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New at The Game Crafter - Hook Box (18 cards)

The Game Crafter - Hook Box (18 cards)

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the release of the 18 card Hook Box. This reusable Hook Box will hold 18 poker sized cards and the hook on the back makes for easy opening and closing.

The Hook Box can also be optionally printed on the inside, making it great for placing rules, a secret message, or even maybe using the box as part of the game.

See the product at

Big Box Challenge Semifinalists Announced!

The Game Crafter - Big Box Challenge - Board Game Design Contest

The semifinalists have been announced for The Game Crafter Big Box Challenge!

See the results at

UKGE 2017 first impressions on Warpgate

So I had this idea to record player reaction after playing demo games.

I wanted to do it last year in Essen, even set up a video camera with a tripod, but it didn't really work out that well. Perhaps people feel a bit uncomfortable if you're filming them with the "real" camera? I'm not sure.

So what I did at UKGE, I've simply asked people if they mind to tell me a few words about how the game went and filmed it using my phone.

Spectrum Force lessons learnt from prototypes.

I will freely admit when I started my knowledge of game design was limited, but I had a vision I wanted a power rangers inspired game with an enthasis on co operation. I made a lot of mistakes when I started and I am going to share them with you all in the hopes I can help other designers and the lessons I learnt as a designer.

Lesson 1: add colour.

Explanation for the City builder

City builder.jpg

It is a very simple straight forward game.

There are 4 colors of cubes. They are a form of currency. They can be upgrade and traded to gain better ones that will let you acquire better people and buildings.

The top row of cards are people that you can assign jobs to. You will pay for them up front and then they are free to play from your hand. They will give you a 1 time effect but be worth VP at the end of the game.

City Building Game V1

Picture 1.jpg

I have been working on cube manipulation game. You can use different actions to to different things with and to cubes. As you acquire blueprints and then pay to build from them you are able to do more and more. You can also pay people to do things for you.

Each phase you can take 2 of the available actions. Then once you have taken them the next player does the same. This continues until each player has participated in the phases. Then a few things trigger and you repeat this 5 times.

After all is said and done you score. You get points for various things. Most points wins.

Recent screencasts (mid-June 17

I rarely get around to posting individual links to my "Game Design" YouTube channel here, so I decided to list the most recent screencasts instead.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Tactical Core

Although the Kickstarter for "Tradewars - Homeworld" is over ... I still wanted to share some information about the FUTURE of the product.

Namely a questionable "Tactical Core" which will feature five (5) distinct starship models AND a "Tactical" Board! That's right, our game will be the FIRST Deck-Builder to combine and use a "special" Game Board suited for Tactical combat and strategy!

This "Tactical Core" will feature SIXTY (60) miniatures!!!

That's right, not 10, not 20, not 50... 60!

It will have two (2) modules:

TIPS & TRICKS 04: Best Positions for Icons & Symbols in Card Designs


Icon and symbol placement in card designs needn’t be tricky when the following focuses are considered.

Check it out here:

TIPS & TRICKS 03: Font/Typography Resources


A visual listing of websites providing various fonts / typefaces.

Check it out here:

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