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Tradewars - Homeworld: Missions revisited!

I have been struggling about the Planetary Expansion and what needs to be a part of the CORE game (First Edition).

Massive improvements to Crowd Sales!

The Game Crafter - Crowd Sales 2.0

The Game Crafter has just released a massive upgrade to the crowd sales system in preparation for releasing it to everyone to use. We’ve completely revamped the layout.

Some of the feedback we got about the original crowd sales system was that the page looked too much like a regular shop page, that it was boring, and/or that it needed to look more like a crowd funding page. We’ve done our best to assimilate all of that feedback and create a new more exciting look. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Art is coming together for Splat and Stuff the Universe....

Samples of STU below:

Introduction to the Chip Shop Board Game

As I have just started this blog on BGDF, but have an archive of posts on my own blog, I thought I would start with an introductory video I made.

Simplified Checkout

The Game Crafter - Simplified Checkout!

The Game Crafter has completely revamped the checkout process to make it smaller, faster, and simpler. Just 2 simple steps. Start by selecting a shipping address. Finish by verifying your order and choosing a payment option.

It looks similar, but less cluttered. More importantly, average checkout times are 300% faster, with less typing and fewer clicks. We’ve also updated the entire site to be speedier with payments. Everything from paying for BOFs to buying crafter points is faster and less cluttered. Enjoy!

Tradewars - Homeworld: New beginings!

Well I took the plunge and decided to hire a writer to write the storyline behind the game. I had made an attempt - but I decided that the storyline was not what I really wanted. I wanted more political intrigue and socio-economic sabotage... A more mature content for an older crowd.

The intention was to add a storyline that could be enjoyed by a mature game crowd such as 18+ years of age. Something with some true depth (I'm not good enough of a Science Fiction writer).

Winner of Sprue Challenge Announced!

The Sprue Challenge has officially drawn to a close, and our judge, Jason Glover, has chosen a winner: Reign Makers. Jason also said that it was an incredibly tough challenge to judge, and that LEADERS of _______ was the runner up.

Improved Shrink Wrapping at The Game Crafter!


Good news! The Game Crafter has upgraded the process for shrink wrapping tuck boxes. It comes out much more clear and seamless now, and is slightly more durable as well. This is a free upgrade! Enjoy.

Tradewars - Homeworld: NEW The Derelict scenario

For a long time there has been a "disliking" of my solitary scenario for "Tradewars - Homeworld" (TWHW). First of all, the scenario is hard to play until you figure out how to beat it - and then it simply becomes a matter of time until you win the scenario.

I don't like it.

And so I began searching for AI mechanics (for another reason altogether). This had to do with the "United Trade Cartel" scenario for the Privateer expansion. I wanted a level of AI that made it that an AI player could play against the player - and have some form of AI that manages the scenario.

Very excited

I was approached by Space Tavern Games to be on their podcast.

Uber excited about this as I know it'll help the buzz about the games.

-Tumblr Entry below-

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