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Profitable Use Cases At The Game Crafter - Part 2

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

In the latest episode of The Game Crafter's Official Podcast, JT and Jeff talk to Chris Lesinski about another profitable use case at The Game Crafter. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Crunch Time with Dungeon Brawl

Lots of fine tuning going into the character classes before I send off for my professional-looking version from Game Crafter. I've also made Tableflip Games overshirts for when I demo! I really feel it adds a bit of professionalism. Do you really want to pitch your game wearing a Dr. Who T-shirt?

New Game Design Contest Announced: The Survival Challenge!

The Game Crafter - The Survival Challenge, presented by Grey Gnome Games

The Game Crafter and Grey Gnome Games are pleased to announce our next community game design contest! The Survival Challenge.

Here's a summary:

Adventures in Babymaking

Now that I have your attention with the stupidest title ever: Welcome!
(I mean, my games are my babies, and I feel like I'm on an adventure making

Thanks for reading what I hope will be a series of regular blog posts about the development of my original games. I've got one card game in friendly play testing - aka play testing with my friends - and four more board/card games in the queue. I might also throw in a recent experience playing a new game or reflection on a particular game or game mechanic.

Too much too soon?

"Keep It Simple, Stupid"

That's what my mentor drilled into my head as I took his game design classes. At the time, I think I intellectually understood it, but I never really practically understood it.

It's when I started trying to make games that this rang true. In my first official (video) game designer role, I was given some very strict guidelines...I had a very limited timeline (which, in itself was a hard challenge), I had a limited staff, and I had a small window of time to which I could communicate my vision to the team.

Profitable Use Cases at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

In the latest episode of The Game Crafter Official Podcast, Jeff King and JT Smith talk with Kevin Ballestrini about his listener request (based on Episode 32’s topic: Can The Game Crafter Be Profitable?) to have some use case examples of people/designers/publishers that are using The Game Crafter in a profitable way.

More game pieces available!

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces Available - Future Dome

The Game Crafter now carries Future Dome game pieces in our online parts shop!

Where can I sell a bulk amount of a game?

Does anyone know where I could sell about 10000 games in a bulk sale? I created a game in the 80's. Total production complete. The only issue was we didn't sell them not because of the game. Also, looking for ideas how to try and sell off the rights to the game. Does anyone have some direction more me.

Resource escalation

I responded recently to a post asking about cards being used as resources and, while this is a viable form of resource management, I believe this mechanic only provides a band-aid to the real issue: resource escalation.

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