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Hi from France!


Hi there BGDF viewers!

I am writing to you from France to share with you a new board game I have ready for release this November.

You can have a look by visiting:

If you have any questions about the game post them on this blog (I hope to answer them ASAP but I am often 'on the road'). I hope it may provide you with some food for thought!

A bientot! Marco

Latest Creation

Here's a few shots from my latest creation:

I still have t find a good scoring mechanism for it.

But the basics are there....

More to come.

Getting Organized

In an attempt to get organized I pulled all my prototypes together in one spot and created a database to track progress on them. After I was done I realized that I have 18 games that are in development from those that have only had one test to others that are in the final refinement stages. Much more then I realized I had.

Three of these are currently with publishers and I’m researching who might be a good fit for two others. Of the remaining 13 there are two that beg to be finalized.

wasted time...

lost in a non stop world
struggling to find that which allows
hunched over carrying the weight of many
a light...

sadness in a non stop life
desiring to find that which ignites
sitting down focusing the minds of few
a life...

strength in a non stop world
aching to find that which can heal
standing tall screaming the desires of many
a dream...

Character Cards Tip


One thing that I have found to be useful, when it comes to designing cards with characters on them for a quick mock-up version of a board game for in-house testing purposes, is Heromachine 2.

Because space is limited on something the size of typical playing cards (or even smaller, such as something printed on business card stock), I find that just using the upper torso, or even just a head shot, rather than the full body image produced by Heromachine 2, can help to give the card more visual impact. It's all in what one likes, of course.

Duomo Di Modena


1st post, please be indulgent with me...

So I read a few weeks ago that there was a design contest going on in Italy for the Modena Cathedral.
Wow!, I said, that seems like a nice little challenge!

Yes it was.

1st off, the constraints of the game itself.
- Card game
- Maximum 110 cards.
- Only cards
- the theme as to be connected to the cathedral....

Okay, seems a bit limiting. Where do I go with this?

The 1st reaction to this type of situation is one of (constraint/limits = lack of freedom/lack of creativity).

Rulebook Tip

One thing that at least some who frequent the BGDF site from time to time might find useful is some software that will allow you to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file.


My son and I

I never posted on the old BGDF site very much, preferring to mainly just spend my time on the site browsing and reading. I do think that the new BGDF site looks infinitely better than the old site, and I think that the new layout will prove to be a blessing to the site going forward.

I am not sure what I want this blog to focus on, specifically. I suppose that it will end up being a mish-mash, just a little bit of everything that is game related.


Usually I wouldn’t be writing about another designer’s game in my blog unless I had at least play tested it. Yet I have found what I believe to be the most overwritten set of rules in creation.

Here is the pertinent information

2008 GENCON Report

Like every year I am summing up after my trip to GENCON. Most of these reports from my old blog are less then stirring yet this year was a little more interesting.

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