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My recent screencasts on YouTube

I rarely get around to posting individual links to my "Game Design" YouTube channel, so I decided to list the most recent five screencasts instead.

Special Powers Card Games (SPCG)
Special Powers Card Games (Magic:the Gathering, Munchkin, many others) is a category that attracts many aspiring designers. But designers should avoid CCGs, and look at other kinds of SPCG.

Charlemagne and "Yomi"
This is about two different and conrasting game playing styles. I use Charlemagne to represent "minimax" and "yomi" is a Japanese word adopted by David Sirlin to represent those who try to read the intentions and anticipate their opponents.

The Demise of "Favorite" Games
When I taught video game design classes I asked students about their favorite games. Turned out, many of them had no favorites, or could only pick the game they were currently playing. How different from many years ago. Here's why, which has a lot to do with changes in the nature of games and how people play them.

Why is it so hard to persuade people to playtest prototypes?
I've just added this video to my online course "Playtesting: the Heart of Game Design" (about 6.5 hours). Discount URL:
This is by far the most comprehensive discussion of game playtesting in the world, to my knowledge. Converted to words, it's the size of a small novel, in 64 parts, including examples of playtesting notes I've taken over the years.

Flexibiity in Games
A seldom-discussed aspect of games - especially tabletop games - is their flexibility. Can the game be played to varying lengths, by varying numbers of players? Can players join in after the game has begun?


Great pieces, Doc!

Thanks again for posting....I always enjoy your videos on the wide variety of game-related subjects. Keep 'em coming!

Soon to Watch

I just bought and started reading your book on game design, so I'm poring over that instead of your videos at the moment. I will come to them soon though..!

I've seen your udemy previews and from what I've gleaned from your book so far, it's clear there's a lot I have to learn.

Thanks for posting! :)

I tried to write the book so

I tried to write the book so that it wouldn't become outdated, and so far, I appear to have succeeded.

If only I could get some of the other books I've written finished. Lots more to say about game design.

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