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Had an idea for a card/resource management game yesterday. Kind of Settlers meets Flux - it's important to track what other players are collecting resource-wise as you can then predict which cards they power, and some of the cards are quite game changing. There's three decks - common, uncommon and rare - and cards in one deck when fuelled help you get cards in a rarer deck. Anyhow work in progress here-

Deconstructing Theme to Determine Mechanics

One of the things I mentioned in my first post is that I had started to develop a board game called The Heist. As I was working on it I had decided to use a mechanic that I enjoy in other games such as Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, where you move around a location using AP and perform roles as stated on cards. The issue I found was that I had started with a mechanic and attempted to create a game around it, this resulted in having created a game more akin to 'The Robbery' rather than 'The Heist'. I scrapped the game and started anew, with a different focus.

To Be Emperor - card game (Missions 2)

My next play test session is coming up and I'm going to try something new with missions.

Dog and Puppy Miniatures Now Available at The Game Crafter

Dog Puppies Game Pieces Miniatures Available at The Game Crafter

People love their puppies as much as they love their family (sometimes more), so The Game Crafter is pleased to add a selection of dog and puppy miniatures to our game parts shop! They cost 70 cents each, and would make a great addition to your next game.

To Be Emperor - card game (Missions)

The central means of action during a player's turn is the mission.

GenCon (and WBC) 2013

If you've never been to GenCon you might not realize the scope of the convention. Last year there were more than 40,000 attendees and I suspect yet more this year. The convention is spread out over the Indiana Convention Center, which is very large - immensely larger than Origins' Columbus Convention Center - and *eight* large hotels. The convention is not just about tabletop games, but also has a little bit of video games and a lot of anime, film, cosplay, comics, fiction writing - that's a big segment - and other cultures related to the gaming culture.

Playtest update

Player mat for fifth player, with sculpted black pawns.

So, I managed to do another playtest, this time with three players, which I hadn't tried before. We also implemented all the changes I suggested in my last post, and I'm quite pleased with that. I also included some new value cards that were worth next to nothing but instead acted as wild cards colorwise, meaning it would be much easier to score the end of game bonuses for complete color sets. They worked as intended, and I think they did not tip the balance in any way, though I need more test data to confirm that.

Back from FanExpo Canada 2013 - Aug.22 to 25

Holy crap, what a weekend. Last Thursday to Sunday have been the best 4 days of 2013 for me to date. I had decided to take 3 of my game prototypes to FanExpo this year. I shared half a table with another buddy of mine from my creative group TYL United. Preparation wise, I was not as ready as I thought I needed to be. Presentation wise, I had everything ready with regards to rules and prototypes for people to look at and play. Expectation wise, I had no bloody idea what to expect.

Expanding the range

So what happens after you make a game, go through the baptism of fire and eventually sell a few thousand copies?

Is expanding the product range the next evolutionary step?

Pocket Sports, as the name suggest, is calling for that very thing. For the first year and a bit, we sold Pocket Cricket. It did fairly well but like any sport, it's seasonal. Sales dry up for most of the year until it gets back into Cricket season and Christmas time.

Galaxy Trucker - crosspost from my blog 'The Cardboard Mechanic'


Galaxy Trucker

So, my first critique falls to the most recent games I've acquired and certainly one of my favorites, Galaxy Trucker by Vlaada Chvatil and published by Rio Grande Games. SUSD have a great play through with the expansions here.

The Game

2-4 Players
60 minutes
Age 10+ (probably lower)
Expansions: yes, lots, to many to list here.

It's quite a simple game. There are three rounds with two phases each.

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