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Post Apocalypse and Urban Resistance Miniatures Available at The Game Crafter

Post Apocalypse and Urban Resistance Miniatures Now Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the release of some post apocalypse and urban resistance miniatures to go with the special forces released a few days ago.

Playtested my game at Tabletop Day

Playtest Tabletop Day

A friend of my agreed to play my steampunk miniatures wargame during tabletop day in our LFGS, having nothing better to do. The game took about 2 hours due to explaining all the rules and just general first time learning the new system. We each had 6 unbalanced models. This was a game of rules playtesting, not balance playtesting, after all.

Halfway through he commented that it was fun. At the end of the game, the negative things he had to say were:

New Raffle For $100 Gift Card to The Game Crafter!

Several people have asked us to add a raffle to the current Indiegogo Shrink Wrap campaign we’re running. So we’ve added one to see how it goes!

To participate, you need to purchase the new perk called “1 Entry: $100 Gift Card Raffle”. For each $5 Entry perk you purchase, you get 1 entry into the raffle. The winner will be selected/announced when the campaign ends!
(if there are lots of people participating in this raffle, we may add additional raffles!) Let the fun begin… good luck!

Click here to visit our campaign page

PS - please share this raffle with anyone you think may be interested! We are only $1108 from our $7000 Shrink Wrap Goal!!! Woohoo!

Where Reluctant Pirates Bury Their Treasure

Tonight, I ended up over on the ReluctantPirateGames blog site, after finding it while not looking for it. After browsing it for a bit, I heartily recommend it.

My first encounter with it was a Terra Neo encounter. The "good news and the better news," the blog headline proclaimed (though worded a bit differently). To be honest, it was those big hex tile looking things that caught my eye. Yet, it was the blog, itself, that ultimately impressed me the most.

Sovereign Chess Rule Change

Recently, I made a small change to the rules of Sovereign Chess, based on some players' feedback about rule simplicity and symmetry of gameplay. On BGDF, I know that all of you care about receiving input from others to eventually make a more quality gaming experience.

You can follow more about the process here:

New Soldier Miniatures at The Game Crafter

Soldier Miniatures at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is happy to announce that we now carry some modern day heroes with our special forces collection of soldier miniatures.

4th solo playtest

After a rather large overhaul since the last solo playtest (both rules and components), I finally got the game to the point of solo testing it again last night. The really good thing about this game is it is fully playable solo so I can tweak and fix a lot of stuff before ever revealing anything to a game group.

Danger danger

As many of you may know I'm making an RTS type board game. And the other day I was testing and found the beginning took too long. So, I thought maybe taking out the builder (the unit that allows you to create buildings) would make it a lot faster. Am I delusional and naive or is it okay to take out one of the most critical and basic unit? I was thinking that the player instead could pick where he wanted the building. Of course there would be a meridian line of somesort that wouldn't allow you to build in your enemies territory but this has been troubling me

Critique, criticize, comment!

Testing tonight

Going to run some combat testing tonight. See how everything balances out (again). Should be fun. I am getting close to balancing everything out. With every character being different it is quite the task. Each character has specific effects on the economy, combat, movement, and troop recovery. Then balancing out how the town/castles effect the economy and combat. The the balancing of how territory control also effects troop recovery and economy. AH!


What is #ProtoPlayPhoto?

#ProtoPlayPhoto is a twitter hashtag for labeling tweets that include photographs of game prototypes being played. It makes these tweets and photos easier for the community to find, and allows them to be aggregated within a webpage like

Why is #ProtoPlayPhoto?

Here are the three main reasons I'm advocating people tweet prototype photos with this hashtag:

1) Creativity

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