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Pocket Sports Cycling Tour dice game


Prototype done - there'll be some changes to card artwork but all components look nice and the game will be going ahead....soon....Only thing missing is the dice bag.

Footy 15 - ready for kick off


I had to post these. DHL have broken all the rules and delivered on a SUNDAY. I couldn't believe it, but I'm very happy they did!

I still have the pro order price up for this game until tomorrow!

8000 dice to pack.....that's Sunday afternoon covered then!

Highway to the danger wait...Red Zone!


Pocket Sports Football (yes, it's the American kind of football this time) has been building momentum for a few months now. While it's still in the final playtesting phase, it's coming together to be a new level of game!

You all know we make dice games. The minimalist approach to not having boards or bits & pieces has been slowly blurring the lines as we create new games with exciting new mechanics.

Creating Accessories

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been traveling with work the past few weeks.However, I have managed to find the time to start adding accessories to the product cards. Accessories are smaller products that can be attached to other products, even other players' products. They represent things like mice, keyboards and a plethora of others.

Titan's Game Design Series

Calliope Games just announced their Titan's Game Design Series


It's the thing we most fear from our playtesters...

The one thing that we don't want people to say and it's the most hurtful statement to your soul.

"I don't like this game, it sucks"

BIG NEWS! New card stock upgrade to 305gsm black core and cheaper bulk order pricing!

Ever since we started The Game Crafter we’ve always been marching toward better and better quality. We’re steadily improving our technology, our processes, and every aspect of our products. Today we’re announcing two huge advancements along those lines.

Semi-Finalists Announced for Killer Gamer's Remorse Challenge

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that the semi-finalist games have been announced for the Killer Gamer's Remorse Challenge!

The objective of this game design contest:

"A player elimination game that is implemented in such a way that it is still fun. Maybe it is a quick game like love letter. Maybe it is a longer game but the eliminated players still have a role to play like in werewolf via the "ghost writer" ability. Or maybe you finish is off in the most glorious fashion possible, so humorous that we are dying laughing for the next 30 minutes."

For more information about the contest and see a list of semi-finalists, visit:

Game update news

As you may have noticed, the kickstarter failed. I was down about it and wondered where I went wrong. One word: hype. In order for people to fund you, they need to know that you and your project exist. This means either you spend thousands of dollars on advertising, social media updates that only your mom will see and then like, and trolling the forums, trying every opportunity to mention your company or game. (Don't forget the link to both in your signature!)

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - 2nd Edition (Revisited)

Because kids love "duels" where they can "face-off" against their friends, I got the idea of making the "Second Edition" of the game about duels.

No, I'm not going to remove the "set collection" aspect of the game. That will stay - since it's a simple mechanic children can understand and then fully understand how the game will play out.

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