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Welcome to the Board Game Design Lab

In Episode 0, I go into exactly what the Board Game Design Lab is and what it's trying to accomplish. I hope you'll join me for weekly interviews on specific topics in game design.

Listen to Episode 0 here:


Here's an idea for a topic -

Here's an idea for a topic - how to get the attention of a good reviewer, such as dice tower, or Rahdo runs through? Are conventions essential, and if so, what if you're living in an isolated part of the country or of the world? What else helps in addition to convention attendance?

That's a good idea. I have a

That's a good idea. I have a number of reviewers on my "to contact" list.

Tom Vasel told me last month that December was too busy but maybe January. I hope to interview him sometime this month.

I'll definitely ask those questions you brought up.

Thanks Gabe! To go along with

Thanks Gabe! To go along with that topic, I've also wondered how much exposure you might be able to get in the community if all you can do is put up a thread about your game on a couple of sites like here and BBG. Or getting a good, fair written review from someone on these sites who has a following.

Just as an example, I read a written review on BBG about the game "Evolution". It was fair, but ended up being kind of a thumbs down evaluation. But reading that review and some of the user responses to the "cons" of the game actually convinced me to buy it! It's not my favorite game personally, but it was great for us as a family, and we've been playing it a lot!

So getting a good, fair reviewer to bring your game to the attention of the community could do a lot, even if it's not a rave review. Thus the question of how to get a reviewer's attention first!

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