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BGDL 19 - Brent Kinney (VP at Panda GM): The Ins and Outs of Printing a Game

Today, I'm talking to Brent Kinney, a vice president at Panda Game Manufacturing, about the ins and outs of the printing process.

There are a lot of nuances to the printing process, and the better you understand it, the easier and smoother everything will go. Panda GM is one of the major manufacturers of board games in the world, and Brent brings a ton of experience and insight to the discussion.

You can find the episode here:

Why is Defenders of Wessex still broken?

Has your pet project ever deceived you into believing it could work out just the way it was? Well, thats what Defenders did to me, up until this weekend.

You see, there were a few flaws in the game that bugged me a little, like the persistent fly that won't get the message to shoo -- it isn't really doing harm, but you'd like it to go away. None of these issues was too big by itself, especially in light of the praise everyone always gives the game when the play it (in fact, I have yet to find someone who has actually not enjoyed playing it, until Saturday).

BGDL 18 - Tom Vasel: Lessons Learned from Playing 5000+ Games

Tom Vasel, founder of the Dice Tower, discusses some of the many things he’s learned after playing an astronomical number of games. We talk themes, mechanics, Kickstarter, publishing, trends, and tons of other stuff.

Tom has played and reviewed thousands upon thousands of games which has led to some interesting insight on what makes a great game.

Listen to the episode here:

Game cards - and how I have become a student


If you know of me, you know I have been doing custom dice for years. When I say doing, I mean sourcing and using them in the Pocket Sports line up of games.

For cards, I have used MakePlayingCards (MPC) in Hong Kong....until now.

Last November, I started a day job for a trade printer. They specialise in business cards, flyers,brochures etc.

New card game

Last night I started on a brand new game.

It was going to be one game that I had been thinking about during last week and during Animarathon but it turned into another game that I had thought about a year ago and apparently the old game idea came up instead.

So far Card content:

16 cards

10 empty coffin cards
3 skeleton coffin cards
1 computer
1 battery
1 star chart card

I am going to add more cards to the game. Some character cards.
Government Army Cards
Traps cards and a few more other ideas. Not sure yet.

The name of this game : The Unknown: Mystery of The Three.

All class - why this little game is so good


Rarely do I have time to enjoy playing any Pocket Sports leisurely. Sounds odd? The bulk of play testing I do for games makes is purely to find faults, research terminology for real world actions to include and fix or amend in game rules. Recently, I taught a friend how to play Pocket Golf and saw the game with fresh new eye, so I wrote a bit on it!

Custom Contest Components at The Game Crafter - Episode 112

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Thanks again for another sweet, sweet listener request for The Game Crafter Official Podcast! This time, JT and Jeff discuss custom components for a contest, legacy style games, and selling replacement kits.

Listen to this podcast episode at

Forthcoming (with the usual caveats) Games

Someone on Board Game Designers Forum asked for a preview of my forthcoming wargames. So here it is.

BGDL 17 -Sen-FoongLim: How to Organize a Game Design Space

Sen-Foong Lim, designer of Belfort and Junk Art, discusses the many things a good game design space needs and ways to organize it all.

Listen to the episode here:

OverRealm Update 3/17

Hey everybody!

This board game design hobby has a real ebb and flow to it – I haven't been very active here for several months because I took a break from working on OverRealm, but now that I've jumped back in, look where I am! It's nice to be back, seeing familiar faces and new ones too.

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