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Looking for middle ground

close up of Labyrintheus prototype

Of my current board game projects the one that I thought was the furthest along in development got knocked down a few pegs this weekend after some constructive feedback here on BGDF. The layout of the game is a space station made up of hex shapes with different wall/entry configurations. The current prototype has each of those hexes (80+) as a separate tile which are all placed during setup. The nice thing about individual tiles is that it's easier (at least for the designer) to ensure that walls and entries line up. The downside is long setup time.

Combat system almost worked out. Map almost figured out.

I have completed the testable combat system. we shall see how it works. Also I have been working on the map. Finally got all the countries in the right place and will start drawing it later. Commander cards done. Draw cards almost complete and turn cards done. Working on mini design now.

Working Title - Clans: Vikings

Hello everyone I am Stephen and I am working on a big box sorta game. As you can tell it will be about vikings. I feel we need a good complex viking game. The starting idea was take a little Rex/Dune, throw in some Risk, and a dash of Civ. Enemies, Allies, and a few tricks to help you to rule the viking lands.

I am very much in the drafting stage but it is coming along nicely. I have all the rules for the clan cards so far and am working on the mechanics for combat, as I type this. I have a couple more things to work out before my group can playtest this thing.

My (positive!) experience with KickStarter

... and Global GameSpace is live on KickStarter! ( - please check it out!)

The KickStarter approval process has changed a bit since I last looked into it about six months ago though, and I think it's worth posting a couple of things that I stumbled over that I'd like to share:

Arcana Victoriana: Setup and Scenarios

Been a long time since I posted anything up. I've just been buying, basing, and painting steampunk figures and anything else I could get my hands on to pose as the characters for my miniatures game. You can't really get people into play testing if things aren't painted... Finally got off my ass as this army of one and started making rules changes and scenario play.


Reviewing the rules layout rough draft for Tahiti

The first draft of the final rules and layout for Tahiti is done.

Name Spelled correctly in credits – Check
Rules were copied verbatim – Check
Good layout and easy to read-Check

Only a few minor graphics issues to fix and that’s not my job- Check


The Game & Playtesting

My co-designer and I are currently calling our game "The Game". We don't have a name for it yet, which means every time we talk about it the conversation goes like this "Do you have time to work on the game tonight?" or
"We need five people to play test the game this weekend."

Somewhere along the line it got capitalized in our sentences, you could almost hear it. We need a real name, for sure, but for now here's some more about The Game.

April 2012 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

Quotation: "There's an old saying that I love about design, it's about Japanese gardening actually, that 'Your garden is not complete until there is nothing else that you can remove.'" --Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims, Spore, etc.)

Is it more fun to be an expert, or to be in the process of becoming an expert, at playing a game?


I’ve been Tanga’ed

Some people have told me that putting your product up on Tanga is a good way to get exposure. I have always felt like Tanga was a dumping ground for slow moving product.

We will see if this leads to a boost in sales beyond Tanga or just as a way for Minion Games to free up some warehouse space.

My Goal as a Game Creator


As an educator (history, government, and economics) I truly believe that students need to be able to cooperate with diverse people groups in order to be successful in the world. I have spent over 10 years in a high school classroom and each year that goes by convinces me of this crucial skill - yes, a skill! Students can, nay must!, be taught how to communicate effectively, be flexible in how they approach solving problems, and learn how to 'play nice' with others.

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