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My first adventure board game, what I have so far

Here's what I've created so far, and my ideas for moving forward. So this might be a little long, you have been warned.

My first adventure board game, is this a new idea?

Hello again,
So my game has 5 heroes to choose, Archer, Mage, Fighter, Healer, and Tank. I'm going for a MMO feel to the fights. Each hero has 4 abilities that affect their threat level. Anyone goes over the Tanks threat will be the target of attacks. I also believe with 4-5 players, they will be able to run 2 parties and attempt a RAID Dungeon.
I'll start detailing more of how my game works and functions tomorrow. I used to play W o W, and my boardgame collection has hit the point of needing to sell some to make room for more. My question is has anyone already tried this idea?

My first adventure board game

Hello everyone,
I've been working on this game for a while. Start with a group of 4-5 heroes, defend the city, fight your way to the dungeon. After beating the third dungeon, you win the game. Though the starting characters are pretty standard, the dynamic of the group is something different.

I mostly just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'll talk more about my game in the days to come.

Dymino Monsters July 18, 2022 UPDATE:

July 12 - 18 2022

I just finished the last list to be added to Dymino Monsters: Quiet Terror.

It consists of 9 lists and has 505 encounters in all.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;

Game designs in the pipeline

laser bounce cover

This blog entry is to document some game designs I have in the pipeline and just to record some thoughts that can be reflected on later:

i) Laser Bounce [version 2 ready to playtest]: designed for the "1-card game" contest on BGG
I made some big changes to the original design and this is more or less finished now but needs more playtesting (don't they all), especially to figure out the best power output of the laser guns (which is 3 in the current rules). That contest closes July 30.

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : Heroes and Stats

My classes of Heroes are pretty straight-forward:


table width="100%"> Color Class Stat Abbv Red Fighters & Champions Strength [STR] Orange Rangers & Bards Dexterity [DEX] Yellow Thieves & Assassins Agility [AGI] Green

How the Cocktail Card Design Tool Came to Be

Cocktail Card Design Software

I've spent the last 25 years working mostly on video games as a programmer. I'd started dabbling a bit with my own tabletop game designs while at Secret Level, a Sega development studio. With the help of a couple of friends there, I designed a card game prototype called Monkey Business, using nanDECK.

New Piecepack Game - One Shot

I'm currently living in a cabin, devoid of fancy board games. Instead, I've been tinkering with my piecepack system, and finally came up with a "gateway" game worth sharing. Please have a look at One Shot if you have a piecepack of your own, or you're just curious. The rulesheet weighs in at a hefty 1.33 pages.

You can download it at the following link:

New Design "crystallizes" overnight... I was up until 3 AM!

So one of my newer designs just got firmed-up overnight. That's right, I was up at around 3:00 AM this morning thinking about some of the fundamental rules for this design. I had some ideas and was drawing some inspiration from "Betrayal at House on the Hill" (BHH) and wanted a two (2) phase game where detectives travel around the "county" trying to solve a crime.

Well I landed-up with a five (5) phase game which is not too bad and I managed to solved some of the "existential" questions with the game: how it should be played and what mechanics should get used.

May 18,2022 Small update

Completed the following this early morning:

Bonny Von Bunya backstory. It's 4 hand written pages long.

Bonny meets with Phixu who was asked for help on retrieving a glittering object with was found by Phixu in the Ships of the Desert South Region of Sea of Opsis.

Slight problem, 3 Felis Flora are in the location which for some odd reason guarding the glittering object which was caught by a fast glimpse from Phixu who was running away from the encounters.

The glittering object is on the fourth level of an abandoned desolate vessel.

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