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What is a “sweep of history” game?

I just started a community on Google+ ( for "sweep of history" games, so it's reasonable to work out a rough definition “sweep of history game” (also called “fast forward history” games)

Quotes related to Game Design (but not specifically about it)

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Another form, about Japanese gardening actually, is "Your garden is not complete until there is nothing else that you can remove."

This is my guide to game design, but I do not design puzzles. When you design a puzzle you may want to make it more complex, so that it will take longer to solve.

It's a long way to the top


It's literally been ages since my last post regarding my main game Gods & Minions. This little behemoth is a long-term pet-project of mine thats all about warfare in a fantasy
world. Few of you might remember that the game originally started as a collectible dice game and even fewer know that the background world dates back to my pen-and-paper RPG sessions.

Interview with Dustin Oakley: Bulk Order Fulfillment at TGC

Dustin Oakley successfully funded his Zooligans Card Game on Kickstarter in June. (Due to legal reasons the game name changed to Zoodlums after it was funded.) Dustin used The Game Crafter’s Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF) service and you can read about his experience in the interview below.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Publication

So we have contacted our FIRST publisher regarding our game. Back in 2012, we contacted this publisher to ask what their *submission policy* was. The response we got back was very *positive*. And so we decided to follow-up on our initial e-mail with some details about our game.

Well it turns out, the publisher has re-contacted us and asked for us to send some sample cards and our game's rulebook. We have responded to that request and have explained that we will have some preliminary artwork in the month of January!

Free for your review

Hello everyone, below is a link to my Blog site which contains further links to my Steampunk boardgame idea. The current skeleton offerings are free for download and printing, tell me what you think!

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So what did I wrong ?

I started a crowdfunding project on My game"Fleets at Battle" is a family game wich is based on the idea of battleships. It is a dexterity game for 4 players.

I had a lot of play tests and mainly only good comments on the game. Never the less I can not fund this game. Now I want to work over my game but I have no clue what I must change. As the play test went good I don´t want to change the rules. It is more a make over of design. Should it be more comic like ? My presentation seems to be poor too, so what can I change there ?

Video for Luchador ! Mexican Wrestling Dice (German)

Luchador !


I have made a video for the game Luchador! from Mark Rivera. I want to make some more videos of games that are not from big lables . The next one will be for Hegemonic from Oliver Kiley.

Here the Link:

Micro Contest Finalists Announced

The Micro Game Challenge - Presented by Father Geek, All Us Geeks Podcast, and The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is proud to announce that the judges for the Micro Game Challenge, (Father Geek and All Us Geeks Podcast), have determined a list of 7 finalists from the list of 20 semi-finalists. Your finalists are:

- Dig Down Dwarf
- Of Dungeons Deep
- Royals
- Thorn and Rose
- Overlords
- Monster City Planners
- Railroads

The judges have also published a spreadsheet with the scoring mechanism they used, as well as comments from each of them about each game.

You can now sell digital files on The Game Crafter!

At long last, you can now sell digital files on The Game Crafter. Why would you want to do that? You may want to sell a print and play version of your game. Or you may use The Game Crafter to make maps and GM screens for your RPG, and now you can sell a PDF copy of the handbook as a complete kit. You may be a Tarotist who uses The Game Crafter to sell your decks, but you want to include a meanings PDF to people who bought the deck. There are an endless number of reasons you may want to include some files with your game, or as a game.

Full details and screenshots are available at

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