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1st multi-player playtest!

4-p game of prototype at local gaming group

Since my last post until now, I have gotten in about 3 more solo playtests and made numerous small tweaks here and there.

So, this past Thursday I finally decided to bring it to my local game group for a test run. We started a 4p game and got through about 2/3 of the game. Being the first multiplayer playtest, I was able to get a better idea for balancing and timing issues that I just couldn't see by playing solo.

Where to start...

So, this is my very first blog entry. Not just about boardgames, but ever. So, I guess I should start it off in a big firework show or something, but I won't.

Board Game Publisher Looking For Game Designers

Happy Mitten Games

Hello BGDF Community,

My business partners and I have founded an independent board game publishing company and are looking for a few games to add to our debut game roster. Game designers that have a completed game and would like to be considered among others for publishing, I invite you to fill out our game submissions form at happymittengames(dot)com. Partnering with us allows you to focus on game creation while we take care of everything else. Thank you for your time and consideration.

- Kyle Hogendyk
Co-founder of Happy Mitten Games

May 2013 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.
As I read the rules for the 2013 Game Chef contest, the "self-plagiarism" component of this one struck me as bizarre:
"Rule on Previous Work
You may draw on concepts you have thought about or worked on before the contest, but everything you submit must be new work, not existing material. Plagiarism or self-plagiarism will get your game disqualified."

It reminded me of the education community, where "self-plagiarism" is regarded as wrong, and many teachers will flunk a student for doing it.

Giving Victory Points for Fighting Battles

Occasionally I hear about a game that gives victory points (VP) for fighting a battle (not even just for winning, just for fighting).

Why would you do that? From a modeling point of view, what’s the virtue of fighting a battle, especially one that you do not win?

Large Pro Game Boxes Now Available

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce our new Large Pro Box. It is made of a cardstock that is nearly double the thickness of our previous Large Game Box. It has seamless corners, and will hold up to quite a bit more stress than our original box. It still has the same dimensions as our old Large Game Box so the box wraps you’ve designed will continue to work as normal. It sells for $1.99, and all games with the old Large Game Box have been upgraded to the Large Pro Box automatically.

1manstudio Website is live!


Hello respected BGDF community,
My name is Tobias (Fhizban) and I am active on BGDF since several years now. Although I dont talk much, i post a comment every now and then and provide my own designs to gather some feedback. After years of hobbyist boardgame design, I finally managed to build a website to host all my projects.

Is My Board Game Peace Of War Intellectual Property Theft Of Monopoly???

I would like to know what your thoughts are on intellectual property theft of the board game Monopoly from my game Peace Of War. My game is similar but I do not think I am committing intellectual property theft. How can I be sure so I don't get sued? My game play like this: You move around the board buying pieces of land with your unique character with special powers . After you buy land you can build your army up and even fight each other with your armies and with your special characters.

A collapsed tunnel


"There's a way through, over here." Your companion's voice fails to illicit a response as your mind focuses on the endless void repelling your flashlight's brilliance.

"Hand me your shovel!" the voice demands. You break free of your trance, and rush over to aid your friend. You hand over your shovel, and in no time, dirt begins sailing through the air.

A short time passes, carried by the constant digging. Again you focus on the long tunnel, the route not taken. Suddenly, the digging stops.

What's that smell


You open your eyes to reveal the putrid labyrinth before you. Your brain writhes against your skull, grasping at the fleeting thoughts that are your memories. Furiously, you try to reclaim your memories, but each attempt is met with splitting pain.

Cold steel touches your wrist, as you find a rusty crowbar, hiding under the corpse of something... almost human. Dragging the tool out, you are frozen by the sudden presence of a gun barrel against your back. A quick, quiet voice tells you to stand. Not wanting to explore your own intestines, you comply.

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