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10 Day Blind Design Contest

We are hosting a contest for game designers. If you are interested in entering just send an email to ... We will be picking 10 people at random and sending them custom prototyping kits. Designers will then have 10 days to create a game only using the materials we send them and post their game to youtube, or email pictures describing it. We will declare a winner and send out some killer swag to our favorites.

Against the Legends: the latest

After a long lay off (9 months), I started back up with development of this game about 3 months ago and it has undergone some dramatic changes. A bunch more playtests, mostly 2-p, and a 4-p playtest at the SUP Guild at Learn 2 Play.

Here is a link to the latest rule set:

I also have a Facebook page where I will post updates and playtest results.

Writing a book derived from an online audiovisual course

The surprisingly large attendance at my talk about “How to Write Clear Rules” at GenCon made me focus on the fact that there is nothing in print about writing game rules, other than the occasional blog post, and a chapter in the “Kobold Guide to Boardgame Design” by Mike Selinker that is primarily an exhortation to use simple, clear language in your rules.

Waiting for a Win.

I I'm waiting for a win or at least I hope I am. My game Hodgepodge made the finals of the Marbles game design contest. The theme was patterns so I designed a simple yet challenging pattern recognition game. It’s the 3 one with the brightly colored shapes.!/media/set/?set=a.10152616131952372.1073741842.25943667371&type=1

The winner will be announced during the last episode of Brain Games on the National Geographic Chanel, Monday the 25th.

Getting started with prototyping

Do you have an idea for a game?
Is it really awesome and exciting?
Have you made a prototype yet?

Fleshing out the world of Sweet Saga

soda pop potions, and the claw of Cacao

The world of Sweet Saga is coming together brilliantly! When we began with the initial concepts for the characters, setting, and story for the game it was a struggle to visualize it very clearly, but as we push on with the card illustrations the world is taking on a life of its own.

Quotes to Manufacture for a Kickstarter

amazed box make 3.png

Hi my name Carl Flood and I am the inventor and designer of Amazed 2 player abstract strategy board game. which i am planing to do a Kickstarter for,I am looking for quotes to Manufacture my board game Amazed and box design, I have good 3d printed prototypes of Amazed to work from, its a all Custom Plastic Components game, here is a link so that you can see it:

can anyone help please ?

thank you

Plan Your Kickstarter Stretch Goals

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Introduction: The Game Crafter is running a series of articles about "How To Run A Kickstarter" on our blog that will eventually be consolidated into a guide we publish for game designers.

In our last article we told you to do the math before you start your campaign. This time we’re talking about stretch goals which will make your math more complicated.

Make no mistake, you should plan your stretch goals well in advance of the launch of your campaign, and build the cost of them into your budget. Don’t scramble to come up with them during the campaign. If you do, at the very least you’ll stress yourself out. At worst, you could bankrupt yourself by rushed planning. With that in mind, here’s some advice for figuring out stretch goals.

Click here to read the full article

Trader of Sol

I'm picking up a design again that I set aside a little over a year ago. It wasn't set aside because I was bored with it or didn't see potential or anything like that. It was set aside because I was working on to much and needed to focus my energies on projects that I could get done faster. The game I set it aside in favor of, is now well on its way to release in the hands of a very competent developer. So basically, I need a new game to absorb my focus.

Component Set

I like limitations. They force me to focus my ideas and be selective, which I think results in more elegant design choices.

With that in mind, I am considering "designing" a component set(s) that I would use for several games. Essentially, for me it would act as a cap on certain types of components in my design. The Bits. And therefore allow for maximum focus.

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