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Playtest 3/11/2013

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3/11/2013 PLAY TEST

3D Printers meet Vending Machines

Can you say "hyper-local automated manufacturing facilities" three times, really fast?

Exploring Terrain Tile Possibilities

Yesterday, I had some time to myself (after getting the tire on my wife's car patched - it had a nail in it), since my son and one of his cousins had decided to spend the night before with their granny (my mama). So, since I couldn't spend the time with my son, I decided to do a little possibility exploring.

I ended up visiting a Miracle Hill thrift store, two comic book stores, a housing supply warehouse, and Lowe's.

Proxxon versus the Cake Dummies

I happened upon a blog posting by some guy who calls himself Waco Joe. He figured out a way to create terrain tiles for gaming by using cake dummies. The blog entry in question that caught my eye can be found at the following link:

The tool that he used he called a Proxon foam cutter. However, I think that the actual item is technically called a Proxxon Hotwire Cutter Thermocut, and if I managed to track down the right beast, then here's a link to the actual product:

Gods & Minions Project Resurrection

Gods & Minions - Card based dark fantasy warfare

Okay, its been a long time since an update regarding my "Gods & Minions" project was posted here.


Far From Home...where I'm at. 3/7/2013

Defense Coordinator in white keeping the fleet safe.

Far from Home is a two player war game in space. It pits two capital ships fighting for their lives. It plays in less than 1 hour. It is easy enough for a seven year old to understand (my 7 year old plays with me).

Word-a-bout Token

Word-a-bout Token

Just finished drafting up version 1 of the game token. I like it. The blue is brilliant with the gold star. Going to work on vectoring it so it's even all around but I do want to keep that silk finish and texture.

PrezCon 2013

Once again I attended PrezCon in Charlottesville Virginia near the end of February. This was the 10th year since I started going although I haven’t attended every year. It was the 20th year for the convention.

PrezCon is a strictly board and card game convention that works much like the World Wargaming Championships (WBC).

Map Builder Game Design Challenge Entries are in

The Game Crafter would like to extend a big thank you to all of the contestants for participating in the Map Builder Game Design Challenge. In the next couple of weeks our guest judge, Mark Major of Whirling Derby Games will have some tough choices to make to narrow this list down to just a few finalists!

Naming the Game

I have been working on a wizard dueling game for a long time now. Many things have stalled the project but now that I have it well along its way and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel there is one sticking point that keeps gnawing at me; The Name.

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