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Tradewars - Homeworld: The age of diplomacy

Well I wanted to take some "notes" about some of the "meta game" ideas that may be used during a game with the "Chancellor" role.

Types of Treaties:

Here are the different types of treaties.



  • I am the Chancellor, let us all draw +1 card: simple enough, just a way of introducing the "meta game" to the game itself...
  • Non-agression Pact: the allies will stick together and destroy the first player who goes on the offensive.
  • Mission treaties: on a per mission basis make deals to barter up help to

  • Tradewars - Homeworld: What's new???

    I actively use this forum to blog and keep thoughts of mine concerning some of my Works-In-Progress (WIP). Specifically the WIP I am talking about today is "Tradewars - Homeworld". I have posted several updates and wanted to make a sort of a reminder where the game is and what is NEW with this game.

    I know, the game is not published, how can there be things that are NEW?!?! Well what I mean is the changes between the different rounds of testing.

    Why Do We Crowd Fund?

    The Game Crafter - Why do we crowd fund?

    The Game Crafter's CEO, JT Smith, discusses why TGC crowd funds board games, beyond the obvious reasons. Check out the video at

    Also, Parkies launched on Kickstarter yesterday and funded in just 15 hours! Parkies is a bidding and building game for 2 to 5 players. The game comes with more than 60 unique attractions. However, in Parkies your goal is to not only build an incredible theme park filled with amazing attractions, but you must also attract the parkies.

    Broke the game!

    Example of Play.jpg

    Every playtest has been great. I little change here and there...

    That is, until my friends got it on Saturday. With no restrictions, taking all armor and all weapons, they broke the game in twain. I was a bit disheartened, especially since we played a full game, took 2 hours, and half of them weren't having fun. I had to document this here since it is valuable information and allowed me to further refine the game through card restriction and retooling cards.

    Max 5 copies of a card. Max 8 defense cards.

    The Game Crafter now makes a Large Retail Game Box!

    The Game Crafter - Large Retail Game Box

    The Large Retail Box is now available from The Game Crafter. It is a double-walled 60pt chipboard box, that's fully printed on all sides. It measures 11.75″ x 9.125″ x 2″ and is large enough to hold a couple of quad fold boards, hundreds of cards, a manual, and lots of game pieces. In other words, it can hold even your largest game designs. Not only that, but this box is designed to feel good and look good on a retailer shelf. It is our most shelfworthy box to date. Enjoy!

    To a hammer...

    I make games. I now make games with two other people. We make games in our own company, Rattlebox Games.
    I think making games is great. A position I think that I feel more strongly about than Tony does about his beloved flakes.
    Here's the thing, (to whatever extent it is a thing) now that I am two plus games into this endeavor with my accomplices... everything look like a game.
    My daughters slang, a trip to the store, yard work, choosing a game to play... everything.
    That is all fine and well, but I have work to do on the three games that we are getting ready right now.

    To dice or not to dice?

    Dice games seem to be popular nowadays. Games like Quarriers, Dice Masters, Imperial Assault, and King of Tokyo use dice as their primary driving force and it works well.

    But I'm starting to see more and more push for dice in indie games. But is the push for more dice games the best for your game? Does your game need customized dice? A game can have sufficient randomization without the use of dice.

    Here's some creative ways to go around using dice.

    Free-For-All Dungeon Brawl

    So in lieu of working on Tile Pile, I've created a new game. No name yet, so it's the title of this entry for now.

    You play as 1 of 8 RPG classes, each with their own deck of abilities. Players make 20 card decks made up of their ability cards, and weapon, armor, shield, and item cards. Once finished, players place a miniature in a 5x1 board which makes up the dungeon.

    Players draw 5 cards on their turn. Any cards they have in their hand at the start of their next turn are discarded. You have the option to keep one and draw to max hand size.

    Three years in the making

    If you look back through my posts you'll see several about my co-op game for 3 to 7 players;H.M.S. Victory. It's been three years in the making gone through numerous iterations and countless playtests. Its now scheduled to be released at Gencon Indy 2015 by my friends at Mayfair games. It even getting used as the big charity event on Saturday evening! Gen Con Event Code: BGM1582089.

    You won't find a listing for H.M.S. Victory on Board Game Geek but you will find this.

    Ice Ice Baby - Hockey is confirmed for release

    Ice Hockey has been confirmed as one of the new Pocket Sports games currently scheduled for August release. It joins Cycling and Gridiron (which will probably be called Football to please the Nth American market) as the three new games that include cards.

    Believe it or not, Ice Hockey was first planned for release back in 2013, after Aussie Rules. It has been sitting patiently while other titles made their way to the front of the production line, and I can confidently say the wait has improved the game.

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