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A very interesting site, one with much board gaming potential.

3D Printer Technology

I ran across the following article, today, so it's not new "news," but since it deals with the possibility of Staples providing 3D printer services to the public in the future, this might greatly facilitate board game designers who operate on a budget.

The Game Crafter Launches A New Website!

The Game Crafter is proud to announce a brand new website!

The Game Crafter is proud to announce the release of a new website! This was a complete overhaul and the design was created with the feedback and advice of hundreds of people in the community. The new design simplifies the process of making a game by streamlining the user interface and adding helpful new features. Game designers who self-publish their game on the site will appreciate the new ways that they can showcase their products to potential customers.

Visit the brand new website for The Game Crafter at

Gimmicky Mechanic/Cool Theme Mashups

So lately I've been thinking about how some classic games with *gimmicky* mechanics could be used for something more thematic-possibly borrowing from an already established theme or game system. One example can be found in a forum topic I posted about using the 'Jumpin' Monkeys' mechanic for an area control game. I never really fleshed the idea out but hopefully you get the idea.

PNP - Rock Paper Scissors BANG!

Hi all,

I'm taking the plunge at PNP with my first game that I'm looking to publish. It's a simple tile laying game for 2-players, ages 7+. Takes about 10 minutes to play.

Looking for blind testing here, so please if you can find the time to print out the board, pieces* and instructions from the PDF attached and play it a few times and give me feedback, I'd really appreciate it.

Even just comments about whether you could follow the instructions.

It's yet to be shown to any other designers (going to a playtest meet on Sunday) only friends..

February 2013 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

BGDF readers might want to look at "What's in a Name (especially trademarks) For various reasons I haven't wanted to post it here.

I expect to be at PrezCon in Charlottesville, VA on the last weekend of Feburary, and at WBC in Lancaster PA. Remains to be seen whether I'll be at Origins or GenCon.

Sizes of new miniatures at The Game Crafter

Miniatures, Game Parts, and Game Pieces at The Game Crafter

Now that we have a fairly large stock of miniatures, many of you have been asking what the relative size of them is compared to one another. We do have all the sizing information in the part shop, but sometimes it’s easier to visually compare them. Enjoy!

Board for Steve


Adventurer Miniatures Available at The Game Crafter

Adventurer Miniatures Now Available at The Game Crafter

Your role playing games are about to get much cooler with the addition of these new adventurer miniatures. You finally have something to fight the orc hordes with.

Casual Games and Action Play

Ivan the Hun from Get Blue! the game

Hey all,
One of the reasons I'm a board game enthusiast is because gaming gives me a chance for some authentic human interaction.

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