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“Is this game like Britannia?”

At the NC State Tabletop Game Club I attend five people were playing my prototype “The Rise and Fall of Assyria”. Someone came by and asked if the game was like Britannia. I answered no, because this game is much more fluid, is designed for 3 to 5 players, has less randomness in the combat though still using dice, has simpler scoring, and involves the rise and decline of empires rather than ones that can in some cases play through the entire game (as with the Welsh and Picts in Britannia).

But later I thought that compared with the other games that were being played in the room – we had over 50 people that day – the game is much like Britannia. Because they are both games that require “strategic thinking” (strategic in contrast with tactical, though also in the sense of having to make difficult choices about the best play) that are also games of maneuver and location. And they are both wargames. In contrast most of the games that are played at this game club do not involve maneuver and location nor are they wargames.

Looking for manufacturer of board-game pieces

Hello Board-Gamer

I listened to a 2hr games forum podcast today which was produced in Australia in 2008.

The website "Spiel" was mentioned and it has got me thinking that I may have found a potential manufacturer for some board-game pieces that I will need manufactured when I am ready to turn my board-game idea into a reality.

I have some questions to ask of Spiel Material the first and most important is... Do they manufacture plastic products/board-game pieces to order?

Review: Atlas of World Military History

Atlas of World Military History: the art of war from ancient times to the present day. By Richard Brooks and others. Hardcover, 256 pages, large (“coffee-table”) format . Originally published by HarperCollins in England in 2000, this edition by Barnes & Noble in the same year.

Although this book is out-of-print I was able to get a pristine “used” copy very inexpensively through a used bookseller on Amazon.

How I created Jungle Ascent

Jungle Ascent game in action

Jungle Ascent is about to be released by 5th Street Games. Not to overstate it, but I THINK I MAY EXPLODE, I AM SO EXCITED!

Jungle Ascent is a quick playing race to the top of the Cliffs of Frab to claim the most amazing treasure of all time! Players build a pathway with Ladders, Bridges, and Conveyor belts, then knock each other off the pathway with Crushers, Fireballs, Totems, and a bunch of other fun stuff. (But don't worry, no one dies in Jungle Ascent!)

The Origin of Jungle Ascent (As "Bill Dean's Game of Frab")

Six words about game sequels

According to tweetdeck, one of the trending:worldwide topics on twitter not so long ago was 6 word stories. In the past few months I've asked people to say 6 words about game design, programming, wargames, stories in games, casual games, zombie games, chance/randomness in games, and innovation and plagiarism in games.

This time the challenge is this: say six words about game sequels.

Abstractions and plans for new edition(s) of Britannia

As you probably know, the Fantasy Flight version of Britannia has sold out its second printing and all rights have reverted to me.

Day 4 of Game Creation

I thought it'd be easy, creating a game, and that solely based on my own need to keep a balance within all the games I currently play.

My major issue right now is getting the different cards made. I have no real artistic skills, and hope someone amongst the friends I've reached out to for help will be willing and able to help.

In the meantime, I need to figure out different elemental creatures, different spells, and, simply, the mana-cost-to-power conversion rate I want to follow.

September 2012 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

Since I got back from WBC and GenCon, I've posted several articles at my "home" blog. Not all are posted on other blogs (e.g., ones heavily video-game-related aren't posted on BGDF and F:AT). Here's a list with links:

Pizza Pieces - New Name and Artwork

Pizza Pieces Components

Update to Piece of Pie

Some artwork to go with the idea along with a change of theme and name.

I'm guessing the playtesting will throw up the need for a few more dice to spice things up. Therefore, the outline now features three dice colours along with three pizza categories and 12 dice in total.

Instead of using lots of expensive dice I propose to include pizza counters that can be used to record each round of rolling. These card tokens should make it easy to keep a visual track of past rolls.

Piece Of Pie


Some quick cobbled together images for the idea that originated in my reply to the Dice Pie post.

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