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Back from FanExpo Canada 2013 - Aug.22 to 25

Holy crap, what a weekend. Last Thursday to Sunday have been the best 4 days of 2013 for me to date. I had decided to take 3 of my game prototypes to FanExpo this year. I shared half a table with another buddy of mine from my creative group TYL United. Preparation wise, I was not as ready as I thought I needed to be. Presentation wise, I had everything ready with regards to rules and prototypes for people to look at and play. Expectation wise, I had no bloody idea what to expect.

Expanding the range

So what happens after you make a game, go through the baptism of fire and eventually sell a few thousand copies?

Is expanding the product range the next evolutionary step?

Pocket Sports, as the name suggest, is calling for that very thing. For the first year and a bit, we sold Pocket Cricket. It did fairly well but like any sport, it's seasonal. Sales dry up for most of the year until it gets back into Cricket season and Christmas time.

Galaxy Trucker - crosspost from my blog 'The Cardboard Mechanic'


Galaxy Trucker

So, my first critique falls to the most recent games I've acquired and certainly one of my favorites, Galaxy Trucker by Vlaada Chvatil and published by Rio Grande Games. SUSD have a great play through with the expansions here.

The Game

2-4 Players
60 minutes
Age 10+ (probably lower)
Expansions: yes, lots, to many to list here.

It's quite a simple game. There are three rounds with two phases each.

An introduction, of sorts. - Cross post from my blog 'The Cardboard Mechanic'


When my wife was in hospital with our first child I realized that we were about to experience a gap in our relationship. Usually when we wanted to chat and spend time together we went out for dinner or to a pub, generally did 'date' type things. But now we had a child imminent I was left wondering what we would do to hang out.

Usually at home we have our own pursuits. She sews and watches odd British mystery/dramas. I play EvE Online or tinker in the shed with blocks of wood to make poorly constructed furniture.

Custom Printed Medium Screens Now Available at The Game Crafter


The Game Crafter is proud to announce the new Medium Screen! They are 4.5 inches tall by 16 inches long. Medium screens are printed 2 to a sheet for $2.79 per sheet; and as always are double-sided, full color and full bleed. Perhaps best of all, they’re designed specifically to fit in the Medium Pro Box.
Download the template and get started today. Enjoy!

To Be Emperor - card game (Allies)

Allies are one of two types of cards found in the Asset deck, one of the four central decks from which players draw their hands.

To Be Emperor - card game

So I've been working on this card game...FOR TEN YEARS!

Tradewars - Homeworld: Game rules

Hi all,

So a couple of you (game designers) have shown some interest in playtesting *Tradewars - Homeworld*. My response so far is that I am not ready for blind playtesting because I do NOT have a game manual. Right now I am explaining the game in my playtests and not using any game rules.

Moving with colors

Color moving game board


I want players to have a race in my game.
I didn´t like the idea of just moving one space forward a time. I came up witht the idea that they could move with colors, the colors come up randomly. You always can move to the next color that came up if you win a challenge. In some parts of the track you can decide if you take the left or right way.

What do you think of this mechanism ?

Tradewars - Homeworld: Pacing of the game

Hi all,

Well I just wanted to post an update regarding the most recent playtest I did with *The Derelict* scenario. The Derelict scenario is a single player scenario that can be played alone without any other players. The main reason for testing this scenario is because it is rather good at demonstrating the "pacing of the game".

Here are the conclusions of the playtest:
1-Only 8 (4x level 5, 2x level 4, 2x level 3) cards were purchased from the upgrade piles. This seems low since the player relies heavily on the original 10 cards given to them at the starting. This is NOT good.

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