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Very early findings

After a pretty short but intensive testing session last night I have some early pointers as to what works and what doesn't. Results are:

Shooting is as dominant as I expected.

Movement and positioning are vital, and decisions between moving and shooting can be very difficult in the case of support weapons, however, a good shooting unit that's found some solid cover can be a serious problem for it's opponent.

Puerto Diablo, getting ready for kickstart in september

Hello there,

Yes... another pirate game, but there is much more. The game plays in 1663 and focuses on trade, war, science, religion etc.

The game is ready, we now need to focus on the financial side: kickstarter.

Please take a look at our site (bonus, a photo of me as pirate) and comment. Could be game specific, but also if there are things that we should add to the site.

At the moment our facebook page is only in dutch. You can like us nevertheless ;-)


The game will be available in English!

ADLi and FanExpo 2014

What has ADLi been up to this month of June? Well, let's see. Fan Expo Canada is coming up in August and there is still a lot to be done with regards to play testing and planning. Planning, penciling, prototyping. Memorizing, multiplying, modifying. Sketching, scrutinizing, scrapping. Talking, testing, tracking... and more tracking, and more tracking. It takes more time than one thinks and game design isn't the only thing I do creatively. It's a hobby, yes, but it's a labour of love that I would like to see reach market potential. I'm not ready to go full steam on game design ... yet.

An overview of 2014 for me and game design

I really need to get on this. Been so busy updating Facebook and apparently NOTHING else, I should provide an überview of everything since the end of 2013. Here goes...

January 2014:
New Year greetings and the like. Some ambitious goals for ideas lightly strewn throughout. All was quiet.

February 2014:

Ruinstorm // hive wars - A table-top card driven miniatures skirmish game

I've been toying with game design for a while as an amateur. My interests are primarily abstract strategy and war-games. I know that probably puts me at the unfashionable end of the board game spectrum, but that's what I like.

How Turbulence Came To Be

You probably know by now that Turbulence is part of The Captain Is Dead kickstarter. We asked Turbulence’s designer Andrew Enslow to tell us a little about himself and why he designed it. Here’s what he had to say:

I am an undergraduate mechanical engineer in California. I grew up on Star Wars Epic Duels, Risk and monopoly. It wasn’t until 2012 that I began expanding to all sorts of board games with my friends. From there it was a short leap to making a few of my own, which they all graciously helped me play test.

Triptych III

Three separate topics: "Enslaved by technology", Game Design: Understanding Why, and:

Must tabletop wargames only be just as the
grognards want them to be?

Better Bulk Pricing For Small Campaigns

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter has always been the champion of the small game designer, and we want to further that today by offering bulk pricing that matches the kinds of orders created for crowd funding campaigns and conventions. So rather than give you our best pricing at 400 or 500 copies, we’re offering our best pricing at 250 copies now! And as always, you can start accruing discounts at just 25 copies!

The Captain Is Dead is finally here!

The Captain is Dead - Now on Kickstarter!

Tonight at 6pm US Central time, The Game Crafter is launching its second Kickstarter campaign. The Captain Is Dead. As with our last campaign, we have decided to do another bundle, this time with 3 large games rather than 8 tiny games. You get 3 big games for $99, including shipping! But if you don’t want the big bundle, you can back just one or two of the games as well.

Live chat tonight with Phil Kilcrease about 5th Street Game Design Challenge!

Tonight at 8pm US Central time chat with Phil, the owner of 5th Street Games and sponsor of our new contest, The 5th Street Challenge. Join us in The Game Crafter Chatroom tonight to get all your questions answered about the new contest, Phil, 5th Street Games, and the meaning of the universe.

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