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Against the grain...

No one can deny that board and card games have been blowing up in the last decade. Consequently, an slew of people have come out of the woodwork to try and prove to the world that they can be game designers. As such, some have been fairly successful, many have not. With the advent of Kickstarter, crowdfunding has become the trend. The #1 question I get when showing off my game is, "Are you going to have this on Kickstarter?" In addition, budding game designers are everywhere at conventions. Companies like The Game Crafter have sprouted to solely cater to the game designer's needs.

Pocket Sports Hockey '15 - Dice on Ice


Yes sir......put the Molson on ice, cover yourself in maple syrup and grow a Gretzky mullet.

Pocket Sports Hockey '15 is only a couple of weeks away!

Time for all proud ice hockey fans to put their skates on and purchase a copy before the next season begins :)


Staff Picks at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

In the latest episode of The Game Crafter Official Podcast, Jeff King and JT Smith talk about Staff Picks! Learn all about staff picks by listening to the podcast here.

Pocket Sports Golf '15 (more than a night out with Robert Allenby)


Pocket Sports Golf '15 is back in its latest evolution with more action than Tiger Woods gets on tour!

We always aim to keep games fresh and improving and Pocket Sports has spent time at the 19th hole coming up with a few changes. A tough solo or multiplayer game before is now even tougher.

Successful Launch of Star Trek Five Year Mission

My goal for GENCON was to demo the game for 300 people over the entire weekend. With 3 tables going at a time turning over every 45 minutes we accomplished that by the end of day on Friday. The game was well received by those that played, I was interview 5 times, did a 3 hour signing with Marina Sirtis on Saturday, a charity event featuring 5YM Saturday evening and we sold hundreds of copies. 5YM should be in at the distributors in a few weeks so that your FLGS can order them.

P.S. I'm exhausted.

How big is too big?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I'm looking forward to it!

I'm in the early stages of developing a board game. The setting is a massive planet, much larger than Earth and the mechanics of the game include exploration and discovery, individual fights and large battles with other races and monsters, etc. The size of the planet is a 'character' in and of itself, and one the heroes need to learn to overcome. The board will have detailed art, to give the impression of many features over a large landscape. The landscape itself is a key component of this game.

Pocket Sports Basketball '15 (the new edition:)


Basketball '15 - All Star action release date August 15, 2015

BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! Pocket Sports Basketball '15 will be amongst the new games only a couple of weeks away!

While the game play remains similar, we've made some tweaks and adjustments to make this already A game into an A+ game!

Firstly, some of the shot names players will attempt have changed to make commentating fresh and unique for the new edition. The Point Guard position now has an uncontested shot to speed up scoring and push up team and individual game totals (if you're tracking that kind of stuff :)

All Stars GM: Introduction

This is yet one of my designs that dates back to high school. That's a whooping 25 years ago! I used to play board & card games in school with friends. We used to have a social club in which people could play games during lunch break.

Okay let's get to the design!

I call it "All Stars GM". And I know that I have in the past asked other designers if they might be interested in the concept. So far, no interest.

As such, I have decided myself to work on the game - and see what may evolve from it...

How do you successfully run a Kickstarter campaign?

Hello Everybody!

My name is Blake, and I am a representative of Broadsword Entertainment Group LLC. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for our first game, a card game called Stormweavers ( This is our first Kickstarter campaign, and we are trying to raise enough capital to start manufacturing in bulk.

I wanted to ask some of you Veterans for advice. What are some do's and don'ts of running a successful crowdfunding campaign? Check out our website and let us know where we can improve. Thanks!

Considerations when making a board/card game

I'm a big fan of starting completely from scratch and this has been most apparent when I finally started making a game that is now going to be released.

I know most of us here understand what "scratch" means...but do you?

Usually when making a game, it's either "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" or some inspiration brought on by a cool mechanic you've seen displayed in another game. Most will just run with that, but to me, starting from scratch means I gotta so a little planning.

Here are some considerations when making a board game:

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