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A survey about preferred topics for game- (usually game design-) related online classes

After writing a book about game design ("Game Design", McFarland, 2012), I've been spending a lot of time creating online audiovisual classes, as that seems to be where people want to go to learn. This survey at Surveymonkey will guide where I go next.

The details are in the survey.

This survey will take you about five minutes unless you think a long time about the class topics. Use this link:

Lew Pulsipher


As a result of the survey

As a result of this survey I have created and opened a new class, "How to design levels/adventures for video and tabletop games"
What you'll discover in Level Design Course

This class is also on, but at $29 rather than $19.

Also following on from the survey, I will soon open another class, "Writing Clear Rules".
Check or for news.

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