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Design a chit!

We have an auction going on right now where you get to design a chit that will be permanently available to our community:

New Board Game design

Working on a defense-strategy board game. Basic concept:

You are the last line of defense for your village. Monsters come at night, every night, to attack and steal your villagers. You have finally figured out the right sets of tools to use to defend the remaining 10 villagers, including yourself. But the other villages nearby have the same idea. And they want to prevent the monsters from taking them, so you will have to do.

Build your defenses against the attacking hordes, sabotage your neighboring villages, and be the last remaining village in the area.

Print cards at home?

When I made my first game, I bought a $50 B&W printer and printed rules for Pocket Cricket, folded and stuffed them in the bags.

I then walked around my local town, door to door trying find someone to sell the games.

It worked for a first bumbling entry into the world of game design and I've certainly paid my dues.

Now 5 years on, things sure have changed....

TGC Podcast: What makes a bad game?

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

JT brings questions from The Game Crafter chat community; in the form of what makes a good and bad game. JT and Jeff discuss the question, and find it easier to point out what makes a bad game, or what can make you stand out as a "first time designer."

Listen to the podcast at

Specialty Tabletop Game


I've created a specialty tabletop game for wine consumers, to help them understand wine ratings, wine reviews, and wines gone bad. It is a disruptive, market-making game. I have focused all of my efforts so far on the wine industry, but I am now looking at the game industry for new contacts and new ideas for how to get TYT produced.

Mechwarrior - Pocket Arcade

Since Hamish posted that he has been feeling "restless" about Pocket Sports, I too have been feeling an "itch" also. So I have been thinking about a Pocket Edition game and have come up with the idea of a "Mechwarrior" Pocket Arcade concept. Let me introduce the concept and some of my thoughts.

Dice on ice, baby!

Take off eh!

Watch me as I introduce Pocket Sports Hockey and play through a period with Team USA vs Team Canada!

Pocket Sports Cycling - HOW TO PLAY video

This episode I introduce my head and roll through a few stages of Tour Spain with Jorge Gomez!


New Slider Clips Available at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - New Plastic Slider Clips Are Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that The Game Crafter now carries awesome new slider clips (in 8-colors) that are specifically designed to attach to cards and card stock to mark scores, hit points, etc.

You can add the plastic sliders to your game in any quantity at Or you can purchase just the clips by visiting our online parts shop.

Tradewars - Homeworld: What comes next

Well it's official NOW, as of today, that we will be investing more money in producing MORE artwork for our game "Tradewars - Homeworld". In the next four (4) months, we have commissioned the production of artwork for a "Lite" Edition of the game.

The "Lite" Edition will feature less cards, less scenarios and much less artwork. But by the miracle of the Internet the COST to gamers of our game will drop from $29.99 to UNDER $20.00!!!

Don't forget you will be getting the game with a little less and paying an AMAZING price tag for the "Lite" Edition.

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