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New Board Game Parts Available at The Game Crafter

We’ve added a bunch of unrelated board game parts and bits recently. Check them out at

Crystal Heroes: Emerging Ideas

I have been all through the design ideas of "Crystal Heroes". And just today, I looked some of my "prototypes" for the "core" game. And I came up with some AWESOME ideas such as multiple card "melds"... which add a whole new "dimension" to the game!

I was working with "operators" and "operands" in a later design... And while the ideas seemed cool -- I couldn't get everything to work together. That was until today, where I suddenly realized that "melds" solved all my problems.

Prepping files in Component.Studio

Alisha Volkman shows you how doing some basic file preparation before using https://Component.Studio saves game designers even more time.




The sea is on my side during the first couple of days. Its turquoise color sooths my worries about the journey. I have counted the barrels of food and water and it is certain that somewhere on the journey I have to find a small port to refill the stock.

If you have not read my first blog post you probably do not understand the analogy between the journey and the board game design challenge. You can find the link to the first blog post here.


I am thinking about designing my board game for more than a couple of years and finally I have decided to do it. I also know that If I share my progress with you and at the same time take feedback from senior gamers and designers, the final result will be better than my initial thoughts. Today is my birthday (Aug 20) and I am planning to receive my game as a birthday gift next year same day :)



I feel like I am departing to a journey.

Voting begins for the Gamehole Dungeon Crawler Challenge

Voting begins for the Gamehole Dungeon Crawler Challenge! There are 24 entries. Go register your vote today at

Working Title: Dungeon Deities

"Dungeon Deities"

Playing as a small time deity, you send a Champion into a dungeon to win you fame and glory.

As they make their way deeper into the dungeon they encounter monsters, traps, and loot, forging alliances against each other along the way.

If they return to share stories of your influence, you could rise in ranks of power and become a Deity of Great Renown.

Record your adventure in the Journal for future players to behold!


Rogue-Like Game Play - You decide when it ends.
Tile-based Exploration - No dungeon is the same.

Gen Con 50 - 50 Puns in 50 Tweets

I will be attending Gen Con (#GenCon50) in Indianapolis this year and plan to make the rounds - meeting designers, industry superstars, and board game fans throughout the convention. To chronicle my experience, I've challenged himself to achieve 50 “Meet & Tweets”. What’s a Meet & Tweet? It’s when you meet someone – take a photo to document the interaction – and tweet it. Over 4 days, I plan to post 50 Meet & Tweets – EACH with their very own Brooks Pun! Follow @brookspungames on Twitter or search #GenCon50 to find out who Jason encounters during Gen Con.

Trash Coliseum Update 1


What's Trash Coliseum?

Trash Coliseum is a free for all, combat game for 3 to 5 players.

The Game Crafter Effect

Jason Glover at Grey Gnome Games wrote up an awesome article about The Game Crafter effect. He talks about our print on demand service, our community, design contests, and our effect on the indie board game scene.

Read the full article at

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