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V For Victory!: Bases and Strongholds

Well I have concluded that I am interested in the OLD, Vintage pieces used by Monopoly:

I only need 10 hotels (Red) and 6 houses (Green). I like these better than the plastic versions (found in the newer version of the game) because of the colors. I think the Red Hotels work pretty good as Nazi Strongholds and the Green Houses work pretty good as Ally bases.

Back to those darn dueling wizards

Last we left our hero he was distracted from his broken wizard dueling game by a game design contest and a pending submission. (see: the last several posts)

Now that these things are dealt with its time for him to revisit his favorite broken game; Order of the Wand!!!

Hardy's Design Blog - Introductory post

My name is Tom Hardy and i am from New York. It has been just over an year since i have stepped into the world of boardgaming, but i've never been more addicted to anything else.

V For Victory!: Early design

Recently *waiting* for news about "Tradewars - Homeworld" had got me to work on "M.I.A." (Working title). And so I had been inspired to create a NEW "mash-up" which would be based on these three (3) games:

  1. Pandemic
  2. Risk
  3. Clue

These are VERY POPULAR game titles and mostly everyone knows the last two (2) and Pandemic is known to most board gamers (with 36781 votes on BGG:

2" Triangle Chipboard Tiles now available at The Game Crafter

2" Custom Printed Triangle Tiles available at The Game Crafter

Behold: Triangle Tiles! These tiles are 2 inches on each side, making them an ideal pairing with our Small Square Tiles to create complex board design. Download the template and get started today!

Legendary Souls: About the Software

I have been reading up on AndEngine and see all the awesome games people design. Personally I have a background in Software Systems. I'm good coding with things like databases and servers. So on this Android project, I am stretching my experience - A LOT!

custom printed 3/4" chits are now available!

3/4" chits are now available at The Game Crafter!

3/4” chits have been one of our most popularly requested printed components, and we’re pleased today to announce Small Circle Chits! They are circular measuring 3/4” across and come 150 to a sheet. They are printed both sides full bleed. You can get a sheet of these for $9.49, or just over 6 cents each chit.

In order to keep costs low and improve handling they are cut into 10 slugs and left in the slug for the customer to punch out. Because of this they require a bit larger box (not a tuck box) such as any of our pro boxes, or the medium game box.

Download the templates and get started. Enjoy!

Video (screencast): Characteristics of Game Boards

This video has many more graphics in it (of boards, of course) than is typical of my screencasts.

26 Quarter Finalists in the Time Challenge

There are 26 quarter finalists in The Game Crafter's Time Challenge. The community must now narrow the field down to just 20 semi-finalists.

Designing and kickstarting a board game by yourself

As I've designed and created MIND - The Fall of Paradise on my own, many people asked my if I have some tips on how to stay motivated and what to keep in mind when chasing their dreams. I've come up with this list.

1.Take the Leap, Start Working on your Dream

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