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Pizza Pieces - New Name and Artwork

Pizza Pieces Components

Update to Piece of Pie

Some artwork to go with the idea along with a change of theme and name.

I'm guessing the playtesting will throw up the need for a few more dice to spice things up. Therefore, the outline now features three dice colours along with three pizza categories and 12 dice in total.

Instead of using lots of expensive dice I propose to include pizza counters that can be used to record each round of rolling. These card tokens should make it easy to keep a visual track of past rolls.

Piece Of Pie


Some quick cobbled together images for the idea that originated in my reply to the Dice Pie post.

Observations about changes in game distribution (and publishing)

At GenCon I attended several seminars about game publishing and game distribution. I’m not intending to self publish games, though I will self-publish some books, but I am interested in distribution in connection with selecting a publisher for the new edition of Britannia. A designer negotiating contracts needs to know how games are sold. So I’m not an expert about this compared with an experienced publisher. But I think I can tell you enough to make this interesting. I knew most of this before I went to GenCon but still we can call it “what I learned about game distribution and publishing at GenCon”.

Small success

I've been pretty much a lurker for a long while although I have been a member since the "old" site and used to post more frequently there. Having actually achieved something tonight I felt like posting something for a change.

How to be taken seriously by publishers (more cautionary advice)

After “Seven Years and a Million Dollars” I want to talk about how you, as an aspiring hobby tabletop game publisher, can help yourself to be taken seriously by game publishers. While you’re important to your self, your family, and your friends, to a game publisher you’re no different than hundreds of other people who think they have games worth publishing, most of whom are wrong.

Pocket Sports - dice games and breaking into the industry

No better place than here to start a blog

I'm an Aussie games designer, or have become one after releasing Pocket Cricket. It's a cool little cricket game that uses dice to play a quick One Day cricket match. I'd never aspired to be in the boardgames business or thought I coul d be a games designer - that label just sort of comes if you publish something I guess.

Comparing this year’s game conventions

This is not a “convention report,” because I don’t care about many of the events at conventions such as the Origins Awards, and I didn’t bother to attend the really big D&D Next event at GenCon, and I don’t much care about the latest new games. I’m interested in certain aspects of things and that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Generalization about four conventions: GenCon is a story convention - not just story in games. WBC and PrezCon are wargame cons. Origins is a non-story, mostly non-wargame, game con.

"Seven years and a million dollars"

Here's the kind of really sad story you can hear sometimes from novice designers. At one of the game design/game publishing seminars at GenCon, right at the end, someone raised his hand and said he and a group of friends had been working on a game for seven years, and it was a great game, and they had spent over seven years and a million dollars developing it including paying Marvel comic artists to do the art; and how could he get to talk to Fantasy Flight Games about it? The three panelists were taken aback – if I wrote in contemporary style I would say they were "stunned" – and said nothing for a moment.



TRADING PAINT – a Dice-Car Race

"Bumpers are for bumping." - Dale Earnhardt

2nd solo playtest

Tonight I attempted to test my new deck builder with my 6yr old son, but he had a bad attitude and I had to abort the attempt. Instead, I waited for him to go to bed and tested it solo again.

I noticed some minor tweaks needed to be made, some things needed to be further clarified in the rules, and some costs needed to be adjusted. Overall, the game really works which is amazing after only 2 playtests! I am really excited to try this with actual players. I am most interested to see what kinds of interaction the game has (as there is definitely some built in) that I can't test solo.

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