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Conquistador Games offers "The Best Damn Metal Gaming Coins Ever"

COLUMBUS, OH - August 30, 2013. Conquistador Games, which in 2012 produced popular metal doubloon gaming coins, is now offering a new series of modular gaming coins custom-designed for many themes.

My Take On Sentinels of the Multiverse

Sentenels of the Multiverse

I've got a tabletop gaming community in my region that has been small but steady and slowly growing, especially in recent years. I participated this past Wednesday in one of the many gaming meetups and played a couple games of Sentinels of the Multiverse, a co-op comic book styled card game.

Dancing between Ideas

Hey BGDF world,

Right now I have lots of ideas in my head for games, and this is my first time attempting to actually get one all the way into small-scale production. Right now it's all still at the theoretical stage, with no prototype yet.

I'm hoping to make a game that incorporates these aspects: Co-operative play (though traitor aspect intrigues me), Hand and Resource Management, and perhaps a sort of "crawling" aspect as you progress from room to room or situation to situation, but that part is less certain.

Themes I have thought of so far are these:



Time and time again, I tried to develop a card game with intense player combat. Each attempt failed. Combat is hard to craft. Seedlings is a huge departure from my previous designs and I couldn't be more pleased.

Seedlings is a 2 - 4 player game where you try to grow a flower on each of your garden's spaces in order to win.

Each player's garden consists of seven spaces. It's constructed with hexagons- one in the middle and six others surrounding it. The middle space space starts with a flower and you start the game with six seedlings.


Had an idea for a card/resource management game yesterday. Kind of Settlers meets Flux - it's important to track what other players are collecting resource-wise as you can then predict which cards they power, and some of the cards are quite game changing. There's three decks - common, uncommon and rare - and cards in one deck when fuelled help you get cards in a rarer deck. Anyhow work in progress here-

Deconstructing Theme to Determine Mechanics

One of the things I mentioned in my first post is that I had started to develop a board game called The Heist. As I was working on it I had decided to use a mechanic that I enjoy in other games such as Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, where you move around a location using AP and perform roles as stated on cards. The issue I found was that I had started with a mechanic and attempted to create a game around it, this resulted in having created a game more akin to 'The Robbery' rather than 'The Heist'. I scrapped the game and started anew, with a different focus.

To Be Emperor - card game (Missions 2)

My next play test session is coming up and I'm going to try something new with missions.

Dog and Puppy Miniatures Now Available at The Game Crafter

Dog Puppies Game Pieces Miniatures Available at The Game Crafter

People love their puppies as much as they love their family (sometimes more), so The Game Crafter is pleased to add a selection of dog and puppy miniatures to our game parts shop! They cost 70 cents each, and would make a great addition to your next game.

To Be Emperor - card game (Missions)

The central means of action during a player's turn is the mission.

GenCon (and WBC) 2013

If you've never been to GenCon you might not realize the scope of the convention. Last year there were more than 40,000 attendees and I suspect yet more this year. The convention is spread out over the Indiana Convention Center, which is very large - immensely larger than Origins' Columbus Convention Center - and *eight* large hotels. The convention is not just about tabletop games, but also has a little bit of video games and a lot of anime, film, cosplay, comics, fiction writing - that's a big segment - and other cultures related to the gaming culture.

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