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Updated Play Test Schedule

Date: Sunday October 23
Time: 11AM - ? PM
Event: Cobra's Developers Residence
Location: Hopatcong, NJ
Limited Space please reach out to us if interested.

Date: Thursday, November 3 - Sunday, November 6
Time: TBD
Event: Metatopia
Location: Hyatt Regency 3 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

Stuff the Universe (STU) is a turn based, eurostyle, strategy game where players will explore the space around them to amass the most victory points. Victory points are earned through the extermination of aliens, colonization of planets, earning credits through sales of resources/equipment at the space stations and raiding other players colonies.

STU is family friendly, no one is ever eliminated and players that have sustained damage can continue to make meaningful decisions instead of just repairing their ship during their turn.

In STU no game board is ever the same due to the fact that the sector tiles are shuffled and the players take various paths throughout the universe to accomplish their goals.

Come out to see us on the 23rd at a private event we'd love to get your input and learn what appeals or doesn't appeal to you.

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