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Crystal Heroes: Legendary Souls no more...

Well amazingly we WON the GoDaddy Auction for the domain name

We are very happy about this and this is the reason for this blog entry: Legendary Souls no more... Our Android game will be entitled "Crystal Heroes"!

So far our team is comprised of one Director and a Solution Architect. I am the end-user in the big picture and will also help with programming on the server side of things.

Stuff the Universe - Character Art

And now my game becomes something completely different.

In my second play test I had a great experience, a group of guys played my game while I watched and took their criticism and discussed different options. The list grew larger. And larger. And larger. It was great that there were lots of things that will (hopefully) make my game better, but how do I implement this in the next playtest? Do I make all the changes at once and see which ones work and which ones don't? That seems like it would be a huge time eater, as each test has taken 3 hours and the end is not in sight, though that's also because of learning curve.

Tile, Sticker, and Box Upgrade

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter has upgraded the papers used on tiles, stickers, and boxes to a new matte finish. This gives the them a more professional look and feel, and makes them have a bit less glare in the light. The paper is also slightly heavier weight, although it’s not really noticeable by human hand. This affects all orders starting with 65593, some of the orders already in the production queue.

Perhaps best of all, we offer this upgrade free of charge to all customers. Enjoy!

TUTORIAL: Photoshop Data Sets & Variables (Use spreadsheets to change the content of your Photoshop card templates)

Managing Card Elements Using Variables and Data Sets in Photoshop

This is a good tutorial for anyone who's wanted to use a spreadsheet to manage the content of a card template designed in Photoshop.

New Game Board Available: Sliver Boards!

The Game Crafter - Sliver Board - New print on demand game board

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the Sliver Board. Sometimes you just need a small game board that can be used as a player aid, or as a hallway in a dungeon crawler. Download the templates and get started today! Enjoy!

Tradewars - Homeworld: Outbreak!

I have been thinking some more about the next expansion of "Tradewars - Homeworld". And so far the ideas are not too bad, but no one scenario is 100% designed, just *rough* ideas:

  • Privateer = One player plays the Space Pirates and the other players co-op against that player.
  • Outbreak! = Each player is trying to find a solution to a disease that threatens to wipe out the Exterra colonies.
  • United Trade Cartel = A solitary game in which the player tries to beat his own HIGH SCORE.

Excited... Tell me what you think.

Today is a GREAT DAY... Art is coming in for STU and Splat is almost done and should be ready for pre-launch for reviews/additional play testers etc.

Linked the info from the blog below, I would love your input.

First Art for Stuff the Universe (StU)

StU Rules-light BGG information:


Introducing Art Tests

The Game Crafter - Art Tests

The Game Crafter is always trying to provide board game designers with tools to help them make better games. Last year we introduced sanity tests, and now we’re introducing art tests. Art tests are a quick and inexpensive way for you to get 100 opinions on the layout, design, and illustration in your game.

Click here to see the official announcement with photos

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