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Games in development

So, I'm new to this site. I have 4 games in development, one uses just dice and is fairly simple, The other 3 use cards, or a combination of cards and dice and have varying levels of complexity, I am currently prototyping the latter 3 games. I'll post more in a bit.


New product available from The Game Crafter - Half Boards

The Game Crafter - Half Board

The Game Crafter is now able to make a new custom printed game component called the Half Board. It measures 5 x 10 inches and you get 3 per sheet. See product details and download the designer template at

Game Design = Just do it


There are only so many posts and questions you can ask before you need to make the leap. Don't let fear or constant references to forums block this only have limited chances.

Don't wait for someone...anyone to say "You've made the perfect game. Release it tomorrow"

Believe it. Make it...and ride the wave afterwards.

**Disclaimer - I've had a few beers. But in any case...this is how I approach any new game design :)**

Game Design = Engineering

I work as a Game Design Instructor on the college level. Knowing this, I've heard plenty of game pitches; I incorporate it in my curriculum to help students flex their game design muscles.

But on the other hand, I also hear game pitches from people that aren't my students. I go to plenty of game conventions and I talk with a lot of people. I see people pitch here on the BGDF forums. Some are legitimately solid, some are entertaining, some are downright hilarious.

New Website for Wars of Alier

So apparently i have way to much time on my hands. I have put together a new website for Wars of Alier. BW, color downloads are now available there. Any and all help is welcome!

Updates and New Rule Book

Hi, After working all morning i have updated the rule book heavily. It now has pictures and is (hopefully) a lot clearer. Also added names to the Unit Tokens and then worked on the Necromancers.

The Necromancers just need tokens now, but also need to be heavily tested. I decided that the undead units should start out dead. Before they started out on the battlefield, I've made it so they start out in the discard and then can be resurrected by necromancers.

You can check the Necromancers out here:

Protospiel Madison 2015 Promo Video

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Protospiel Madison is quickly approaching and will be here before you know it! Badges are now on sale and you can buy them here. Check out our new promo video to see what it’s like to be at Protospiel Madison!

Creating a Game with Markdown, Pandoc, Latex and PDFJam

The main reason for a lack of small posts on the progress of Chip Shop is that behind the scenes we have been working on some large stumbling blocks to push the game towards play testing. We wanted to focus on getting those completed over all else.

New and Improved Cards

We have added a lot of new cards but also spent time fleshing out the existing ones with flavour text, images, legal information and removing as much extraneous text as possible.

Wars of Alier: Fall of the Archmages Print and Play version -play testers wanted-

Hi, Im John Bullinger. For over 3 years I have been working on, changing, and developing a game called Wars of Alier. The newest version is ready for play testing. If you want to help please go to

Any and all suggestions, questions and comments are welcomed. Thank you!

Best movement mechanic large board

Hi everyone,

As a follow up to my previous question of how big a board is too big, I wanted to ask what movement mechanic(s) you feel are the best/most interesting or unique you have encountered. I feel there's a couple mechanics I have encountered that I like and one that I really like.

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