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Game-A-Week: Storm Clouds

This week on Game a Week we have a simple abstract strategy game called Storm Clouds.

A mix of checkers and Go, in Storm Clouds you play as a storm front attempting to take over a region. Be the last player with any storm tokens on the board to win.
It is meant for two to three players, but could support up to six.

Not my most polished game design, but what I could come up with in the week's time frame.

A blast from the past: Monkey Quest

Some 20 years ago or so I grew up playing HeroQuest as well as Space Crusade. The German name of the latter has been StarQuest (because .. HeroQuest, you know?)
I also played a lot with Lego's pirate line.
My brother (9 years older than me), a friend of mine and I developed "Monkey Quest" in that time.
Monkey Quest has been a little bit like Space Crusade goes Lego-Carribean:

Gods & Minions Project Update 1st Quarter 2014

[This is the transcript of our blog post at
- check out the original post for pictures!]

Respected fans, friends, Gods and Minions!

DesignSpace for Game Designers

So I've been throwing this idea around my head recently, of a MakerSpace for game designers.

Basically the idea is to have a space where game designers can come together and share ideas and work to create better games. To promote the hobby of game design to those questioning it, and to possibly put out group-made games under a license that allows other DesignSpaces to work off them.
Like BGDF, but in real life.

The goal(as of course it needs one) is to Promote Better Games.
It would do this by providing:
-a space with access to building tools and supplies

Missed Chance, Kickstarter, and Manufacture Search

Looks like I took too long to contact the people at WonderCon. I didn't submit my logos in time and dropped me. Oh well. That'll teach me. I submitted another application to Gamex. I haven't gotten word back if I'm in or not. Here's hoping.

April 2014 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

A "new" Britannia-like game:
Wallace Nicoll has prepared a PDF edition of Roger Heyworth's game Conquest Europa.  Roger was the uncredited editor of Britannia for its original publication by H. P. Gibsons in Britain in 1986.  He passed away in 2000, unfortunately.  Wallace was involved in the testing.

My Game is still coming along.


This has been a lot of work... I've been doing my best to update a blog on my company's website with cool videos and stuff.

Here is a time lapse of how the art gets cleaned up...

And another of the shading/coloring process...

I really want to start working on another game but I've got to keep cracking on this one and get it out the door. It's hard after playtesting hundreds of times to be excited about a game isn't it?

Monster Keep - New direction

So I have taken some time to think more about "Monster Keep".

Previously I had been working on a "Dungeon-Crawler" and somehow that idea has got me thinking about transforming "Monster Keep"!

I know this is nothing like the game I have blogged about (which was a card game about bidding and bluffing).

But with a name like "Monster Keep", it just oozes with the potential for a deep, dark dungeon-crawl experience that would be like no other.

Game-A-Week: Blacksmiths

Today on my blog I started a new series of posts, called 'Game a Week'. As you can probably guess the idea is to come up with one game idea a week, and plan it out as best I can in that time frame. This includes any and all themes, mechanics, playtesting, etc..

I know this isn't ideal for coming up with anything MAGICAL WONDERFUL GREAT PUBLISH IT NOW, but it is nice to stretch the design muscles.
I'm using to help when I'm stuck.

New Protospiel Accolade at The Game Crafter

Protospiel Accolade at The Game Crafter

We encourage all designers in The Game Crafter community to find a Protospiel event near them and get their game tested by other designers. And if you do, you can earn this new accolade.

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