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Tradewars - Homeworld: Various Roles

One thing that I have been thinking about are certain in-game roles that are *less* used. Specifically there are three (3) roles that seem to be superfluous in a two (2) player dual.

The three (3) roles are:

1. Chancellor
2. Engineer
3. Soldier

Let's examine each one of these roles to de-mystify them...

1. Chancellor

Tradewars - Homeworld: Card corrections

So I just started to make the TGC product for the Prototype #8 corrections. These are not mistakes but the addition of the *unlocking* rules for starships in the various scenarios. In total ten (10) cards will be affected. The pricing for the correction of all four (4) prototypes is about $6.00 + Shipping.

Not too bad.

Gods & Minions: Pricing & Distribution Scheme


As the core set of Gods & Minions (our card based game of fantasy warfare) is slowly taking shape, we where able to estimate the sets/expansion sizes and their prices. So, in our todays blog entry we deal with pricing and distribution scheme. If you plan to get a copy of Gods & Minions, reading this article is highly recommended.

January 2014 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

Announcing Bloodrush!

Bloodrush is a Tactical Role-Playing Racing Board Game for 2-8 players. Each race is expected to last between 30 to 45 minutes. Players take charge of a racing team from the four factions of Gaia [Earth], Sons of Char [Fire], Stormriders [Wind], The Forgotten [Water].

The Game Crafter's "Village in a Box" Kickstarter Experiment is now live!

Village in a Box - Kickstarter Experiment by The Game Crafter

The Village in a Box kickstarter is now live and already funded in just 2 hours! We’re trying a little experiment by bundling a bunch of games together for this project. Visit the Kickstarter page to learn how you can support up to 8 different indie board game designers!

Tradewars - Homeworld: Playtesting (3x)

Today I engaged in a two (2) person playtest of the version 8 prototype of "Tradewars - Homeworld". Obviously since this game has been playtested quite a few times, each time I learn a *lesson* and take away a small but important *minor correction* that needs to apply to the game.

New Payout System, Designer Associates & Tax Information


The IRS is now requiring The Game Crafter to collect tax information from our US-based game designers so that we can send you an IRS 1099 form at the end of the year on whatever income you earn over the course of the year. We’ve built that into our new payment system and added a new feature for game designers!

Click here to read the official news announcement with screenshots or read the text-only announcement below.

Gods & Minions: The new year brings a new template


Another blogpost was added to the Gods & Minions homepage:

In this article we are going into detail about the brand new template that will be used for the cards in our game. It is the third revision of the template already, and now considered to be the final version.

The various icons and symbols are described as well as the keywords found in the rules text and how they all work together.

You can read the full article here:

A survey about preferred topics for game- (usually game design-) related online classes

After writing a book about game design ("Game Design", McFarland, 2012), I've been spending a lot of time creating online audiovisual classes, as that seems to be where people want to go to learn. This survey at Surveymonkey will guide where I go next.

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