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ICYMI - Game Pieces Only Challenge

ICYMI - Eric Jome, the host of Midwest Tabletop Game Design and Protospiel Milwaukee, presents the Game Pieces Only Challenge.

Let’s get back to our game design roots and design a game without any fancy printing. Design a game using only bits.

The game should consist only of bits available through The Game Crafter parts store. This means the only printables would be a rulebook and a box; no cards, mats, tiles, stickers, or boards are to be used. Use of paper and pencil is strongly discouraged.

New game pieces available - Mega Monuments

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces: Mega Monuments

New game pieces in our shop! Check out these awesome new wooden Mega Monuments. They come in red and blue and are available right now at

New game parts available - 15mm wood cylinders

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 15mm wood cylinders

New game pieces available! The Game Crafter now has 15mm Cylinders. With these new additions, we now offer 4 different size of cylinders to add to your games. Get them at

The Game Crafter has 3 new colors of 8mm and 10mm wood cubes

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 3 new colors of 8mm & 10mm wood cubes

We've added some new colors to our line of 8mm and 10 mm wood cubes. They now come in Pink, Grey, and Brown. Available at

Step back. Listen. Redouble efforts.

After all the comments, I managed to take everything that was said and boil it together for the kickstarter page. Just this Sunday, I got my 90-min consultation with IGA about the Dungeon Brawl kickstarter page. Some suggestions were reaffirmed, others were new. I ended up scrapping the minis idea. That dropped the fund mark a lot. The tiers for funding is bare bones now. Lots of pictures.

Episode 154 of The Game Crafter Official Podcast - Game Law with Zach Strebeck

The game Crafter - The Game Crafter Official Podcast

JT and Jeff tackle another sweet, sweet listener request. This time they’re asked about Art and Intellectual Property. Is it something you can use in your games? Some of this was covered previously, but JT and Jeff felt there was enough to cover in another episode. Make sure you check out episode 154 with Zack Strebeck at

New Game Pieces - Sailboats

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces - Sailboats from Catan

New game pieces available! This time we've got sailboats. They are the classic Settlers of Catan boat game pieces and they're available in 8 colors. Get them at

Parts-Only Orders Will Now Ship Faster at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

We know it's frustrating to wait in our production queue when all you want is a few game pieces. So, we’ve built a brand new Parts-only order queue to remedy that! Your parts-only orders will be processed and shipped out much quicker now.

Details at

Crafter Con 2017 Video - Adelheid Zimmerman: Intro to Vectors with Inkscape and Illustrator

Adelheid Zimmerman is an expert with vector editing software having worked professionally in graphic design for over 10 years, and currently works at Panda Game Manufacturing as a Graphic Designer and QA Specialist.

Adelheid shows you how to get started learning vector editing using Illustrator and Inkscape. Then she'll show you how to creating custom punchouts that you can then print at The Game Crafter.

This is a recording of a live session at Crafter Con 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. If you'd like to learn more about Crafter Con visit

Hook Box Challenge Finalists Announced!

The Game Crafter - Hook Box Challenge

Here are your finalists for the Hook Box Challenge:

Herding Cats (with Goblins)
Cards of Olympus
Downhill Daredevils

Daniel also left this document with tons of feedback for the semi-finalists.

See all of the games at

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