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New Piecepack Game - One Shot

I'm currently living in a cabin, devoid of fancy board games. Instead, I've been tinkering with my piecepack system, and finally came up with a "gateway" game worth sharing. Please have a look at One Shot if you have a piecepack of your own, or you're just curious. The rulesheet weighs in at a hefty 1.33 pages.

You can download it at the following link:

If you have questions, suggestions, or any other constructive feedback for One Shot, you are graciously invited to post them here. Thanks!

What The Heck Is A Piecepack?
It's a set of standardized components. A piecepack is to board games that a deck of classic playing cards is to card games. You create abstract/streamlined games that can be shared with and played by anyone else in the world who has a piecepack. The concept of a piecepack is in the public domain, and many games are shared for free, or "donor-ware."

Check out this link at BGG for more details about the piecepack (h/t to questccg):


What is Piecepack???

Is it just a set of various re-usable components? Would it be possible to DESIGN a more compatible "System" for prototyping?? I did a Google and found some stuff on BGG... But it doesn't FEEL very "Generic" or "plain/clean slate".

Is that the "system" you are using??? Just curious. Personally I'd prefer a system with "Dry-Erase Markers" of different colors and UV Coated Tiles and Cards which are BLANK that allows you to write on the coated surface.

Anyhow that's just my personal preference! Best.

P.S.: I didn't have time to read the 2 pages of rules... I will do this later in the week (or during the weekend depending on my mood and time...)


A piecepack is the equivalent of a deck of classic playing cards. With it, you can create a wide variety of games. One Shot is my first legit attempt.

Rules Update: 18 June 2022

Hello everyone!

After a few more game sessions, I've since updated the rules set to version 1.1 . There's a bit more clarity to the rules, specifically regarding turn rotation. There are also additional details about having a "One Shot Duel" for two players.

The download link is the same:


Could you please clarify something in the rules: after rolling the die, a player flips that many tiles over, face up, in a new stack. Are these flipped one by one or are they taken all at once when flipped? If the player rolled a 3 for example, would each of the 3 tiles be shown (one-by-one) or would players only see the 3rd tile?

Also, when it says take a coin that matches the tile, maybe it should explicitly say take the coin that matches the suit and value of the tile. I guess it's just because I don't own a piecepack set that it wasn't immediately obvious to me. When I read it first time I thought all coins have a value of 1. But now looking at photos of piecepack I realize the coins have values corresponding with the tiles.

The main objective is to try to take the higher value coins, to gamble by not taking a lower value coin, if you know (from memory) there is a higher value coin of that suit lower in the stack. My wording here is awkward but perhaps that could be expressed better in the game objective.

Looks fun and quick. Good for the memory too!


Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree with your suggestions. In a future update, I'll include:

  • Players must flip the -entire- assortment of tiles at the same time, and not one at a time. In your example, if a 3 is the result, the player counts off three tiles from the top of the stack, and then flips them over.
  • I'll clarify that they collect the coin that matches the tile, both in suit and value.

Thanks again for having a look! I've played this a handful of times with my coworkers and friends, and we've enjoyed it a lot. The short-term memorization featured in the game is a strong asset of the game. People like looking for high-values they've seen, while also enjoy the surprise of a consistently-hidden high-value tile that suddenly appears.

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