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A Playtest for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Today we got to playtest the game I submitted to this month's showdown. I won't say much about it except that everyone really had a good time and I think it's definitely a design that I want to pursue.

Playtesting is something that everyone needs to do, but it's not near as much fun as just coming up with ideas. The idea phase is great; the unlimited potential that you imagine the game having makes for a pleasant thought experiment, but until you start playtesting you really have nothing more than a bunch of ideas that may or may not work as a game.

New Game Editor Released!

The Game Crafter - New Board Game Editor Available!

We’re pleased to announce our new game editor, with many features our community has been asking us for, including:

- Direct to component uploads
- Filename driven upload rules
- Faster proofing
- Faster game creation
- Bulk action shot uploading
- Bulk file replace
- Drag-n-drop component uploads
- Component creation directly from products screen

Beyond just features, there’s a lot of speed here too. You can create an entire deck of cards in just 4 steps, including uploading the images. That used to take 12 steps. You can proof that deck of cards in 1+ the number of cards steps. That used to be 4 steps per card. It’s a huge time saver!

But rather than just tell you about it, we figured we could show you a couple of screen shots. We can't do this on BGDF so please click here to see all of the screenshots and further details about the new game editor at The Game Crafter.

Architetro: Tetrominoes and Tiles

Today I gave myself an alliterative challenge in design. I wanted to come up with a game using nothing but tetrominoes, tiles, and a timer. The game is called Architetro and, as you might expect, it's about building things.

The game is meant to be a light strategy game where players are given a certain number of tetrominoes and are dealt five floor plan tiles. Each floor plan has cells that must be filled in to score and a bonus placement (sometimes two) for that tile which gives you extra points.

Origin Story

Today I joined BGDF. That's it.

Okay, let's try again, because that's the theme of my game design story.

This is my first blog entry at BGDF and I suppose I just want to recap where I'm currently at.

I started my journey about 3 years ago trying to come up with a game based on Franz Kafka's The Castle (Das Schloß). Shoot for the stars right? That was my first failed attempt at designing a game.

Lesson 1. Don't Shoot for the Stars

Voting begins in Killer Gamer’s Remorse Challenge

The Game Crafter needs your votes to narrow the list of 30 challengers in the Killer Gamer’s Remorse Challenge. In addition, we received the following manifesto this morning from The Gamer’s Remorse:

A Message from the Denizens of Gamer’s Remorse

Do I go any further ??? photo

Hostile Encounters photo

Hostile encounters

Splat 2.75 Re-write of Rules (Non-Play-Tested)


I've been working with you and the family on socializing the rules and this is what we've come up with (attached). Take a look, it will most likely change by end of project, but am 100% open to feed back.


Make your own custom meeple stickers!

The Game Crafter - Make your own custom printed meeple stickers

The Game Crafter now allows game designers to create their own custom printed meeple stickers!

Check out our product video at

New Cards, the Berlin Computer Spiele Museum and representing Failure

Over the weekend thanks to Berlin Games Week I attended the Berlin Computer Spiele Museum for free. It was a small exhibition but great research for Chip Shop and the visit combined with several other events during the week inspired me to work on some of the product cards on Sunday.

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