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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Crowd Funding A Board Game

The Game Crafter - 7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Crowd Funding A Board Game

The Game Crafter just released a new video for game designers who are considering crowd funding their board game. Tavis Parker guides you through the 7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Crowd Funding A Board Game and provides some answers.

Watch the video at

New and Improved Dice Stickers


We’ve improved our dice stickers quite a bit. They’re more accurate, have a higher quality edge, peal from the slug nicer, and now there are 225 per sheet instead of just 120. So if you need a lot of custom dice, you can do that. Perhaps best of all, we’re dropping the price by $1.10 per sheet down to $2.99 per sheet. That means that dice stickers went from 3 cents each to just 1 cent each!

Click here to see a video of the new dice stickers

Pocket Sports - GridIron


Another couple of prototype team cards for Pro Mode specialized plays

Counters out - cards in


I had been working on team counters for the two new games (Gridiron & Cycling) for specialized moves/plays to enhance both games.

The idea was to include a set of 6 tokens for 1 team in each game when sold. Then if people liked to collect teams, they could purchase the others on the website.

Killer Gamer's Remorse Challenge

The Game Crafter's Latest Game Design Contest!

Objective: a player elimination game that is implemented in such a way that it is still fun. Maybe it is a quick game like love letter. Maybe it is a longer game but the eliminated players still have a role to play like in werewolf via the “ghost writer” ability. Or maybe you finish is off in the most glorious fashion possible, so humorous that we are dying laughing for the next 30 minutes.

Sprue Challenge Semi-Finalists Revealed

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that our guest judge, Jason Glover, is hard at work narrowing the list of entries in the Sprue Challenge to a list of finalists. Head on over and check out the list of semi-finalists and feel free to leave them a comment about what you think of their designs.

Karate Killer


Hi there, my name is Tyler Reeves and I have a game that I've been working on for about 16 months now, play tested it 99 times and have it at a pretty good stage right now so I thought I'd share it with other game developers. The local gamers who've had a chance to play it have been nothing but kind towards it. Asking for me to bring it out all the time so they can play. I could actually have it it further along by now but I am currently jumping back and forth on 3 other games that I'm working on as well. This is the one that is furthest along because I have most of the art already done.

"Splat" (Sheet 1)

So after play testing Splat, more timesthen I want to admit, I’ve started to place it on a background that is notcells within a spreadsheet. Below is a sample page from “Splat”.

There are still changes that are being made:

- Clean-up cards (Napkins, Water, etc)
- Armor cards concept to be tested (Kettle helms, stool shields, etc)
- Proofreading
- Etc.

Let me know what you think would enjoy constructive feedback and ideas. Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.

Kickstarter? Is it time to join the bandwagon?


With our recent big batch of new games only on the market for a month, it's time to look forward again to the next lot. The experience of producing the recent six latest games taught a few lessons I will apply for future publishing.

Having pre-order options and supporters who took up the discounted price was certainly a great indicator people like our games. A few delays and unforeseen hiccups arise in any large production but all in all it was a success. I'm still packing the last of the 48,000 dice!

Lose a turn, lose the game?

Whilst spelunking through many discussions concerning game components and mechanics generally disliked, i had the urge to reflect on some and share thoughts learn a bit about others here.

This began with a designer on BGG feeling as if his playtesting was not doing well because of a lose a turn rule. One remedy was to give a player two turns in a row, thus giving all other players eessentialy a lose of turn and downtime for a player still evident.

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