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Prospector — I decided to have a dedicated BLOG for this "Expansion"

So as some of you know, I decided to DESIGN a Splendorous "Expansion"... What does that imply or mean?

PoA — I "streamlined" the design

I know I already sent Stephen (@let-off studios) a message concerning "Plains of Aria" (PoA) and it is VERY important.

I have a spreadsheet with over 200+ tiles and realized that this was TOO MUCH. I was having a hard time doing the production sheet for the Manufacturer because honestly there were too many possibilities.

But a couple nights ago, I "streamlined" the design and have come out to a TOTAL of 75 unique tile designs!!! This is a BREAKTHRU... Because now things seem much more MANAGEABLE.

I need to work on packaging NEXT... And I will do this during this week.

Dymino Monsters Update Sept 24 2023

Its been awhile since my last update.

Sometime today or tomorrow I will be begin to start hand writing chapter 4 to the Dymino Monsters : Bantalatal and Aila Novel Journal.

Chapter one has 12 pages with 1,637 words.

Chapter two has 13 1/3 pages. I did not count the words for chapter 2 and 3.

Chapter 3 has 12 pages.

I have 17 out of 250 brand new monster encounters for the Dymino Monsters universe. This will bring up the list of encounters to 3,026.

Recently in my "Game Design" YT channel:

Recent videos at my "Game Design" channel on YouTube (free).

Monster Keep: Making the cut!

I just wanted to report that the current version of "Monster Keep" (MK) that was trimmed and streamlined ... may yet make the cut! I feel like the game while it is in it's simplest form is ... in need of some more TLC TBH because it's more analytical and has much more depth with regards to the strategy.

"Silver & Gold" - Solo Game Review

Silver & Gold - Endgame Results

Here's a no-frills review of Phil Walker-Harding's game, Silver & Gold, a clever "flip n' write" card game with a light theme about exploring islands for treasure. It's worth noting that while this game is considered a multiplayer game (2 to 4 players), I have enjoyed it more as a solo experience. More about this in a bit. My ratings below are based on a solo game, with me controlling two "explorers" simultaneously.

TL;DR: It's definitely worth playing solo.

Dymino Monsters June 2 2023 Update

May 3,2023

I started hand writing the first novel for Dymino Monsters. This novel is a direct link the in game story line. Everything connects for a reason. This novel is 1 of many.

June 1,2023 2:25 am

I have started to work on chapter 2.

This novel is titled: Dymino Monsters: For Honor and the Shield to Glory.

A Bantalatal ∆ Aila Journal.

This novel details the journey of who Bantalatal and Aila are, what they are doing, how they became friends and where will the next journey take them.

Who they will meet will be a pivotal part of the story arc. So much to see.

Dymino Monsters Update March 9 2023

Dymino Monsters update 03/09/2023

Earlier this morning before going to bed like a crazy man that i am for working on this project, but i have loved the development since the beginning.

I started a new research of colors.

From what I know there are a lot of colors that make sense and a lot of colors with names that have no potential meaning at all. I wrote down 403 colors and then found another list of colors that are more to real life colors.

With so many names of colors and number lists for each color it will help me paint a better picture for the World of TriiDorium.

"Don't Talk To Strangers" - Solo Game Review

Here's a no-frills review of Ben Stoll's game, Don't Talk To Strangers, part of the Steven Rhodes line of games from Cryptozoic Entertainment. I've played this game solo, exclusively.

TL;DR: This is a silly game with excellent, retro-inspired artwork and an amusing premise.

Dymino Monsters Feb 24 2023

Dymino Monsters Feb 24,2023 update:

I am currently putting together a list together for TriiDorium's Locations Colour Scheme.

By putting this list together, it will help me visualize more of the colours of nature, buildings, and other details as I will be soon beginning of writing the chapter book.

I can visualize the entire world of TriiDorium but writing a list will immensely help me find the conveyed words for the scene i want to write in or about.


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