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"Play as many games as you can?" Maybe not.

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Speaking only from my personal experience and having only self-published a game for children, my initial reaction was that my initial goal was to DESIGN a game children would like. Children are very VISUAL and so the artwork of the game was very important.

But when I made the game (it's not 100% - it even has one spelling mistake in French...) I had the idea that I would design the game and then it would be sold by some local distributor or retail store.

I did not realize that self-publishing was not the best way to make a game, nor was venturing into the CCG market any smarter. I just figured that the game would be sold... (Somehow magically - regretfully).

Having been through the self-publishing route once, I realize my interest in making another game is because I want to make a GOOD game... for a larger audience of players. Something both hardcore and casual gamers could enjoy. But I want to have creative control and that's why I will be starting a Kickstarter to fund the required artwork.

When I started designing my latest game - other designers told me to "look" at other games in the same genre (Deck-Building). It helped, in that I knew other games... But surprisingly it did not CHANGE or affect my own design.

And to make this long story short, I agree knowing about other games and seeing their mechanics is GOOD for a designer because it gives you ideas... But those ideas can be learned simply by reading or watching a game's review.

So I think people like The Dice Tower or Father Geek are necessary in *teaching* designers about the other games in the market.

I also think that listening to other designers is also very helpful.

Thanks to the many designers on Board Game Designers Forum!

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