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A mining game-working out the next idea

So I've been working on a tile-laying game idea that I had a while ago where the players are digging a mine in search of jewels. I've figured out an abstract way to find out how many jewels are in a *pocket* when it is tapped but I'm kind of stuck on where to go next. My original vision for the game involved uncovering pockets of jewels (check) and then the players deploying workers to collect them. Sort of a worker placement/pickup and deliver system. One idea is that the players would need to setup shelters in the mines before they can deploy their workers but that's about it.

Mystery Challenge Winner Announced!

Sinister has won the Mystery Challenge, just barely edging out Refuge. Congratulations to Mark “Shmitz” Major of Whirling Derby Games for winning his second contest at The Game Crafter.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Towards success

Well I have been re-thinking everything that I have been working on based on a professional opinion. Although my game may pass the Publisher's Blind Playtesting and they may like the game, my art budget may not be so well received... :(

So I decided to go back to the drawing board and try to devise new strategies to be able to produce "Tradewars - Homeworld". After taking a good look at my options, I have concluded that a Kickstarter for the game is possible...

Tradewars - Homeworld: Stories to be told

It's kind of funny that I'm designing a game and thinking about what to do with another! My current Work-In-Progress (WIP) is nearly complete: I will be having a publisher blind test the game given our rulebook.

However on the side, I have been thinking about Quest AC and how I wanted the game to be more about "story-telling".

The funny part is how my WIP has begun to generate the kind of results that I wanted my other game (Quest) to have...

Supersized Game Pawns Now Available at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce a new line of supersized game pawns! These game pawns will help you step up your game and have some real fun. Bigger pawns, bigger play! Supersized tokens coming soon!

Product video at


Over the past 6 months I have been working on a new board game: Laker. Laker is a board game simulating shipping on the Great Lakes for 2-6 players. Well, yesterday I finished production on a video for Laker for an upcoming kickstarter campaign.
This morning I uploaded it on youtube ( ) and tied it to my facebook page and website.

Sanity Test Before and After

The Game Crafter's new Sanity Test service has been in operation for just over a week and already many people have been using the service to improve their games. William Mandry of Mandry’s Gaming Co. has already used it twice on his game Survivalistic.

ZETARANGER - Prototype and Play Testing

ZetaRanger character sketch, WingRed

A look at our experiences play testing this early version of ZetaRanger.

The Gamers' Table needs our help!

The Gamers' Table Needs Our Help!

The Gamers’ Table (TGT) has been a long time friend and supporter of The Game Crafter community. In late 2011, they launched a new independent edition of their show, (sponsored by TGC), and have aired 68 episodes so far. Most of these are from The Game Crafter community and they have done so without charging designers a dime. They do it for the love of games and because they enjoy supporting indie board game designers.

Clan Crusade (New Game - Basic Rules and Concept)

Hello this is my first time posting a game idea online, this game is still in the design phase but the core concept are an evolution of game designs i've been working on for the last couple of years (and critiques from friends). I'd very much appreciate any advice/ideas at this point.

Game Name:
Clan Crusade (this may change but it doesn't appear to be in use and it fits the game and theme well).

Game Story:

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