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Deck Building = Cult of the New = Bad?


The game that started it all. 10 stacks, small deck, victory points have to be bought while balancing the engine power of your deck as it expands. Lots of possibilities that have been explored over the 8+ expansions and still stands today as the quintessential deck builder.

Pocket Sports design screencast Ep2 - MMA dice game

Yep....time on my hands and a look/discussion about planning an MMA version for Pocket Sports. FYI only 10mins long :)

Game of Games - Part I

I’ve come to this boardgame thing late – hitting the Big Five-O in 2016, and this Otherworld has remained hidden from me until now!

Been a while. End of the year.

It's been a while, not since gateway in california, have I worked on my game, but far longer than I have posted anything. Since last time, I have attended both "Extra Life" at Brookhurst Hobbies and "UnPub Mini" at The Guild House both events were phenomenal flops for demoing. I will be thankful for one kind soul who played my first-ever experimental 2 player variant. It was garbage as I had anticipated. Looking back, it further solidifies Warrior as overpowered.

Video (screencast) Are you Designing a Game, or Throwing one Together?

Here is the text of the slides. The entire presentation (over 15 minutes), obviously, contains more than this text.

Are you Designing a Game, or Throwing one Together?
Dr. Lewis Pulsipher
“Game Design” channel on YouTube

This is Really Important
Yes, there is creativity in game design, but it may amount to 10% of the whole
The rest is more or less engineering: identifying problems, proposing solutions, testing the results of those solutions, and so on
Scientific method is involved, more or less

Monster Keep: Mixing new & old

I have been thinking about HOW to have Levels from 1 to 50 (so 10 hp to 500 hp) and well I wanted "evolution" (or something like it) which meant that you could play more powerful Monster during the game.

One (1) very important thing to remember is that the RPS-9 "beats" allows you to beat any opponent DIRECTLY without any dueling. So even the MOST powerful Monster who is Level 50 can be defeated by a Level 1 Monster! So yeah the game is BALANCED.

But this had me thinking about the game and its art.

2015: A Crafter’s Retrospective

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

2015 was a great year for The Game Crafter community! So many new exciting features, products, and designer success stories! You can read about our year in review on our news blog at We are so thankful to have so many awesome people supporting us. You (our community) make all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you thank you thank you.

Create regions as part of board game play?

Hi everyone,

Has anybody ever run across a game where, instead of moving, building, fighting in/between, etc. predetermined regions on a board, players take a board with only physical or other basic features on it and create/define regions and cities as the game progresses? This could be done through any number of means, such as fighting, building, etc.

Thank you,


Representing group of characters in board game

I'm trying to come up with ideas for how to represent a group of characters in a board game that travel together. Miniatures are great, but space and money are limited. So, I need to come up with a way to represent a group of characters (say, for example, a human, dwarf, elf, and wizard) as they travel, fight, etc. throughout the game.

I can think of two ways: 1) a stack of tiles, chits, cubes, etc. and 2) a small tile or board with peg holes and pegs. These will work, but neither are thematic, in my opinion.

My newest endeavor...

I'm always trying new ways of looking at typical game mechanics and twisting them into something new and thematic.

I'm putting this out there for two reasons 1) To get me to work on this project. and 2) To show people there are more ways to represent a resource system than just a typical Magic-esque escalating resource system.

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