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What do RPGs amount to, what are you actually designing (if you do the whole thing)?

I debated whether to post this on bgdf, but I think there are enough RPG-oriented boardgames that it may help someone. LP

Medium-Size Custom Printed Scorepads

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Game designers have said that there aren't enough printed components at The Game Crafter that are specifically designed for the medium pro box. We’re going to change that this week starting with a new Medium Score Pad. Enjoy!

New Help System

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter has created a brand new help system to give you the skinny on how to do everything on the TGC website. We’ve migrated all of our old content, and added a bunch of new content. In addition, this thing is chocked full of features we didn’t previously have. Let’s talk about a few of them.

1) Search. The new help system has it’s own search engine, which is not only fast, but highly accurate. It should make locating what you’re looking for much faster.

Ruminations about “Magical Numbers” in boardgame design

In the course of designing “nano-games” that have between 17 and 20 pieces for two sides and very small boards that fit on part of a postcard, I again had occasion to wonder if there is some kind of "sweet spot" or "magical number" of pieces and spaces for a boardgame (or any other kind, for that matter) where pieces occupy locations?

Game Invented now what?

I have just created a kids board game. I have made a rough prototype and have played it with a lot of groups of people. It is a real fun game that is simple but fun. I am just stuck now on where to go from here. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. My goal would to sell the game to someone who has a lot more insight to the gaming industry, and where production would be a lot cheaper.


09-28: Henchmen Current State

The previous version of Henchmen was poorly designed due to the inability to rebuild resources and the added/unneeded lv2 and lv3 Henchmen. What also seemed out of place was the Super Hero's role as a sort of count down mechanic.


Instead of each player flipping over an event and having to face the consenquences. players instead will have a "Job Board" with 5 events/Jobs to pick from. These refill after each job is resolved.

Replacing the Hero Countdown:

Custom Printed Large Score Pads

Custom Printed Large Score Pads made by The Game Crafter

You can’t have a small score pad without also having a large score pad, so here it is! At 8x10 inches it is huge, and perfect for games that need a lot of detail. These would make great character sheets for an RPG, or they could keep track of the scores of everyone at the table, if you have a score keeper role. Download the template and get started. Enjoy!

A revolution in card printing capabilities may affect game design

In the OneBlogShelf blog Steve Wieck of DriveThruCards describes what he calls a revolution in card printing capabilities. His company is no longer tied to traditional sheet printing methods and can now print individual cards, though still using ink rather than toner for higher quality. He suggests that this can cause a revolution and how card games are designed:

Classic Arcade Challenge Finalists

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that our guest judge, Peter Jackson, has narrowed the field of Classic Arcade Challenge entrant’s down to a list of finalists. They are:

* Battle at the Arcade
* Galaxy Dice
* Burger Blitz
* Fissile Commander
* Global Thermonuclear War
* CardCraft

25% Off Sale on Blank Small Square Tiles & Blank Spinner Mats

The Game Crafter is happy to announce a 25% off sale on Blank Small Square Tiles and Blank Spinner Mats! This sale drops the price of the tiles to $.18 each and Spinner Mats to $.67 each. This sale will end on September 26th so be sure to stock up before then!

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