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Welcome To The Advanced Martial World Games "World Arts On Playing Cards"

Persistence (N) firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
"Companies must have patience and persistence, but the rewards are there"

That is the motto for us with regard to our card games and soon to arrive board games Martial World. Here is our short game evolutionary summary. We started designing our games in the 1980’s. (We had no clue of the process but we pressed on) We were originally published in 1992 by Intromark games. We knew less than we thought and failed miserably. (We still had no clue and were taken advantage of, but we pressed on) We were then professionally reviewed a couple of agents and was turned down because we didn’t have a string of games. (But we pressed on) We were professionally play tested. (Received horrible reviews but learned what we needed to change and pressed on) We were blind play tested many times (We finally started to see daylight so we pushed on). What we found out about ourselves was that no one could keep us down. So we kept pushing on…

Having said that, here we are again. We are more prepared now than ever. We have a variety of card games with plenty of growth potential within the card game series. We also are about to launch our board games which also has many game play platforms. We are now primed and prepared for a publisher. All we need now are players.

Our original card games have been played around the world for many years. However, because we always see the need to improve and release better games, all may now enjoy playing our newly released and reengineered “Advanced” card games. Below you will see a comparison between our original card games and our advanced card games. You may enjoy the details below or you may skip the notes below and head straight to our Board Game Geek site.

Here are the features experienced when playing our original “Martial World” card games. These games are great for beginners, great as gifts, and great for road trips.

Features: Instructions with Illustrations
Feature: School Wax Seal
Feature: 6 Sided Numbered Dice
Feature: 6 Sided Dice with Multicolored Dice
Feature: 6 Player cards with dice matching color dots
Feature: Thick Good Quality Playing Cards
Feature: Upper Body Attack & Block Technique Cards
Feature: Lower Body Attack & Block Technique Cards
Feature: Technique Rates & Powers between One & Five
Feature: 100 5-Point Stamina Based Endurance Cards

The benefits you will experience playing our original card games are listed below.

Our games are novel and our combat concepts are very unique. As a result we have added a game play guide with pictures on the back side of our instructions. Letter seals have been used for thousands of years. Our purpose for the seals show each games authenticity for each school’s training card sets. Everyone should know that we are always trying to keep things simple. All should know that the original card games are only sold as special orders. As a result, these games have a great entry level price per game box for beginners. Orders and questions may be placed by contacting us directly at or here is a link to our partner site for placing direct orders.

The advanced card games include all of the core original game features and benefits. In additional to the core game features, listed below are additional features experienced when playing our reengineered “Martial World Advanced” card games. These games are great for card gamers, groups who want to create their own schools or teams, and even include features which may be applied to enhance everyday life.

Feature: Heavy Duty Game Box
Feature: Advanced Training Card Illustrations
Feature: Response Technique Indicator Symbols
Feature: Advanced Endurance Card Illustrations
Feature: Storyline Based Micro Messages
Feature: Toy Magnifying Glass (while supplies last)
Feature: Expanded Core Skillsets

Our new card game boxes are super tough because we are always trying to give our customers the best game play value. Our upgraded illustrations help customers who do not have any martial arts experience play and win just like any other player. Our card games are only half of our game options and are complimented with our board games which are coming soon. Our storyline and the micro messages add many more game play details to the playing experience. We also expanded our player character traits so that our game play would be more realistic. Orders and questions may be placed by contacting us directly at or you may check out our link for the advanced card games.

We welcome all feedback and questions

Thank You again

Rick V.

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