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The beast is unleashed

First prototype version of the board with scoring track

So, I decided to completely give up on keeping my new game idea back, and I try to persuade myself that this will be a simple filler game that will take almost no time at all to develop, and that it will not harm my main project in any way, shape or form... We shall see what happens.

Miniatures Design Challenge Entries

Here are your contests entries for the Miniatures Design Contest at The Game Crafter:
(click here to see the official announcement which includes links to all of these games)

General Capture
Jayke Jack’s Rearview Mirror!!
Dire Spirit (contest entry)
Cosmos: Three Trains in Space
Dungeon Scoot
Don’t Get Dead!
Town Guard Basic Edition
Hatfield vs McCoy - Gold Rush
Troll Roll
Queen’s Number
The Zone
Turbulence (2 player)
Sherman’s March

Describing my baby

Test game spring 2013

I have mentioned that I have a game prototype in its third or fourth version, and I guess it's proper to describe the game itself. Although I've been working on it for a few years I've had to little time playtesting and fixing it, so the real age is not that old.

The game is called STEAMTOPIA and is placed in the underused genre steampunk/fantasy (that is, fantasy creatures combined with steampunk, if you've played the wonderful computer game Arcanum you will know what I mean).

Worked on my mathornado cards



worekd out a new layout for my game mathtornado today.

Göttingen 2013


have been to the game designer meeting in Göttingen, Germany. It is the greatest meeting in europe and about 200+ designers and 30 game companys met.

I had 3 proto games with me, Schiffe Versenken, Schnappschusssafari (Snapshotsafari) and Prom Night. I was able to let Schiffe Versenken (Battleships) being reviewed with a proto by a publisher and talked with two other companys about it.
Schnappschuss Safari was a very popular game with the visitors but I couldnt find any publisher to be content with it. I will maby work it over, a nice game.

Ready for production

My grandson and I have invented a card game for elementary, secondary, high school and even university level students. It's a fun family game as well as an educational tool. The game has been tested by numerous educational organizations including local elementary, high schools, private schools, home schooling organizations, our local board of education, toy distributors etc. The reaction to our game has been extremely favourable.

Must resist... new ideas... must not start new project...

Wow, second entry. This could be a habit...

I guess I'm not alone having much more trouble ending project (that is actually finishing stuff) than starting up new ones. My wife rarely misses an opportunity to point this out to me (as if I wasn't aware of it) and I guess I'm one of the more hopeless cases.

18 Card Wrap for Booster Packs

18-Card Wrap for Booster Packs - Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to introduce a new 18 card wrap. It will hold 18 poker cards and is ideal for booster packaging. Each wrap is full bleed, full color, and is made of thin paper. They cost $1.99, and are available now. Go download the template. Enjoy!

Note, this was a funded perk of our Indiegogo Campaign.

Shifting from Board Game Designs to Apps

Board games are usually based around accumulating some sort of object that leads to winning the game. Board games are meant to be complex and long-winded. App games are meant to be played for short periods of time at the convenience of the player. The design must change in order to fit the player's needs. Here are a few tips to creating a successful format conversion.

What is the goal of your game?

1st multi-player playtest!

4-p game of prototype at local gaming group

Since my last post until now, I have gotten in about 3 more solo playtests and made numerous small tweaks here and there.

So, this past Thursday I finally decided to bring it to my local game group for a test run. We started a 4p game and got through about 2/3 of the game. Being the first multiplayer playtest, I was able to get a better idea for balancing and timing issues that I just couldn't see by playing solo.

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