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Our New Idea Box

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Since the dawn of The Game Crafter we have had an ideas forum where you could tell us what you thought was missing from the site. We often rifle through it and pick the ideas we like from it and implement them. This has happened hundreds of times over the years. However, there’s a few big problems with this process, most importantly, we don’t know which ideas are most important to you. For that reason, we’ve launched our new ideas system.

Semi-Finalists for Mystery Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The votes are in and The Game Crafter is pleased to officially announce the list of semi-finalists for the Mystery Challenge.

Created a Patreon and Youtube on game design for anyone interested

Since, I've worked in both the video games and board game industry I figured that my knowledge could be helpful to others.

I've started a channel about game design and development on youtube. I intend to keep it split between board game and video game parts... but it's currently weighted a bit towards electronic.

If it sounds like something you might be interested in, here are the links:

Or if you like to become my patron:

Alter Ego

You won't see Crime City on any map, but that's how people have come to know your hometown. Sadists, Anarchists, and the Mafia each carving out portions of the city they call their own. Hundreds of innocent bystanders caught up every day in their turf wars, or held under their oppressive thumbs. Precious few have the time, the money, the guts, or the wherewithal to do anything about it. You're one of those few... Of course it means you'll have to give up that happy home life, or that cushy job.

And so it continues

I've continued to work on this game design of mine (after having to take a few months break).

So this is just a little update (incase anyone ever decides to read this)

I have now worked out:
How players will gain and control resources.
The (many) different Special Actions that pieces can use in their combat and manoeuvring around the board.
How resources will be 'spent' to create buildings to claim territory and how they will confer bonuses to the pieces.

Missed Opportunities, Life Issues, & Adrift

I was told there was a board game convention coming soon. I could play test my game there after signing up. Bad news is at the time I was told this, the deadline for submission had already ended. Blech.

I now sent an inquiry for running a play-test event at WONDERCON. I hope something becomes of that. I just need a bit of play-testing on what the "majority" prefers so I can FINALLY kickstart the damn thing.

Remember The Basics (Long Post)

Last week was terrible for me! Work was stressing me out, I slipped on my stairs and got a huge piece of wood stuck in my hand and then the very next day, I slipped down those same stairs again and broke my thumb! Naturally I was pissed off at the world, but then something happened that totally turned my weekend around and I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Gods & Minions Updates

hey guys,
It's Tobias (Fhizban) again, with some BGDF exclusive information about Gods & Minions. As always: Please keep in mind that I am not native english speaking and that we are working on the project in our spare time (we are not a fully commercial game company).

We just updated our rulebook (you can download it for free from our website), by removing several typos and errors, as well as streamlining the rules even a bit more.


First posting

My name is Greatdevourer, a nod to my 40k days when I played the Alien Tyranids.

I have an idea for a game. A hybrid Board/Card game.

Now, I'm not expecting anything beyond a prototype for myself and others but I'm excited about it and I'm positive that with enough thought and effort, it can be impressive.

The theme is Time Travel.

Now, from the bit of research I've done, Chronoaughts is the big (only) time travel game out there right now. I haven't found any that resemble my idea... Yet.

I aim to keep it fun, simple, and humorous.

Pocket Rugby edges closer to the try line

I've had a bunch of requests for us to make a Rugby League's the most popular sport in this area and has a huge following in Queensland. I've been tinkering around with an idea for some months but had troubles figuring out gaining meters on the field.

It wasn't until last week it dawned on me not to worry about all the intricacies that Rugby League entails, and keep the game simple and fun with plenty of chances to score points.

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