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The Game Crafter Effect

Jason Glover at Grey Gnome Games wrote up an awesome article about The Game Crafter effect. He talks about our print on demand service, our community, design contests, and our effect on the indie board game scene.

Read the full article at

The Prohibition Era: An uncommon Area (Part 4)

Every version I have created and tested so far seems to have major game breaking flaws that cannot be sorted out without re-doing the whole game mechanics. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but is time consuming and can be frustrating, as I have found. I believe I have a strong theme, and there is good potential for a game centered around the 1920's Mobster scene, and so press on we shall!

Headhunter: At a glance

Not to go into too many details yet, but here is the general overview of the game:

As you may have guessed from the title or the example artwork, this is a comedic, theoretical, game. It is a card game that features characters, jobs, salaries, etc. The job of a headhunter is to place your candidates in jobs, aka, to get them hired.

Who Likes Lincoln?

legends of ravenhall headhunter abe lincoln.JPG

Now that I have started the blog here to give updates regarding the game, I think that my Who Likes Lincoln post should have gone here (it was so popular, after all). Anyways, before I get into the details of the game, here is a piece of art that we got from our artist. This is not final and we have much critiques, but take a look! Also, we are working through logos and other artwork. We will keep you posted here!


BGDL 32 - Gin Yu & Alex Hall: Lessons Learned from Following Game Designers Around

Gin Yu and Alex Hall, filmmakers with Gin and Tonic Films, discuss their new web series "Getting on Board."

Gin and Alex have been interviewing and following game designers around for a while and filming their different processes.

I had a ton of fun with this episode, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it as well.​​

You can find the episode here:

You can see their web series here:

Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History!

To start off, here is the title of the game:

Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History!

Before we reveal much more information about the game, What do you guys think about the title? Is it catchy? Lame? Engaging? Does it spark your curiosity? What comes to mind?



New Premium Game Parts Available

The Game Crafter - New Premium Game Parts Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that we've added a bunch of new Premium Game Parts. This is in addition to the other premium parts we announced a few weeks ago. In this batch you'll find brains, treasure chests, magnifying glasses, hearts, pumpkins, dogs, and skulls. As usual, you can purchase them in any quantity and bulk orders receive automatic discounts in the shopping cart.

See all of our premium parts at

My take on "how to publish without engaging with social media"

So - I kinda felt for the person who posted that they didn't want to do the marketing side of publishing. I have to confess it fills me with dread.

The designing, prototyping, playtesting, attending playtest meetups and the final production I LOVE - I'm even pretty thick skinned about getting feedback now

My First Beta Test of Titanic CQD and She Didn't Sink!

Titanic Taking On Water

Last night, I conducted my first beta test of my first board game - Titanic CQD - and I couldn't be happier with the results. It yielded a lot of great ideas to pursue, but overall the testing group was extremely positive about their experience.

Welcome to TGC 5.0!

The Game Crafter - Welcome to TGC 5.0!

We’re happy to tell you about a new revision to our web site. There’s hundreds of small changes, too many to list individually. And still some that we want to add to this, but let’s talk about the major new features of 5.0!

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