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Progress on deck-building game

I have spent a tremendous amount of time in the last month working on this game and I already have a working prototype and a solo playtest in the bag. From the solo playtest, I have a good idea of what I want to change/improve for the first 2p test.

Working name "Legendaria"

Lines of Fire: Fixing the Hex Board

Lines of Fire: Dead End

Lines of Fire is my first board game design done as an adult. I used to make some simple board games as a kid, but haven't done it for almost 20 years. I've posted about the game on the forums:

I've had quite a few play tests so far, some by myself, some with other local players. Only in a very recent play tests did a big problem with one of the board layouts come out. There's a hex board and a square board.

Stock Market Game Rules and Card files

Goal: To have the most Money at the end of the game.
• Place out the piles for all the Money cards ($1, $5, $10, $50, $100, $500, $2K).
• Place out 10 different Shares piles, including Milk and Tech.
• Place the Event deck, and mark out a location for its discard, and the Boom /Bust spot (see below).
• Each player takes 8 $1 and 2 Milk shares, shuffling them together; this forms their deck, face down.
• Each player draws 5 cards from their deck, holding them in their hand; this is their hand.
• A player is chosen to go first.

Update for EvilColSanders


Some history about my latest game "Everdark"

I wish to write some history about my latest project called: "Everdark"

Everdark is a simple boardgame idea where you and other players arrive to a town called Everdark which is said to be fested with monsters. Monsters like vampires, zombies, werewolfs and ghosts.

Your mission here is to face one of the monsters to take "proof" monsters are real and then find the emergency flair and run as fast you can to the middle of the board.

But back to the HISTORYYYYY ;)

Creating a Blog to help me organize things :V

Alright BGDF, it's midnight and I got no clue what I'm doing.

I'm gonna list all the things I want WARGAME to be able to do, and check off what I've equipped it with so far.

I'll organize them by personal importance until I find a better way.

1.) That the game is fun. If this isn't the top priority, then there is nothing I can do to make the game better. More fun = better game, there is no possible other way to measure this in my opinion.

Choosing a title for a game design book

My author copies of my book, “Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish", arrived today - it was printed a little early. I don't know when it will reach pre-order folks. .

So it's a good time for the following:

As with game titles, book titles are determined by the publisher, not by the author. All things marketing are the province of the publisher and the title is part of marketing. So the author or designer can suggest titles but he or she does not have the final say.

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - The Second Edition

So it's been months of playing around with various game ideas and game mechanics. It almost feels like an entire year! We have made a complete overhaul of Quest. The First Edition, with all it's quirks and oddities, is soon to be a matter of the past.

The Second Edition of Quest AC is rather elegant...

We listened to our players and we hope to come out with a more solid product. So here is what is new:

Being a good listener

Many years ago as I was part of the questioning panel in on a job interview for a computer support position, a candidate was asked a typical question: what are the three most important characteristics for this job and how do you rate in those characteristics? This first reply was “I’m a good listener”.

Possibly the Final Card Revision before cleanup.

Card Design 5

Out of the "Dual Card" images spawned THIS image.

Complete revamp of card in 300dpi to allow for proper printing.
Card size adjusted to 2.5"x3.5".
The middle bar is now an actual "bar" or plate (whoever you look at it).
With the bar change, the Cogometers (health bar) can be placed together.
The Cost symbol is currently a coin... or some semblance of one....

Let me know what you think.

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