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Pulsipher's Game Designer Survey 2012

This is a short (10 question) survey for people who call themselves game designers, video or tabletop (which is as good a way to define who game designers are as any other). Survey link:

December 2012 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.


I said in my book Game Design that I thought video and tabletop games are converging, but sometimes I'm not so sure when I look at games like Farmville on one hand, and worse, the all-rewards-all-the-time games like Diablo III and many others, where anything that interferes with getting direct pleasure is regarded as a "fail".

Project 8-Ball / Arcana Jayne The Card Game

The trick taking game I designed for a friend based on her sadly defunct webcomic IP has reached her and she is thrilled.

She posted some nice pics of the Artscow cards as well :)

Lord of the Rings Pewter Game Pawns

Lord of the Rings Pewter Game Pawns - Available at The Game Crafter

While working with our vintage vendors we came across one of them who had a small stash of Lord of the Rings pewter pawns. We’ve added them to our vintage game parts catalog. They are very expensive at $4.00 each, but we thought some of you would want them anyway for the deluxe versions of your games that you make for yourself.

The virtues (and sins) of using dice in game designs

In the very oldest traditional board and card games, dice are rarely used. (Backgammon and Parcheesi are the most notable exceptions.) Most of those boardgames have perfect information and the only uncertainty comes from the intentions of the other player, except where dice are used. There are always just two players. Think of checkers, go, chess, tic-tac-toe, Nine Men's Morris, mancala, and so forth.


Hey Guys,

The BitArena prototype is getting done at The Game Crafter. I'm pretty excited to get a better looking more permanent copy on my hands to try out with friends and family.

We'll be pushing to get all our rules set up, trying it out with some friends and family of the holiday and really perfecting the rules beffore we set it off the gates and on sale. i'll post some pictures of it on here once we get it.

Tahiti has arrived

My personal copies along with about 100 Box tops I need to sign and return to minion games arrived Saturday evening. I’m very happy with it. The box is efficiently small but with a great deal of heft. You know when you pick it up that you’re not buying air. The quality of the materials is top notch. Our distributer is filling orders, the games should be in stores very soon.

Did I say I’m very happy with it!

Taluva Teutonica

This idea just came to me, noting my brainstorms to help collect this.

Taluva pieces

Player sheet showing buildings not yet built and workers not yet placed.
Mine -> Mountain
Fishing Village -> Lagoon
Crops or special -> Clearing
Nothing? -> Sand
Mill -> Forest
Obsidian? -> Volcano


Round based turns. Variable turn order somehow, X tiles shown before turn order figured out and each player gets one placement on their turn.


I settled on a name for my game.


the tile based DOTA style action that places player vs player vs player is really coming together. The pixelated artwork is looking pretty good and the layout of everything feels very intuitive. I'm planning on doing some more of the artowrk and straightening out the rules.

I'll put a full synopsis of this game on this blog later this week, I'm very excited and feel like i'm working a second job right now but it's all good.

Cheaper Vintage Game Parts at The Game Crafter

Vintage Game Pieces and Parts Available at The Game Crafter

We are now able to offer a much better price on all of our basic soldier units (all colors).
Our elven archers and orc infantry are now only 20 cents each (down from 25 cents); and we also now have bulk pricing discounts for them all the way down to 17 cents each. In addition, our vintage infantry are now only 15 cents (down from 20 cents); and we can also offer bulk discounts all the way down to 12 cents each. Enjoy!

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