up the rulesheet and improved the artwork on the player sheets. The game is now available for US$2.49. If you're interested in playing and/or supporting my work, please consider visiting the game link and picking up a copy.


I figured I'd give the game a rating it deserved...!

Well I can say that @let-off studios has supported the TGC "Tradewars" by picking up early copies on our Crowdsale, has sponsored the Ad Program with a banner that he has yet do use (but we've talked about it... no pressure when you are ready!), has sent me some of the games he needed to find new homes for, has helped me with several of my other designs, and has generally been one of the regulars that often helps others out as well.

So I decided to give you a "rating" instead of paying the minimum.

Congrats you are officially a 10 Star-Rated Person! As you've mentioned, you'll be around a little "less frequently" but that you will continue to visit us on the occasional moment to get caught-up in what is going on

In any event, thank you for your patronage and being such a nice person too!


Also ...

I thought that although I have never been interested in getting Ink done (Tattoos), your design did do something to educate me why people do get some Ink done in their lives (not saying everyone has the same reasoning but ...) and it may not be universal. But still interesting to include the journaling, that's not some thing that I include in my own designs. However it does give an excellent reason for Solo gameplay and adds some purpose in what a single player is doing when "playing" the game.

Again ... Was very educational just reading the rules!

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