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Rulebook Blogpost: Deploying Dice

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Deploying Dice (Rulebook Chapter 10)

"During a players deployment phase, he may bring new dice from his reserves into play by performing a deployment action. All dice, regardless of their type are brought into play this way..."

Freshly blogged: Learn how to unleash dice onto the battlefield during the Deployment Phase (Rulebook Chapter 10)

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Rulebook Blogpost: The Support Phase

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The Support Phase (Rulebook Chapter 9)

"During the support phase of the active players turn, he may assign up to one single dice from his reserves as worker by moving it to his support zone. Assigning dice this way is a special action that has nothing to do with dice already in play. Once assigned – the die serves a different purpose for ..."

The new rulebook blogpost explains how to assign dice as workers by moving them from reserves to the support zone.

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Worldbook Blogpost: The Faylon

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Faylon - the wild elves (Worldbook Nation 1)

"The Faylon after the Fall: Since the fall, darkness creeps slowly upon the firstborn of all elven races – throwing the faylon into sincere depression. The wild elves – once living in harmony and peace – have acted as intermediaries between the races and factions of ascendallion. But this key-role fades..."

Our new blog entry introduces the "Faylon" (Wild Elves), the oldest of all elven races.

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Rulebook Blogpost: The Turn Sequence

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The Turn Sequence (Rulebook Chapter 8)

"Only the active player can perform actions during a turn, such a turn is divided into six phases. Once a turn is over, the next player becomes the active player and the sequence repeats. This chapter provides you with an overview of the different phases of a turn – they are explained in detail later..."

New in our blog: "The Turn Sequence" (Rulebook Chapter 8) A overview of the various phases of a turn.

First glimpse

We are finalizing the development for my pick up and deliver game Tahiti.

I found out this weekend that a friend was hired to do the final rules edit, which is cool because not only is he a friend but he is an award winning rules writer. Yes they do give awards for that.

Rulebook Update Galore: The Battlefield & Melee Weapon Types

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The Battlefield (Rulebook Chapter 7)

"As stated in the previous chapter, the playmat in Gods & Minions is divided into several subsections (or zones of play). One of these zones is the battlefield, wich is used to track positions, distances and groups of the players dice. The battlefield is the zone where the action takes place and its ..."

Update Galore #1: "The Battlefield" (Rulebook Chapter 7)


Melee Weapon Types (Rulebook Chapter A1)

February Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

Rulebook Blogpost: Zones of Play

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Zones of Play (Rulebook Chapter 6)

"Gods & Minions uses a special playmat to represent the zones of play and track the position of dice. In total there are seven different zones of play where your dice can be located during a match. The first two zones are rarely used during a match, but they are important to the game itself..."

One more blogpost for the weekend: "Zones of Play" (Rulebook Chapter 6) gives an overview of the playmat and the different zones on it:


Worldbook Blogpost: The Age of War

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The Age of War (Worldbook Chapter 3)

"The Age of War (Approx. 9.000 years before the Fall)Many decades of frustration prompt the Dwarves of Torgmar-Banor to once again challenge the Orcs and the second Dwarf/Orc war begins. After a period of attrition in wich both sides suffer, the war ends in stalemate. Neither side is very clear as to..."

We continue with our daily release of blog entries: "The Age of War" (Worldbook Chapter 3) read how the dwarf/orc war ends and what other threats the nations of ascendallion are facing. As always, the full article is available in our blog:

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