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5th Street Challenge - Game Design Contest

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5th Street Games is teaming up with The Game Crafter to create a contest with the ultimate prize: a publishing deal for your game! Welcome to the 5th Street Challenge.

5th Street Games is an indie board game publisher based in Salt Lake City with a steadily growing library of titles (nine and growing!). 5SG is looking for another game, and has once again turned to The Game Crafter.

Stealth continued

stealth- the riverside mountains.png

For those who didn't read my first blog post, here's the link to catch up-

Now, how about the players were in a place more exiting than a house?
How about an alley... or riverside mountains... or a mansion? How about... all three? The three most thrilling and exiting places for this situation to ever take place!
Well, they're better than Disneyland.
the criminal team have stolen cotten candy from mickey. the cop team enters from the ferous wheel. There is a brutal shootout at the carrousel. Seems like both the teams were already sitting on it.

Can we define "Game mechanic?" Not Really.

Gary at is looking for a hard-and-fast, absolutely precise definition of "game mechanic".



if a team of cops and a team of criminals were in the same house... they didn't know their opponents were... the only time they did, they would be in a shootout... both teams with strong weapons, cops trying to kill the criminals, criminals trying to escape...
Yeah... basically, it's intense.
unless they both are in different houses but they think they are in the same house.
man, now that would be quite a show!

The Flux Capacity Publishing Challenge Voting Begins!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

For nearly 3 months, The Game Crafter community has been working on entries for The Flux Capacity Publishing Challenge. The grand prize is a publishing deal with The Flux Capacity. Now the community is going to vote and narrow the 30 entries down to just 20. Click here to see the rules for the game design contest and all of the games that were submitted.


Theocracy is a variation of goofspiel with some tweaks. You represent a lineage of priest-kings that must try to be the more powerful word at the end of the game by having the biggest amount of eternal memory.

COMPONENTS: 4 dice, 4 believer cards per player and 5 power cards per player (valued from 1 to 5).


GAME STRUCTURE: players named First and Last that alternate in each round (the last will be first).

BFIG Game Design Showcase

Hi fellow game designers,

Aside from designing games, I'm also one of the Directors of the Boston Festival of Indie Games and I would like to invite everyone to our 2014 game design showcase!

Video intro for Pocket Rugby

Here it is - the teaser!

Who's Eating Who?

So I recently outed myself on BGG as someone who doesn't like negotiation games ( and, of course, after mulling this topic over for some time I thought of a game concept in which negaotiation might appeal more to me. I generally think of negotiation games being about a power struggle but what if it was instead about survival? The example I'm thinking of is a game where the players are a group of predator animals that are stalking a herd of prey animals which is made up of different species.



Game rules are simple you can learn it in one minute. If you can count to 4.

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