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Time to give up the game?

Give the game a nice funeral?

I have been working at my game for 8 weeks and many things have been better but it is still to slow. Doubts have been bitch slapping me so many times that I have no feeling left in my left cheek.

Is it time to give the game up? Just bury it and move on?

Stubbornness have been biting my ass so many times so... I think you understand. I still think it can bee a good game, so I think I will bee slapped and bitten some more before giving up.

But still there question is still nagging in there. Is it time to give it up?

Sleepless Space day 2

After a long day at work i can finally post an update...well more like a true idea of the game.

The game

The game will consist of a number of players (2-6) who take different roles on a spaceship. This is science fiction game so a cool ship, not a shuttle. This team of players will do there best to last until the scenario is complete. The scenarios basically will say how many turns you need to last, along with some special rules to change it up from time to time. To keep the game play different every time, I am also adding other ships to use instead of just one preset.

Trying to define “the board”

Britannia board connectivity diagram

On LinkedIn someone asked if there were industry definitions and names for the various aspects of a game board. There aren’t any that I know of, but it’s worth trying to analyze what we actually have in a “game board”.

Sleepless Space

Hello all!!!

New Space Ship Game Parts and Pieces Available at The Game Crafter!

Space Ship Game Parts and Pieces - Available at The Game Crafter

At long last, we’re able to offer a selection of space ships from Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century in our vintage game parts catalog. Enjoy!

Legendaria update

Haven't posted in a while. Doesn't mean I haven't been working on it. I had a 3rd solo playtest a while back and since then have been working on the rules. Things appear to be coming along nicely and getting streamlined in the process.

Version 1.3 of rules are complete. I aim to get one more solo playtest before unleashing the rules and attempting to get my game group to play it. Have some work to do on updating the cards first.

For now - here is the back story that I wrote for the game:

Bunch of monkeys rules

Rules during work

Well it feels like the monkeys is messing around with my rules right now.

When I was young, the rules of a board game was printed on the inside of the box cover. The font was sometimes so small that you needed a magnifying glass to read it. There was no pictures or in game examples, just a lot of rules.

Internet wasn't around, so if there was something impossible to understand, you made up your own rules. By the time those rules was as many as the original rules. Many of the original rules was replaced or totally altered.

Mineraft the board game

Gold, board gaming materials and tools

Since I laid my hands on the Swedish game Drakborgen, or in english - DungeonQuest, I wanted to make my own board game. Through the years there has been a lot of distraction thou, like Amiga 500, 1200, ABC 80, Victor, CalCon, Settlers Of Catan, and so on. One day I suddenly had wife, four kids, house, dog and a Volvo, How in earth did they enter the Drakborgen?

One day my oldest daughter played Mincraft on the computer. I looked at it and said - Wow! It looks worse than Civ 1 on the Amiga and I gave Minecraft no more thoughts.

Madison Game Design Meetup

If you’re interested in collaborating with others on designing a new game prototype, or if you want to get a game you already have designed tested with a bunch of seasoned play testers, then you should come to the Madison Game Design Meetup, which is being hosted at The Game Crafter’s facilities on Thursday, January 10 from 6pm to 10pm. Be sure to RSVP if you’re going to come, because space is limited.

While you’re there you can:

Triptych 1 (well, kinda): Familiarity, Killing Time, Fail Fast

Here are three items that are fairly long, but not long enough for blog posts in themselves:


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