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Crystal Heroes - Expansion #2

Here is the second four (4) set of expansion cards.

Crystal Heroes - Expansion #1

Here is the first four (4) set of expansion cards.

Pocket Sports Dungeon Crawl? I should probably scratch that first part, but I'll be mimicking the successful dice system over to a pocket sized 1 - 4 player dungeon crawler.

How the heck is that going to work?

I've got the base worked out. It'll be in a similar vein to our other (Pocket Sports) games, but fantasy based, 4 character cards with health/att/def tracks, 4 random creature generator cards (Levels 1-4 difficulty), 6-8 custom dice, instructions & 'quest' map.

Dotacular WIP

Hello everyone, Tbone here bringing you another one of my ideas. I've been bit by the publishing bug and want to pursue getting my first game published by Game Crafter. I know, not a huge deal but it was on my bucket list this year.

Crash and Burned

I was at a small convention this last weekend called Celesticon in Northern California. I was there to push my game and try out some prototypes I've been cooking, My buddy had told me about this and wanted to go, but he ended up finding a new place to stay (so he was moving that weekend) and I ended up going up with my wife.

Within Celsticon was an event called Celestispiel, which was specifically about prototyping. Personally, I was excited to go. I had been cooking up a couple of game designs, but had shelved some of them, this would be a great reason to bring them out to test.

Crystal Heroes - Starter Deck

Without further delay, I present to you the Crystal Heroes - Starter Deck!


table> Race Role Stats Unique Ability Type Description Dark Elves Assassin 2P 8A 2R 6D Yes Assassination Active roll 1d10 = 5+, kill any unit High Elves <td

Last minute delivery and Convention time!!!

So I finally got my overshirts!! I have to overnight them which was 50 bucks but I got it in time for the con. They're about 90-95% what I wanted so I'm okay with it. Now I can look legit while demoing my games.

Style of Bad Guy Play/Mechanics

Hi everyone,

This is a pretty general question, but which do you like better of the following two choices for a game with miniatures, movement, and a board?

1) When the game controls the bad guys automatically or the game itself is what the players fight against - like Zombicide, etc.


2) When there's a player(s) controlling the bad guys - like War of the Ring?

What determines this? What situation makes one better than the other? Why do you feel this way?

Thank you!

Profitable Use Cases At The Game Crafter - Part 2

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

In the latest episode of The Game Crafter's Official Podcast, JT and Jeff talk to Chris Lesinski about another profitable use case at The Game Crafter. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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