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First look into Osprey's 'In Her Majesty's Name'

We received an advanced copy of the new Steampunk skirmish game from Osprey entitled "In Her Majesty's Name". I managed to skim over it during work.

Word-a-bout progress

I've finally sorted out exactly what each of the 90 cards will have on them. Also, regarding the design, it seems to be that CRAFT (chalkboard card back) is running away as the favourite choice. Thanks to all that have voted and voiced their opinions.

I'm at a little bit of a stand still regarding the buy-a-letter chips/tokens. I've come down to 2 simple solutions:

  • Have matte board w/art printed on both sides, or
  • plastic chips with just a yellow star imprinted on it

Testing issues

Testing is going well. Not many bumps. The only problem with using graph paper for the units and buildings is that they can be knocked off its position on the grid very easily. Would card stock work better? Any suggestions on final out come? Cardboard? Foam? Plastic?

Map Builder Game Design Challenge Finalists

Our guest judge, Mark Major, has decided upon his list of finalists for The Game Crafter Map Builder Design Challenge. They are, in no particular order, as follows:

Not having money/knowledge left my game in the dust.

So, Wolsung has been out. The system is interesting.
Empire of the Dead came out. Lame rules but close to my asthetic.
Dystopian Legions came out and I'm rather flustered now. Seems like they just altered the dice mechanic I first made for my game.
Osprey is releasing In Her Majesty's Name and now I'm furious.

First one to the patent house is the real deal. Everyone else are just copiers.



The new board is in place and I'm creating the units to go with it. The grid squares are going to be a half an inch by a half an inch. The board is about 1 and a half foot by 2. This will change or fluctuate depending on how gameplay goes. The only thing I'm still struggling with is the amount of chance presented in the game.

Working on board and unit size

Today I've been cracking away at creating a small enough board that can support an RTS type game (if you've been following my process). It's going to be two player but four play can be possible. I'm thinking that the board will be a grid on some sort of playing field with graphics (grass, mud, dirt etc.) my question is what would be a good size for each grid square to support around 15 buildings per player and several units?

Decisions, decisions...

I think I will be creating a board for my RTS board game. Should I make it four player? Check out my other blog post which has the mechanics of the game and let me know!

Where I am at

I figured I would post this on my blog as well...

This week I have put together a greatly collaborated RTS board game (without a board). It is very easy to get the hang of and requires a lot of attention and strategic planning.

Playtest 3/11/2013

Link with pictures:

Text only:

3/11/2013 PLAY TEST

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