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Tradewars - Homeworld: Expansion

I know it's seems early to be discussing *Expansion* of the game considering the Kickstarter has not yet occurred. However, I feel this might be something worthwhile discussing with potential Publishers who may be more excited when told that the game will have Scenario-based expansions that will increase "Re-playability".

In an earlier blog post, I explained that I wanted to stay away from "Race Expansion" simply because I thought that Scenario-oriented expansion added MORE value to the original game.

Having said that, I recently thought that additional game mats could be produced and linked with the existing Exterra game mat to keep track of other aspects related to the expansion. I was not planning on anything too fancy, just some standard puzzle connectors which could accommodate any type of expansion mat (universal compatibility).

This is a really cool idea, because it opens up new tracking of statistics that could belong solely to an expansion. I will explore this idea before final production occurs for the game. I think this additional *universal* mat evolution could be really useful.

Some scenarios can be "task-oriented" such as "Mine 10 asteroids" (as an example). Keeping track of how many each player has mined would mean requiring a new mat with information regarding the asteroids (and for each player). Using the "Universal Mat extensions", this would be a simple way to help players keep track of the expansion's resource.

And so I am excited about the prospect of having additional game mats that interconnect universally... This will open up new possibilities with the game's expansions.


larienna's Starcraft Invasion

I think subconsciously I might have been inspired by larienna's Starcraft Invasion. Here's the link:

If you select "Setup" and click on the 2nd picture on the right-hand side, you will see that the component's are linked together using puzzle-like connectors.

Although I don't have such a complex setup to do, it will only be between the main Exterra mat plus an add-on mat, but the idea might have come from seeing larienna's setup. If so, well kudos to him for having designed such an interesting way on piecing together the Starcraft components...

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