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Blurred lines (No this has nothing to do with Miley) :P

Recently I read up on someone's post about his game and someone mentioned how war games are techinically off topic at BGDF. This caused me to reflect a bit on what a wargame really is. There are games that are obviously wargames, like ASL and such games. There are other games that are obviously not a wargame, like Ticket To Ride. Then there are games that blur the lines between what is a wargame, and what is a german/euro game, miniatures, etc. An example of this is "A Few Acres of Snow," that has many seemingly Euro mechanics, but it is about war and conquest.


Well folks,

Your gonna love this. I just submitted ULTIMATE FOOTBALL to the Hippodice Game Contest. I really do not expect it to go anywhere being based upon American Football, but I also figured, "What have i got to lose".

So we will see. I was encouraged after winning KublaCon game design. And I have not run into any problems with play testing. So we will see.


New Cost Estimator for Games

New Cost Estimator at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter has replaced the outdated old cost estimator with a new version that is much more accurate. You start by going to our pricing page. Then click on the cost estimator button in the top right corner. Then you can enter quantities of cards, boards, tiles, boxes, etc. And at the bottom you’ll have the opportunity to enter the costs of any non-printed parts you want to add to your game, if any, and see a total estimate.

The official news post with screenshots is available at:

Just got done with my logo.

JackSmack Games Logo

I just spent the last couple of days working on a logo for my company JackSmack Games. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I hope to be a game publisher eventually, and publish games where people steal from and backstab each other. Hopefully this logo conveys that.

New Game Pieces and Parts Available at The Game Crafter!

New Game Pieces and Parts Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter has added a few new types of game pieces and parts today that people have asked us to add. First is the clear gem. Second is a zombie circus clown to fit in with the hordes of zombies we already have. And third is a tape measure for people looking to do miniatures games that require distance measurements. Enjoy!

Hex Game Mats Now Available at The Game Crafter

Hex Game Mats Now Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to introduce the Hex Mat. They measure 5.25” vertex to vertex or 4.5” flat side to flat side. These dimensions allow you to fit them perfectly in the Medium Pro Box. At 6 to a sheet for only $2.69, they will make great player aides or even a nice configurable game surface. Enjoy!

Competition, direct conflict, wargames, and screwage games

Hard-core gamers are much more inclined to like competition and direct conflict than are casual gamers. Part of this is because casual gamers tend to like short experiences while most games that have direct conflict are longer games, which allows that conflict to “play out”. Another might be

Classic Arcade Challenge Winner

Our judge, Peter Jackson, has determined the winner of our Classic Arcade Challenge. Here’s what he had to say:

After several long nights of play-through sessions with a small army of friends, a clear winner has emerged from The Game Crafter’s Classic Arcade contest: Galaxy Dice. It wasn’t the prettiest game in the stack—CardCraft, Burger Blitz, and Battle at the Arcade all had great art, and Global Thermonuclear War had some really evocative card designs and layout choices. It also wasn’t my favorite name, nor my favorite mechanic. But three things set GD apart: it was the only game that inspired me to download an old arcade game emulator, it was the only game that caused shouting, and it was the only game my friends asked to play again after finishing a round.

Working on a Pirate game called Sea-Dogs.

Sea-Dogs Game Board Early

So for a while now I've been working on a Pirate / Merchant game called Sea-Dogs. I have the rules for the base game completed and I'm currently working on the art and iconography for the game.

I was wondering if there are any good examples of non language dependent iconography for complex ideas such as...

"You are only able to store items of a like type here."
"You may not have more than a certain amount stored."
"Remove up to all items stored for bonus movement, per item removed."

Really Small Games

Complexity and Length vs Development Time

Recently I was designing a couple games that are so small you couldn't even call them microgames. Maybe nano-games would do? At the World Boardgaming Championships in early August I saw yet again the postcard-size wargames that "Against the Odds" magazine gives away as promotional materials. The entire game is on the postcard, board on one side, rules on the other side, 17 to 20 half inch pieces printed along the edge.

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