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Kingdoms of Immacus: Card Game Progress Report 4/04/16-4/10/16

This week was really busy with life events, including my brother’s wedding, so I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be. I was able to finish the changes to the follower card and the changes to the principality card. I’m more or less happy with the way the changes look, and I will need to see how they play out in a play test session. I also started completing the blue cards, and all that is left are the buildings, which should be done early in the week. Hopefully, I will finish the blue set, print, cut, and get to a playtest this next week.

It starts again


Thoughts on the artwork....a step away from the other PS sports cards.

Full bleed, artistic style artwork. Like it?

Tradewars - Homeworld: Mega Marathon

Well I just completed what to me SEEMS like a "Mega Marathon"! I just edited about twenty nine (29) cards for the PRE-Release version of "Tradewars - Homeworld". I added all the NEW artwork from the last batch that have been finalized and created all the The Game Crafter (TGC) cards with the correct bleed. It's quite the process:

  1. First I need to scale the original artwork to 2.5" in width and make sure there is more than 2.0" in height allowance.
  2. I then need to apply a mask region to the image so that it fits correctly on the card.

Boardgame Journey

I created a common old-fashion style board game which seems no one is looking to market anymore with technology the way it is. My game is unique enough I believe, and has appeal and variety for many types of players. I designed a prototype board on paper with special tokens, custom dice, and drafted the rules, strategy tips, and short instructions. I have submitted it to three or four different places and have been politely let down by each one saying it wasn't their type of game, or not wild or crazy enough or lacked a theme.

Boston Festival of Indie Games - Now Accepting Tabletop Showcase Submissions

BFIG has opened up their tabletop showcase submissions! Their big event will take place on September 10th, and submissions for their judged showcase are open now through April 30th. Submissions cost $25. Full details can be found here:

My current project description :)

For the time being I am done with copyright and trademark talks. Until those are finalized I won't be able to talk about the "theme" or artwork. However, everything else is fair game :) Talks have gone pretty well so far.

To start with there are two alternative ways to play the game. One way is basically a race to finish. The main way to play the game involves factions.

Kingdoms of Immacus: Game Logo Complete

So the logo is done and I ain't gonna lie and say it wasn't an exercise of frustration. I obsessed over every detail and trashed progress several times. I'm not a font designer, that's an art in and of itself, but I powered through it, and I'm happy with the final results. I opted to finish the logo early on in the development of the game as it gives people some visual idea of things to come, and it allows me to make tweaks over the course of development. What looks good to me now may not six months out.

New Rugby v.3 kicks off


My distributor in the UK took receipt of their new games earlier than I did!

All due to Customs moving slowy to clear the goods on my end. Nevertheless, I got a good pic from the UK on how the game is laid out!

This has delayed pre-orders going out by a number of days, but rest assured the games are made, finished and sitting on a dock an hour away from me :)

Kingdoms of Immacus: Card Game Progress Report 3/27/16-4/3/16

So I finally finished the logo. Yay! I’ll make a post about it later, but I am very happy with the way it came out though it took much longer than anticipated. That’s primarily because I obsessed over every detail and didn’t use any of the elements from the old board game logo. One of the goals with finishing the logo early on is it allows me some distance from it through this process of creating the game to come back to it and make tweaks or add further details like a texture overlay. I’m happy with it the way it is currently, but who knows how I’ll feel six months out.

Current update and other details


1: This morning I finally hand colored in the prototype cave playmat.

2: Sword Weapon Skill Technique list has 17 empty spots left to fill in.

3: Dagger/Fan is still in the works. 50% complete.

4: There are 7 Weapon Skill Technique decks and lists to complete.

Today I started coming up with pre-concept for new location playmats.

1: Waterfall.
2: Colosseum Arena with different designs located in different parts of the TriiDorium World of Dymino Monsters.

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