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Thinking of my dream projects.

At the moment I have two projects I consider alive and active, my big steampunk/fantasy citybuilder called Steamtopia and my still unnamed horror auction game. Both of them are as done as they can be right now, I need more playtesting data before I can develop them further. Steamtopia has had to take a step back for the moment since it takes a long time to have a playtest session and I've not been able to try it on fresh players. The auction game has worked surprisingly well during our four playtest sessions, and I've made the last revisions before I will bring it to our small gaming convention next weekend where I will try a blindtest of the rules (but since all the players are my friends the actual play will not be blind of course). The interesting thing is that not being able to fiddle with something made me once again think about some of the games I've been LONGING to design...

Monster Keep: Vile Heroes

So in this blog entry, if figured I would explain a little bit of what the "Heroes Deck" will be comprised of.

As I mentioned in the "Coming next" blog entry, the "Heroes Deck" will remain confidential due to its link with Stretch Rewards. But there is some information that I CAN disclose.

The "Heroes Deck" will be comprised of forty (40) cards. Each card in the deck will be repeated four (4) times. So in reality there are ten (10) UNIQUE cards to the deck.

Voting Open For Classic Arcade Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Voting is now open for The Game Crafter's Classic Arcade Challenge. The TGC community needs to narrow down the field of 33 entries to just 20 for our judge to critique. Voting shall remain open for the next 7 days. At that time, the 20 games with the most votes shall be revealed, and our guest judge will get to work.

Only two weeks to go

Flotten Versenken


I want to start my crowdfunding project "Flotten Versenken" on octobre 1st. Thats getting very tight. I will get my new camera tomorrow and will hopefully start on my video. Here is one design I made, but it will not be on the box :

Monster Keep: Coming next

Okay so I figured I would *collect* the ideas from the Monster Keep thread (

I am doing this because there was some discussion and changes as the game materialized. So in this blog, I will explain (to the best of my abilities) what "Monster Keep" is.

"You are the Lord of a Stronghold who must recruit Monsters to protect his Keep from the evil Heroes that come with the intent to steal valuable gold and treasure. But Monsters are a "hard to please" bunch... and will only protect the Lord who satisfies their needs..."

New Warbot Game Pieces and Parts Available

The Game Crafter now sells 6 types of warbots. These

The Game Crafter now sells 6 different types of warbots. These game pieces and parts can be purchased in any quantity and start out at $.67 cents each. Bulk discounts are available.

Brief, free audio-visual Introduction to Game Design class

I've created a brief, free audio-visual Introduction to Game Design class. It is primarily aimed at those who want to design video games (a much larger contingent than tabletoppers), but applies to TT as well. While many readers here already understand most of what I say, you might know someone who is just getting started in design who could benefit.

To Be Emperor - card game (Play Test Session)

Last night I met with three friends at Diversions, our local gaming store, and we gave my game a spin.

Video Wargame Conversions from the Tabletop

I've recently become quite interested in conversions between video games and tabletop games, especially wargames.

Playtesting continues and parts trouble

It's been 6 months since I've got the gumption to write a blog report and work on Tile Pile. I've had a few people playtest it, I've hammered out the details and I think it's time for the first major prototype. The problem is, my pieces are so unique, I can't find anyone who produces them nor find a manufacturer which produces them in the size I need.

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