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A collapsed tunnel


"There's a way through, over here." Your companion's voice fails to illicit a response as your mind focuses on the endless void repelling your flashlight's brilliance.

"Hand me your shovel!" the voice demands. You break free of your trance, and rush over to aid your friend. You hand over your shovel, and in no time, dirt begins sailing through the air.

A short time passes, carried by the constant digging. Again you focus on the long tunnel, the route not taken. Suddenly, the digging stops.

What's that smell


You open your eyes to reveal the putrid labyrinth before you. Your brain writhes against your skull, grasping at the fleeting thoughts that are your memories. Furiously, you try to reclaim your memories, but each attempt is met with splitting pain.

Cold steel touches your wrist, as you find a rusty crowbar, hiding under the corpse of something... almost human. Dragging the tool out, you are frozen by the sudden presence of a gun barrel against your back. A quick, quiet voice tells you to stand. Not wanting to explore your own intestines, you comply.

The Return

Haven't been on in awhile.

I was thinking about my RTS board game the other day and came up with the idea of putting a seventh option on the card--a unit and building option. This way you can decide to put them down from your hand after you buy them.

The board will also look different.

Three hats: the three parts of creating games

(While I begin by talking about RPGs, I am later going to generalize to all kinds of tabletop and video games - “sit-down games”.)

When I used to write lots of articles about RPGs for White Dwarf, Dragon, and other magazines three decades ago, I mostly wrote two kinds of things: game rules, and advice about how to play and especially how to referee Dungeons & Dragons successfully. I rarely wrote settings; and only occasionally in the magazines did I write adventures, which are a combination of rules and setting/story.

Change Space - Quick Pocket Change and Matchstick Game Before Bed

So, I found a pile of coins and a box of matches on my desk about an hour ago. I started playing around with them, and I think I've happened upon a really simple abstract game. It doesn't feel like one player is destined to win, and if there is any of that sort of brokenness, it feels like it would be easily fixed by adding more coins.

I was originally thinking about it as a space exploitation game (1X) with the coins being planets or asteroids and the matches being rockets, but your mileage may vary.

Buyers versus players

It’s going to take a while to get to the point of buyers versus players: please bear with me.

Lionsgate City Underground Rules - Feedback Required

I just made This Post On Board Game Geek, and I could use some feedback, particularly on the Rules:

Lionsgate City Underground Rules

Questions: Are the rules clear? Are you able to picture how to play just by reading them? Is there anything that you can't figure out based on the rules? Are there any grammatical errors, or awkward turns of phrase?

Shame on me

For some reason while I remembered the BGDF, I had completely forgotten about the blog I had here. The Chaos Effect game is still in the same stage as when I posted last time. Life has been busy raising my grandson in the years since the last post. I've also made three trips to Japan since then and keep bringing back tons of distracting things for inspiration. I've got a ton of excuses but I do want to get back to game design soon. Perhaps start publishing and selling on Drive Thru RPG.

Gods & Minions 2nd Tribe Announced

Gods & Minions Faylon - the Wild Elf Teaser

Hello loyal readers of my small dev-blog regarding Gods & Minions - the card based dark fantasy wargame.
I am happy to announce the 2nd tribe you will find in the core set of Gods & Minions: Faylon - the wild elves. The first bunch of Minion cards are ready, please take a look at the attached teaser image or follow us at:

8 Year Old Boy Creates Buzzworthy new Board Game at The Game Crafter

8 Year Old Boy Creates Buzzworthy new Board Game, Questing, at The Game Crafter

We recently heard about an 8 year old boy who created and self-published his own board game on The Game Crafter. The game is called Questing and it has received a lot of attention in the TGC community as well as on Reddit. We knew this would be a great story so we contacted his father, CC, and interviewed him to see how this all came about.

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