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A survey about preferred topics for game- (usually game design-) related online classes

After writing a book about game design ("Game Design", McFarland, 2012), I've been spending a lot of time creating online audiovisual classes, as that seems to be where people want to go to learn. This survey at Surveymonkey will guide where I go next.

24 hour game design contest

I have created a game I'm going to call "Green-Go Guatemala." As a response to the challenge made on BGG of the theme of Traveling. I certainly didn't think it would be so hard to finish a game from scratch in a day. Specially because I wanted something that wouldn't remind me of a game like Tokaido. I'm telling ya, it was hard to come up with something.

Right now Green go Guatemala is not yet half done!

Of Legends And Lore: New working title

So what I have decided was that I would put aside the name of "Rain of Fire" (the 4th Version) and go with "Of Legends And Lore" (this was another WIP).

I like the title more and I think it's more in the spirit of the game.

Here are some additional notes about the *game*:

1. I am exploring developing the game for the Nintendo DSi/3DS.
2. Yes it's will probably be a *video game*.

My first day as a board game designer hobbyist

Ok so this is my first post. I'm an English Literature teacher that works with young adults. I've been doing that for a long time. A year ago I discovered the world of designer board games and since then I've been obsessed with it.

So, I have always been creative. I have written my own songs from the time I was 9 and started writing my own stories even before that. Therefore, when I discovered this wonderful world, I was hooked.

And the Micro Contest Winner is...

Micro Game Challenge Sponsors - Father Geek, All Us Geeks Podcast, and The Game Crafter

Jeff from All Us Geeks and Cyrus from Father Geek have each tallied their scores in The Game Crafter's Micro Contest.

In third place, by a nose, is Overlords by Bill Paterno!

In second place we have Royals by AJ Lin!

And the winner is ....

The Game Crafter's Kickstarter Experiment: Village in a Box

The Game Crafter Kickstarter Experiment: Village in a Box

Next week Wednesday The Game Crafter is going to attempt a bold new experiment: we’re going to run a Kickstarter bundle project. Basically, we hand picked 8 games that we really like and are putting them together as a bundle for a very low price. This is an experiment, because we’re testing out both the bundle concept, and the methodology for running a campaign to see how the larger gaming community likes it. If it does well, we’ll do more in the future.

I supported a Kickstarter project!?

I expect that the new edition of Britannia (perhaps multiple versions) will show up on Kickstarter sooner or later, as the majority of publishers now use it.
I have not been a KS denizen in the past, not being cursed with the desire for Instant Gratification and not feeling a need to participate from the ground up.

Site Design Refresh

Site Design Refresh

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce our new site design refresh. We always want to keep the design of the site changing with trends, and the needs of our users. With that in mind, we’ve released the first part of our site-wide refresh for 2014. The changes may be subtle, but every single page in the site has been refined. Let’s enumerate a few of them for you:

Tradewars - Homeworld: Preliminary artwork

Sample box cover

So my artist has sent me a *low* resolution sample of the Box cover artwork...

I think it looks way kewl... I'm not certain about the logo (because it's what I used for the cardback). I have another rendition from Ed Wedig that I may use for the box - but not the cardback...

Comments welcome, please let me know what you think!

P.S.: Happy New Years to everyone! Yay!!!

Gods & Minions: Back with a Bang!

Semi-Final Nightling Template

We just added a new article the blog of our main project "Gods & Minions".

It's a summary of the current status, as well as an introductory to new fans. Some highlights from the article:

* Who is responsible for this project? How is it financed, how long will it take and how professional will it be?
* The Game - Explaining the overall style and theme, as well as distribution scheme
* Summary of what we have achieved so far and what you can expect in 2014.

The gameplay as well as the rules will be explained in the future in all their detail.

You can read the full article here:

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