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Pricing Changes

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

It has been our pleasure to be your game manufacturer over the past nearly 5 years. We want to support you in everything we do. We’re constantly refining our processes, upgrading our raw materials, and equipment, and as a result our costs increase. After careful analysis we found we’ve been losing money on several items. In order to stay in business for another five years, we unfortunately find ourselves in the difficult position of raising prices on some of our printed components.

Champion of the Small Designer

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter got into this business to help the small designer realize his or her dreams. We’ve been working hard over the last 6 months to introduce new bulk and crowd funding features that provide great discounts, save time, and are genuinely useful to designers.

Monster Keep - Baiting the Keep

I have a pretty good idea on how the "bait" mechanic will work. It's pretty simple and it goes something like this:

  • Each Hero has a Dexterity which gives him the number of rooms he can move through on his turn.
  • If a NEW tile needs to be placed in order to move, the Hero must roll the custom dice: 3x blank, 1 Event, 1 Encounter and 1 Relic.
  • If the roll is NOT a blank, the Hero must STOP in that room - even if he still has remaining moves.

The two (2) types of occurrences each have a "bait" meaning also:

Imperial Court - The game of influence

Imperial Court test cards

Working name - Imperial Court
Category - Card game, medieval, trumping, deduction, manipulation
No. of players - 2 to 4
Playing time - Up to 20 minutes
Suggested ages - 7 and up
Languages - English (with proposed French, Spanish, Chinese)

Introducing Community Auctions

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve built a new auction system that we’ll use to auction off specialty items, rewards, and services from time to time. However, these aren’t regular auctions, in these auctions you’ll be bidding with Crafter Points.

Introducing Market Based Pricing

Market Based Pricing on Game Pieces at The Game Crafter

When it comes to all of the game pieces we stock at The Game Crafter, many of our suppliers vary their prices every time we order. Sometimes the prices go up due to material cost increase. Other times the prices will go down because we’re now ordering in larger volume. Because these prices are so volatile, we needed to update our system to reflect those changes more easily. The result is market based pricing.

Another idea from my past

I remember all the cards from ccg's, LCG's and just plain card games that were never used due to building a "killer" deck.

So years ago I developed what was termed the "Generic" card game

The basic rules are simple:
Add the number of basic colors (not shades) to any numbers printed on the card and that is the cards strength.

Play with "war" rules, highest card wins, one with most tricks taken when you run out of cards is the winner.

The advanced rules require a calculator and creativity.

black x1 number total
brown x2
red x3
orange x4
yellow x5
green x6
blue x7

Too Many Ideas

On the way to work today I was thinking about a failed concept from two years ago. For some reason this sparked an idea for a game with a similar theme but totally different mechanics and goals.

This new idea has potential and since it’s fresh my mind I’m driven to work on it. The problem is it will be taking time away from a big project H.M.S. Victory; I should be trying to get it ready for Origins. There is plenty of fine-tuning to do before I show it to publishers.

With Origins 7 weeks off I need to stay focused and get it done. The other can wait until after the show.

Game-A-Week: Storm Clouds

This week on Game a Week we have a simple abstract strategy game called Storm Clouds.

A mix of checkers and Go, in Storm Clouds you play as a storm front attempting to take over a region. Be the last player with any storm tokens on the board to win.
It is meant for two to three players, but could support up to six.

Not my most polished game design, but what I could come up with in the week's time frame.

A blast from the past: Monkey Quest

Some 20 years ago or so I grew up playing HeroQuest as well as Space Crusade. The German name of the latter has been StarQuest (because .. HeroQuest, you know?)
I also played a lot with Lego's pirate line.
My brother (9 years older than me), a friend of mine and I developed "Monkey Quest" in that time.
Monkey Quest has been a little bit like Space Crusade goes Lego-Carribean:

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