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What I didn’t do on my Christmas vacation.

I’m fortunate that I get quite a bit of time off for the holidays, 11 days this year including weekends. I had planned to use some of that time to catch up on my design work.

This is what I had planned to accomplish and didn’t get done.

Create a Vassal Module for Order of the Wand

Test Order of the Wand with out of state game designer friends

Review my projects file to purge dead end ideas and revisit better ones.

Work on at least one of those better ideas and create or update prototype for testing.

Test, Test, Test…

Pocket Sports Baseball


Working on some new games/ideas, while waiting for NEW games to arrive mid Jan.....

I've had a PnP version for Baseball up on BGG for a short time now, but this flow chart might help for a speedy pick up on the game play.

I tend to make games up in Excel first, then transfer over to a dice map with words on die faces.

I won't post the rules, you can find on the BGG game entry

Break Time: Game Ed

Well as the title of this blog post suggests, I took a break today to learn about some other games that I have heard of - but never played.

The three (3) games that I have taken the time to watch being played are:

  1. Ticket To Ride
  2. Small World
  3. King of Tokyo

Of these three (3) games, the one that I found the most interesting was Small World. I usually like to play Fantasy games and this one is rather cool with all its races combined with a random special ability.

Tradewars - Homeworld: New Year Wish

Well currently we are waiting for a lab (near the Boston area) to take a *serious* look at our game "Tradewars - Homeworld". When I say *serious* is because the team that will playtest the game will be doing so blindly. That's right no coaching allowed...

I am really excited to see what comes of those playtests. In addition to answers to some questions (sort of a Q&A), the person responsible for the playtesting will add to the answers testing *background* about each player. My guess is that in addition to age, maybe that may include game genre preferences.

Game Designer Interview w/ Mark & Christina Major @ Whirling Derby Games

Mark and Christina Major are a talented husband & wife team of game designers who have been longtime members of The Game Crafter community. They designed Jupiter Rescue (previously Jupiter Deep, now published by Twilight Creations), Chimera Station (published by Tasty Minstrel Games - available in 2015) and zerpang!, which was a finalist of Tabletop Deathmatch in season 1. They also have other titles available in The Game Crafter online shop.

Mark and Christina took a few minutes at Gen Con to share their experience, insight, and some tips for new game designers.

Basic knowledge of precision metal stamping die processing

precision metal stamping die processing is kind of method which use mold press metal or sheet metal on stamping equipment, manufature the products with the raw materials by impulsion in accordance with the model, then acquire the fixed shape and size.

Advantage of stamping
A: Precision Metal Stamping die processing is a kind of method which has higher production efficiency and data usage.

Pocket Sports Rugby - New Edition


I'm as eager as everyone for the new games to arrive at the end of the month. The New Edition Rugby has had a quick turnaround from originally being published as Pocket Rugby League in May, transforming into a hybrid version with both League & Union rules for our UK distributors and now as a solid Rugby Union game.

There's obviously a larger market for Union and with the World Cup 2015 next year, I had to spice up the original game to include all the nuances Rugby fans want.

The Game Crafter 2014 Year In Review

As we rapidly approach the end of 2014 we like to do a bit of year in review of how our community has grown and what accomplishments we’ve all achieved. Note: the official announcement has tons of links to all of the resources we mention. You can read it at Otherwise, happy reading!

Super-Bee! Board Game

Hi guys,

My new game is called Super-Bee! and its main target audience are children age 5-12. It can be played in 3-6 players and, once every players knows the rules, each game can take up to 20 minutes to be played.

The aim of the game: Find as many Honey Jars as you can and store them in your honeycomb. The player with the most Honey Jars collected wins.

There are 101 tokens (90 regular tokens and 11 special tokens) that gives players special abilities and bonuses and can cause trouble for the opponents.

.75" Small Square Chits now available!

Small Square Chit - Custom printed at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter has one last Christmas present for game designers... the Small Square Chit! They come 150 to a sheet for $9.49. Like all of our chits, they are custom printed on both sides. Download the template and get started today! Enjoy!

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