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Tradewars - Homeworld: Facebook Contest

Well so far we have 197 LIKES for our product page. That means that potentially we have 197 contestants interested in our Facebook Contest.

That may or may not be 100% accurate...

Just as an FYI, if any designers are interested in the Facebook Contest, feel free to LIKE our product page - and when I get to your entry, I will send you a FRIENDS invite so I can SHARE with your the information about the contest.

New game designer success story!

This is a great success story about an indie game designer named Alex Cobian. He took his game, Booty, to Gen Con in 2013 and it was picked up and eventually published by Mayfair games. We were happy to hear that he uses The Game Crafter to produce all of his prototypes. :)

We’re going to try and setup a designer interview with Alex so we can learn more about him and his journey. We’d like to offer a big congratulations to Alex on getting his game published and for being featured in this article. Great job!

Full article at:

Pocket Sports Basketball - How to play video

Yes my first attempt at a How To Play video.

I'll get better but it does the job :)

Check it

The Objective

HF components copy.jpg

Objective: To be the player with the most valuable Christmas through buying and selling gifts & gift savings bonds, businesses, stockings, lights & ornaments, and collecting cash for when the game ends on Christmas.

The Theme

HF Board copy.jpg

Set the Stage: The holiday season is here and the Bigwigs have caught an abominable case of Holiday Fever. Their madness is exposed to their cronies at the Banks who begin touting a new marketing revolution, they call “A FAMILY TRADITION” which guarantees consumer spending will skyrocket this holiday season.
The government is lobbied and signs into law that individuals can be “Too Big to Fail”. Rumors spread that you don’t need to pay off your Credit Card if you can spend its limit. The media twists the epidemic into a challenge and storm the public with headlines...


I want to thank the designers who have glanced at my game and reponded privately (or publicly like polyobsessive did in my looking for playtesters forum post).

I am looking for input from other designers as well as trying to locate playtesters.

Holiday Fever a Family Tradition

Holiday Fever a Family Tradition

Please help me play test and develop the rules to my first board game Holiday Fever a Family Tradition. I will send you the rules in PDF format and I am willing to ship Holiday Fever (in USA only) to you for blind play testing. The prototype is professionally made by Board Game Manufacturing, LLC. Any advice and comments on any aspect of game development is humbly welcome. Thank you for your time.

Very Respectfully


Pocket Sports Formula 1 dice game


Working on artwork for cards and have the four 'base' team cards done.

Still some icon work, tracks and playtesting to do

rondel design rpg style

Hi everyone,

Monster Keep: Baiting the game!

As I mentioned in the other Blog entry, I have *sort of* playtested the game. And I immediately had an idea once I did that playtest:

  • A POT to collect all tokens!

Since each player has 12 cards, 1 card never gets used (during a game). But I have found a USE for this card. At the beginning of each round, each player choose the bottom card and reveals it.

That's the amount of point that determines who wins the POT! The player(s) with the LOWEST level (can have multiple winners) each earn points from the POT.

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