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Create regions as part of board game play?

Hi everyone,

Has anybody ever run across a game where, instead of moving, building, fighting in/between, etc. predetermined regions on a board, players take a board with only physical or other basic features on it and create/define regions and cities as the game progresses? This could be done through any number of means, such as fighting, building, etc.

Thank you,


Representing group of characters in board game

I'm trying to come up with ideas for how to represent a group of characters in a board game that travel together. Miniatures are great, but space and money are limited. So, I need to come up with a way to represent a group of characters (say, for example, a human, dwarf, elf, and wizard) as they travel, fight, etc. throughout the game.

I can think of two ways: 1) a stack of tiles, chits, cubes, etc. and 2) a small tile or board with peg holes and pegs. These will work, but neither are thematic, in my opinion.

My newest endeavor...

I'm always trying new ways of looking at typical game mechanics and twisting them into something new and thematic.

I'm putting this out there for two reasons 1) To get me to work on this project. and 2) To show people there are more ways to represent a resource system than just a typical Magic-esque escalating resource system.

Scrap the first project...

I've had hundreds of students go through my game theory classes. The Game Design and Gameplay class I teach has the students create their own board/card game as their final project. I help them go through the process of taking an idea and implementing it into something tangible without having to know any programming or 3d software. It teaches the students the pipeline in a very primitive atmosphere.

But I've noted a lot of things in my time not only as a design instructor, but as someone that's worked in the video and board game industry. Here are my observations:

Monster Keep: Version 3.0 (or 0.3) :P

It's been a while since I have posted any news about "Monster Keep". I have been so involved with "Tradewars - Homeworld", that I really did not have time to ponder much about this game.

What's NEW? Right?!?

Well I have decided to change the game BACK into a Card Game. I think I should stick to the things I do best (Cards & Card Games) and re-purpose that Pokemon Draw(tm) game which I submitted here (a couple days ago).

The Semi-finalists in The Survival Challenge have been announced!

The Game Crafter - The Survival Challenge, presented by Grey Gnome Games

The Game Crafter's latest board game design contest, The Survival Challenge, has completed the community voting stage and the Semi-finalists have been selected. See all of the details for this contest at

Tradewars - Homeworld: Inside & Outside the Box

Well I recently was playing around with my BOX cover image and was trying to tweak the aspect ratio of the image.

Now unbeknownst to me, the aspect ratio of my image was a little bit off. And so when I converted it to fit the height of my box, I wound off having about 1" more.

At first I was like: "I got to crop the image so that I can eliminate that extra space." And then I was like: "Then I have to move the logo over and the edition name also..."

By some freakish accident, I found a USE for 1" extra: a well for dice and parts (Ice cubes)!!!

New video explains "Estimated Ship Date" at The Game Crafter

"Estimated Ship Date" Explained at The Game Crafter

We want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible at The Game Crafter and knowing when your order will ship is part of that. In this video, Tavis explains the estimated ship date and shows how to check the status of an order at any time.

72 games submitted to The Survival Challenge at The Game Crafter - Time to vote!

The Survival Challenge at The Game Crafter

The Survival Challenge submission phase has just ended and now the community voting phase begins. Vote for your favorite games in the Survival Challenge.

Feedback from first Playtesting session

After my first constructive play test session, here is the first wave of changes to the game.

Changing 'Personalities' to 'Staff'

People felt that the word 'Personality' was too strong and placed too much emphasis on the historical figures over the generic staff members. One fantastic idea was that these 'generic' staff cards could become kickstarter backers in the future and thus give people the chance to also be a 'Personality'.

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