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Overloaded Edition - Day 7 of Amateur Golf Open

AGO V.0.2.jpg

After a weird weekend of testing, tweaking and shooting diagonally, the new alpha is now available for playtesting. We incorporated some mechanics from the last post, namely the D6 of varying power and directional shooting. Testing turned out all right, but I need more testing information. Your help will be really appreciated.

On a side note, I'm considering changing the working title to some a bit simpler. I'd like to ask as well if you have any ideas... :D

Here's the link to the google drive files for V.0.2

Crystal Heroes: Latest Prototype to be tested!

Well I took the ENTIRE day to "re-design" the *NEW* (Latest and Greatest) cards for the prototype. Now I know this game has had a bunch of versions. Some of which that never made the "prototype" phase: they went from idea straight into the trash! LOL

But more seriously, I found some good elements and pieced them all together. I hope to conduct testing "tomorrow", once I finish up cutting the next deck. Since this game is two (2) Player "Micro" Decks, I've finished up Deck #1 and have to repeat the process for Deck #2.

Could take between 1 to 2 hours to cut up the cards.

New Game Parts Available: Container Ships

The Game Crafter - New Game Parts: Container Ships

The Game Crafter now has Container Ships and they're available in our online parts shop! These wooden ships come in 5 colors and are capable of hauling stick(s) or 8mm cubes.

Dicey Decisions and Hiring for Art - Day 3 and 4 of Grand Amateur Golf Open

During a personal playthrough, I noticed something that I have not noticed on previous games. During gameplay, most players (myself included) would rely on the D12 die on most rolls until we get to the green. There are some tiles that restrict the use of dice, but players would just brute force their way through holes. Even so, I wanted to set up scenarios where the using the same die all the time may not be the best strategy. So a couple of things going into the next alpha version...

1) Custom Dice - I'm trying a couple of things.

Building the Game Podcast Episode 274: Subscriptions and Methane

Building the Game Podcast spends half this episode (starting at 6:38) discussing the merits of Component Studio (without even trying it yet). Spoiler: They think its a good idea and plan to try it and do a follow up episode. They had one gripe, that our trial period was too short, so we increased it to 3 days at their recommendation.

Listen to the full podcast episode at

Diamondroller Mindset - Day 2 of Grand Amateur Golf Open

GAGO Character Plates.png

So far, I've gotten good Feedback with regards to the game. Shout out to let-off studios and cloa513 for their comments and suggestions.

Now, for sometime, I have been thinking about the feel of this game. It's not a serious golf game like others we've seen. I wanted a really cartoony feel to it. Wacky Racers (or is it Races? I don't know...) comes to mind. Various people from all walks of life, heroes and villains, all competing to win the cup and glory of being the champion. At least until the next episode...

New Game Parts Available: Camps, Houses, and Monuments

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces Available: Camps, Houses, and Monuments

The Game Crafter is pleased to release sets of camps, houses and monuments. These are packaged in individual sets of 4 containing 1 of each color. These parts are a great way to show the evolution of your civilization.

Click here to learn more

Episode 135 of The Official Game Crafter Podcast: Upgrade Your Game

The Game Crafter - The Official Game Crafter Podcast with JT Smith and Jeff King

JT and Jeff take on another sweet, sweet listener request! Episode 135 has JT and Jeff tackling the topic of upgrading older games on The Game Crafter; thanks to all of the new options that The Game Crafter now has to offer. First, JT and Jeff give you a list of questions to consider before updating/upgrading older games. After that, they give possible upgrades you might consider.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Diamondroller Mindset - Day 1 of Grand Amateur Golf Open

Hi, my name is Jorrel and I've been a member of BGDF for quite a while. I am really interested in making games as a kid, and now I've found the time to go back to that love I had for it before.

I'm starting this blog at a time that I feel that I have completed a working version of one of the games I put much effort on: Grand Amateur Golf Open. This game has been on the back burner for a while, as ideas have come and gone that I felt really lost about it. And now the time has come to reveal the monster hiding in my hard drive...


Recent screencasts (August 17)

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