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TRADING PAINT – a Dice-Car Race

"Bumpers are for bumping." - Dale Earnhardt

2nd solo playtest

Tonight I attempted to test my new deck builder with my 6yr old son, but he had a bad attitude and I had to abort the attempt. Instead, I waited for him to go to bed and tested it solo again.

I noticed some minor tweaks needed to be made, some things needed to be further clarified in the rules, and some costs needed to be adjusted. Overall, the game really works which is amazing after only 2 playtests! I am really excited to try this with actual players. I am most interested to see what kinds of interaction the game has (as there is definitely some built in) that I can't test solo.

Molecularama is now released!

Molecularama Tuck Box

Molecularama is a pattern matching, trick taking card game similar to Gin Rummy and Ticket to Ride. Collect and swap element cards to build up molecules and score points.

The game comes with 24 different molecules and 75 element cards. Each player is trying to collect the correct elements to build them. Build six molecules to win the game but beware of attempting to build too many molecules, any unfinished molecules by the end of the game will penalise your score!

Lines of Fire: Polishing Rules

Lines of Fire prototypes are progressing nicely. I have improved the graphics and created some better-looking tokens -- the wall tokens even have a fitting physical texture on one side because I glued them on some rough packaging cardboard.

Besides improving the looks and layout, I'm mostly focusing on polishing and modularising the rules. Some of the things that I added after the first prototype will now be in a separate game variant. In the end, there will probably be 3 or 4 game variants that are composable i.e. you can play with several variants at the same time.

First Official Playtest

My buddy Terry played a full game of AV with me on Monday. 7 models vs 7 models. The points I gave them (balancing) was 56 to 42 in his favor. The 1 game only took about an hour which I think is GREAT considering he's never played my game before.

• We played scenario #2 but never even touched the objectives!
• A lot of my objectives are similar to Malifaux, which I don't want.
• Do I make a minimum distance to travel when charging? (Charge is 2 actions: Move 1.5 normal speed and attack)
• Charging gives 1 extra die to attack. Keep it?

Progress on deck-building game

I have spent a tremendous amount of time in the last month working on this game and I already have a working prototype and a solo playtest in the bag. From the solo playtest, I have a good idea of what I want to change/improve for the first 2p test.

Working name "Legendaria"

Lines of Fire: Fixing the Hex Board

Lines of Fire: Dead End

Lines of Fire is my first board game design done as an adult. I used to make some simple board games as a kid, but haven't done it for almost 20 years. I've posted about the game on the forums:

I've had quite a few play tests so far, some by myself, some with other local players. Only in a very recent play tests did a big problem with one of the board layouts come out. There's a hex board and a square board.

Stock Market Game Rules and Card files

Goal: To have the most Money at the end of the game.
• Place out the piles for all the Money cards ($1, $5, $10, $50, $100, $500, $2K).
• Place out 10 different Shares piles, including Milk and Tech.
• Place the Event deck, and mark out a location for its discard, and the Boom /Bust spot (see below).
• Each player takes 8 $1 and 2 Milk shares, shuffling them together; this forms their deck, face down.
• Each player draws 5 cards from their deck, holding them in their hand; this is their hand.
• A player is chosen to go first.

Update for EvilColSanders


Some history about my latest game "Everdark"

I wish to write some history about my latest project called: "Everdark"

Everdark is a simple boardgame idea where you and other players arrive to a town called Everdark which is said to be fested with monsters. Monsters like vampires, zombies, werewolfs and ghosts.

Your mission here is to face one of the monsters to take "proof" monsters are real and then find the emergency flair and run as fast you can to the middle of the board.

But back to the HISTORYYYYY ;)

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