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Working Title: Pa'ani 15

I started thinking about designing a card game about a month ago. When I was younger I played a lot of traditional trick-taking card games like Euchre and President (known by another name when I played). I like trick-taking games, so I started looking at rules for other games with this mechanic.

Working on a couple of different games

Looks like I'm going to be making a few different games. RPG game with smugglers, pirates, military and civilian outposts in space. Much like AD&D but Star Wars mindset.

Naval battles

Medieval knight jousting tournaments with jousting, sword and mace combat. Complete with a defend your kingdom (AD&D like RPG) only no fantasy creatures - pubs and more.

Broken Lance - Play test part 1

Broken Lance - Full set test

Play testing this thing is a b!&%#. I can’t get over how time consuming and aggravating it is to go through initial testing on my own. I keep overlooking one important thing; what seems to work on paper won’t always work in practice. Theory vs. Practicality — Oh how you’ve kept me grounded all throughout high school.

Kings Cube - A new concept design in playing chess.

Kings Cube

All the characters are played the same as in regular chess.

Link to view photos:

1)One difference is that the characters are on a cube. And once a cube has been moved from its Pawn position... the player must rotate it foward with the exception of the King.

First playtest of my own


So, the kids are asleep, my wife is meeting her writers circle. That is a perfect time to take out the first version of the prototype for some solo testing (well, still testing a four player game, but I secure the victory by playing all of them myself).

Bulk Order Fulfillment Now Available at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce a new feature we’ve been working on for months called Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF). BOF allows you to purchase a bunch of your games from The Game Crafter and ship them out to multiple addresses at the same time. Best of all, you get the bulk discounts as if you were shipping them to the same address!

- Crowd funding campaigns, such as Kickstarter.
- Christmas or Wedding gifts.

Broken Lance - Scoring system breakthrough

I've finally had a chance to get to the game again. Sat down last Saturday and spent good 6-8 hours at the work station (aka my kitchen table) working on little bits and bobs for other games. Organizing my assets, creating new ones and just tidying up my crafting carry bag when all of a sudden it hit me.

Introducing myself

Hello fellow designers and board game fans! My name is Jay Leone and I've been playing board games ever since I was 5 years old; much thanks to my father and his friends. It's been quite the journey to see the progression (and sometimes regression) of popular game design. Over the years I've created simple designs and created many unofficial scenarios. Now I have the mindset and modest financial backing to pursue an endeavor.

Token / Dice Sticker Changes

Today we’re pleased to announce some exciting, and most likely controversial, changes to our token stickers and dice stickers.
We’re now cutting them with a new process, which is far more accurate. The new print registration process we’re using has near pixel-perfect accuracy, so drift on these stickers, while still possible, is very unlikely. Any drift that remains should be less than 1mm.

Tradewars - Homeworld

Hi all,

I figured I post a *Blog entry* to update my status on my Deck-Building game entitled "Tradewars - Homeworld".

A first prototype was designed and very quickly it came to be that this prototype was unplayable because there were too many cards. The total amount of cards was a whooping 158!

So I sat up one night trying to see what could be done to reduce the number of cards and still have an entertaining game. The conclusion I came to was to use BOTH sides of the card: one side was resources and the other was starship models, crews, weaponry and missions.

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