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Update for EvilColSanders

Helping Card - Front and Back

Ok, had a bit of time spare (very busy working on my own stuff) so I quickly put this together.

I'm not sure what card size you are working towards. After finishing I measured this sample and it doesnt fit any of the standard card sizes :)

It's not far off the standard size for MTG Trading cards (63 by 88) - being 1mm real size off at either side. If that's what you're looking for then I can make a couple of simple ammendments to size it up correctly.

Early Play Test with Printed Paper Parts - The Balance Game


We've gone through several iterations of design, and several play tests to get an initial feel for balance.

We ran into a negative feedback loop where a player may become impoverished for resources if they have a less-than optimal start, and so we had to revisit the state of the beginning resource allotment, and provide some regular income to players, so that they cannot find themselves permanently behind the 8-ball.

Attached is a screenshot of a recent play-test using paper-printed parts, and bits that are hand-crafted or pirated from other games.

Deck-building for the younger set

I have been away from game design for over 3 years now, but something has finally drawn me back into it. And that something is my son who turned 6 this year and is started to get interested in "Daddy's games" and not kiddie board games. He is still a bit young to play most games on his own, but he is getting there. Forbidden Island in particular has been a big hit. Recently, he has really taken a liking to Dominion because of all of the different cards.

The Newest AV Card. version 4b

Duel Card.png

Here's card version 4b.

Added some cosmetic frills such as connecting the grids.
Changed font for nameplate.
All icons are leaning the same direction now.
I've gone with the 2 Cogmometers to the right and also gave them a glassy look. (HP)
I've put medals on the portrait of the character. (Denotes rank)
Medals are also above the weapons grid where I originally wanted them.
I had a lot of space in the middle so I added a small line break to put abilities (by name only) a character might have.

July 2012 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

If you're into twitter, and game design, Reiner Knizia is worth following. Many of his tweets are attempts to encapsulate his experience.

I see that GenCon now charges a base price of $2 per event--but not for seminars


The AV Card Creation Process Continues

Card Design 4a

So I took BubbleChuck's idea and ran with it.

I've HASTILY worked on an unfinished copy in my own stylings. As much as I LOVE his card, I want the gritty, dull, browned colors I've been working with. It doesn't look half as good as his but again, this was hastily put together in the morning with no sleep.

The sword has been replaced with a fist.
The hat is now leaning the same direction as everything else.

Solo ... Errr test?

So I'm making an adventure game.

And this is my first attempt to create an actual board game.

... And your bound to have some issues during the creation of it.

One word comes to mind when I did a solo of the current incarnation of my game,"The Find", :boring.

Card suggestion for Evil ColSanders,

Helping Card - Front and Back

I saw your card proposals and quickly put these together - using elements from your developing design and some quick add ins.

The quality isn't great, I'm no graphic artist, and the spacing is slightly out in a couple of places. However, they should suffice for play testing or thought material for further development.

ColSanders, If you need me to send the file or any of the bits in it then drop me a message.

Newest Card Design (3)

Card Design 3

Here's the latest card design based off of the second card.

Tell me what you think.

Commercially viable game designs versus personally satisfying designs

I go to a college game club during the academic year. Recently a couple of the college students have designed their own games and brought them to playtest at the club. One of these is the past president, now a graduate student, who’s been working on games for several years and so it wasn’t surprising. His game that’s a combination of deck building and lots of dice rolling is quite popular. The other is more of a surprise, a 19-year-old woman who had not seemed very serious about games, who’s full of life and enthusiasm about all kinds of things, yet who buckled down and designed games.

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