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To dice or not to dice?

Dice games seem to be popular nowadays. Games like Quarriers, Dice Masters, Imperial Assault, and King of Tokyo use dice as their primary driving force and it works well.

But I'm starting to see more and more push for dice in indie games. But is the push for more dice games the best for your game? Does your game need customized dice? A game can have sufficient randomization without the use of dice.

Here's some creative ways to go around using dice.

Free-For-All Dungeon Brawl

So in lieu of working on Tile Pile, I've created a new game. No name yet, so it's the title of this entry for now.

You play as 1 of 8 RPG classes, each with their own deck of abilities. Players make 20 card decks made up of their ability cards, and weapon, armor, shield, and item cards. Once finished, players place a miniature in a 5x1 board which makes up the dungeon.

Players draw 5 cards on their turn. Any cards they have in their hand at the start of their next turn are discarded. You have the option to keep one and draw to max hand size.

Three years in the making

If you look back through my posts you'll see several about my co-op game for 3 to 7 players;H.M.S. Victory. It's been three years in the making gone through numerous iterations and countless playtests. Its now scheduled to be released at Gencon Indy 2015 by my friends at Mayfair games. It even getting used as the big charity event on Saturday evening! Gen Con Event Code: BGM1582089.

You won't find a listing for H.M.S. Victory on Board Game Geek but you will find this.

Ice Ice Baby - Hockey is confirmed for release

Ice Hockey has been confirmed as one of the new Pocket Sports games currently scheduled for August release. It joins Cycling and Gridiron (which will probably be called Football to please the Nth American market) as the three new games that include cards.

Believe it or not, Ice Hockey was first planned for release back in 2013, after Aussie Rules. It has been sitting patiently while other titles made their way to the front of the production line, and I can confidently say the wait has improved the game.

Lay a brick on me


Fetishes aside....I'm talking about new packaging for Pocket Sports and new 12 game BRICKS of solid, sporty delights.

*Note to self....choose better descriptors.

If you haven't noticed, I'm going through a re-packaging exercise for new games late in H2.

I've always sold wholesale in boxes of 30 games. While it suits larger stores and helps me move bulk stock, it's also a large order for first time stockists who haven't experienced the soul cleansing goodness of Pocket Sports.

So the smaller, entry sized brick for new tuck box packaging, lays a great foundation.

Say it isn't so.....!


Now Aussie Rules or Cycling may not appeal to many folks here...but if these concept card don't tickle a Nth American's love of beer, toques and hockey.....then you're an imposter :)

I'd love some feedback / design comments on these. Not confirmed, Pocket Sports Hockey may have resurfaced!

Cubes will track goals. Rather than using a timer or stopwatch, the first team to score 6 goals (or whatever you nominate) wins.

Power Play durations last until a goal is scored or 3 Saves or missed shots (turnovers) are accrued.

Starting Physical Prototypes and Clearances

Starting Physical Prototypes and Clearances

Several updates in this post as I've grabbed a little time to spare here and there to add new cards and wanted to start creating some physical version of the game to start play-testing.

But first...

Clearances for products

I have always wanted to use real products, personalities and events in the game and this has meant getting legal clearance to do so, or at least attempting to.

Rundown- GTA like board game

Hello Friends,
This is my first blog post on BGDF so let me start with introducing myself, I am a normal guy like other and a huge fan of GTA Franchise, I also like web designing and board game designing. I create board game just for fun purpose.


Idea of Rundown came in my mind after watching Mad Tv's and plasticwood's videos about GTA board game.


Tradewars - Homeworld: The Quest for Review

I have been planning on making enough copies of the game to distribute to various "Game Reviewers". My goal is to target 10 reviewers and see what each on thinks about the game. Also would be nice to have a few videos to explain how the game plays out...

I started with Del Laird and his offer to BUY 8mm acrylic cubes. I liked the idea and it's something I wanted to offer with the game instead of the old wooden cubes. Well the cubes came in and they are ... totally AWESOME!

Crystal Heroes: New beginnings

Hello all,

After the sad but TRUE announcement that I will no longer be investing time into "Quest Adventure Cards(tm): Second Edition", I am excited to announce some changes in my game roster.

First of all, I had a Video Game production called "Crystal Heroes". This was initially a Nintendo DSi Video game which then became a Android Cellular phone game, which is NOW going to be a "Table Top Card Game"...

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