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Changes to our Bulk Order Production Queue

The Game Crafter - Changes to our Bulk Order Production Queue

We’ve made some changes to how we process and track orders. If your order has less than 10 copies of a game, then it’s considered a regular order in our production queue.

However, if your order has 10 or more copies of a game, then it becomes a Bulk Order in our system. Bulk orders are in a separate production queue and will be tracked on the status page via the “Bulk Orders in Queue” and “Bulk Estimated Ship Date” fields.

BGDL 21 - Chris Rowlands: Creating Helpful Content as Marketing

Chris Rowlands, designer of Last Garden and host of NPC-Cast, discusses creating awesome content that helps people as much as possible and also builds up goodwill toward you and your games.

The board game community is incredible, and there are tons of opportunities to help fellow designers and add value to what they’re trying to create. And in doing so, you build relationships that will likely lead to people wanting to help you when the opportunity arises.

Check out the episode here:

Worker Placement and Deck-Building

I am known to dislike worker placement and deck building games, a view many people do not understand, so I’m going to try to explain why. I should say that any discussion of mechanics is especially prone to devolve into semantics and misunderstanding and pointlessness. But we’ll give it a go.

Board Game Design Blog - War Game and Dungeon Crawler

I am currently working on 2 board games, and have an idea for a card game that is slowly brewing in the back of my mind.

The card game I am thinking about involves Hacking as the end goal. Something like- collect cards that either give you more skill or better equipment, or can hurt your chances (crashed drive, raided, etc).

The war game I am working on is relatively simple to pick up and play, but affords strategy for those that wish to think more. I currently have it setup as 18 units, plus a special unit per side.

Lijia Game Production Acquires Taixing Baobeila Children Products.

Lijia Game Production, a leading manufacturer of tabletop games in P.R.China has acquired Taixing Baobeila Children Production Co., Ltd.

Talking about the main reason of this company restructuring, Julia Wang CEO of Lijia Game Production said: “ We must restructure in order to meet increasing demand of custom-made tabletop game production, to better control production process and efficiently manage the quality and turnaround time of our game manufacturing. Preliminary achievements have been made in the adjustment through reform, reorganization and transformation.”

Lessons Learned: Breakaway Football and Kickstarter

Designing and developing Breakaway Football has been a labor of love, and I am very excited about how the game has turned out. As of late March, the game is available to our faithful fans for print on demand through The Game Crafter ( But as for the Kickstarter campaign, gentle reader, let us share with you those truths we have internalized along the way.

BGDL 20 - Rob Daviau: How to Playtest like a Pro

Rob Daviau, designer of Pandemic Legacy, and I discuss how to run playtests like an absolute pro.

Rob started designing games for Hasbro before moving into the designer game space, and he has a TON of insight on how to playtest your way to an amazing game.

Check out the episode here:

Searching for motivation

I have recently become a member of BGDF and another game designers forum.
At the moment I am struggling with finding the time to make anything with the designs I have going at the moment, so why would I have time to read about other designers projects and thoughts?

WonderCon woes, conflicted playtesters, and 1 Month til KingdomCon

WonderCon is over and done with. I rushed at the last second to print out card adjustments. I vowed to get a banner this year and had one set to print at Staples the day off. I call to pick up and they say the printer is down and I'll have to wait til 8PM!!! WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THIS? I transfer the project and the new place says they'll have it done in an hour. I call and hour later and THEY DIDN'T EVEN START IT. ANOTHER hour lost. I didn't have a stand for said banner, so I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of 1/2" pvc, couplers, and voila, Instant banner for 9 bucks.


rules cover draft

card Games work in progress for Kickstarter Campaign...

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