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Premium Grab Bags

The Game Crafter - Premium Grab Bags full of game pieces, parts, and bits!

People love our grab bags for building out their parts kits. Today we’re pleased to announce our premium grab bags. These have a lot of the same parts as our normal grab bags, but are also more than half filled with premium parts such as dice and miniatures. Every premium grab bag has several metal pawns/tokens in it and the bag itself is even a cloth bag of random color and size, rather than a plastic baggie. Each bag is worth over $15.00 if we were to sell the parts individually, but in this form they are just $8 each.

First day at BGDF

Herbert The Pervert

Introduced myself - check
Told about my game idea - check
Had a shitstorm - check

I could have expected that the pedophile part in my game idea will have reactions, but in my defence I don't gloryfy it like some people say, because in the game he gets a lot of beatings etc.
And In perspective I'm not the worst. I picture him after the crime. their are others who let them be seen while commiting or thinking of doing the crime. (see picture, note I'm not hating on family guy ;) )

Unofficial use of Internet photos and clip art

I am creating a prototype of my game to use for playtesting. There are lots of graphics needed for the cards, but I don't want to try and do the artwork myself, at least at this stage. Is it okay to use photos and clip art from the Internet without permission, just for the purpose of making a playtesting version of the game? I know that none of the Internet "art" could be used for the final product if it is under copyright.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Planetary expansion (2x)

As I flesh-out the Planetary expansion, one of the topics that has surfaced is opponent AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Talking with Joe about it, he sees it as being a simple deck of Space Pirates that contain fifteen (15) cards with different variations of Pirate fighters.

So far this sounds okay: each Pirate Fighter card will have a Resistance and Firepower.

But the problem I am having is determining HOW many of these cards can be in space. Let us assume that we will use 1d6 to determine how MANY of the Pirates will appear (from one to six - using 1d6)...

What I Like About You

Nothing brilliant here. Just a bit of rambling about some of the games that I've played recently and what merit I think they have for inspiring someone else. Keep in mind, I play most of my games against an 8-year-old.

Card Game

About 10 art pieces to go from the artist and we should be able to get it over to once set on the cards and proofed for some further play-testing and if that goes well review. Will be putting it up here for some input right before I send over to get input from you talented people.

The Printed Component Process

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

In Episode 9 of The Game Crafter Podcast, Jeff King from All Us Geeks attempts to get a 6-month preview schedule for printed components. Instead, JT explains the printed component process and why The Game Crafter does not release such a schedule.

This is a great podcast that explains how much work goes into making new custom printed products at The Game Crafter.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Planetary expansion

I know that I have mentioned an "expansion" with *Planetary* cards (also know as the Privateer expansion). So the planetary cards are used in conjunction with the "Treasurer" role (which trades resources for credits). How a planetary card affects this is by specifying "multipliers" for certain resources:

  • Planet A: 2x Food and 3x Medicine
  • Planet B: 2x Polymers and 4x Isotopes
  • Planet C: 2x Technology, 3x Contraband and 4x Weaponry

The Game Crafter has released a new game board. The Skinny Board!

Skinny Game Board

The skinny mat is one of the most popular at The Game Crafter, so we’re happy to introduce it in board form as the skinny board for those of you who want a more durable version. Enjoy!

Sprue Challenge Finalists Announced!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the finalists for the Sprue Challenge!

Here are your Sprue Challenge Finalists:
- Forces of War
- Reign Makers
- Leaders of _______
- Allies and Aliens

Our judge, Jason Glover, has provided a great deal of information in this PDF about how he came to this list of finalists. Jason will spend the next month or so playing these games to determine a winner.

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