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Constellation List for Dymino Monsters

The list was completed last night 10-17-2020 and I have drawn 14 new drawings. Here is the that list:

Brand New Update:
So today I am going to share with you all the entire list of Constellations and even pictures of those Constellations.

Dymino Monsters:
1: Boat
2: Hydras
3: River Kail
4: Chameleon
5: Southern Cross
6: False Cross
7: Wolf
8: Southern Crown
9: Archer
10: Telescope
11: Mirror - A
12: Mirror - B
13: Eastern Cross
14: Eastern Crown
15: Lyphe
16: Flyght
17: Change
18: Morning Star / Evening Star
19: Opsis
20: Grace

Clock Tower - 9 Card Solitaire Game

It’s noon. Your agency has just verified intelligence that suggests illegal activities are going to take place around the clock tower at 5:00PM. Investigate the area and try to stop it before it happens.


The Pens are Mightier | Cooperative Categories Party Game

The Pens are Mightier

Monster Keep — Revisiting an older design

I've had a bit of "free time". Or more so what to do with this "EXTRA" time. I was discussing with @Fhizban different Archon concepts as he too seemed interested in developing an "Archon Board Game". Meanwhile I was exploring a Card Game ... And it didn't have anything SPECIAL. There was really nothing unique with this Card Game...

Game #8/12 - Rendezvous over Triton - Broker deals across the solar system in the name of the British Empire

rot - pluto

Rendezvous over Triton

An 18 card PnP game for 2-4 players about travelling across the solar system brokering deal to better your financial position all in the name of Queen Victoria XII.

Files for playing:


Additional resources needed:
9 Discs/player (money)
2 Cubes/player (for tracking)
1 Ship token

Game play:

Battle Pencils | Trading Pencil Game

This will be my personal blog for all thing Battle Pencils, including my experience with The Pitch Project 2020. This publisher event has finally forced me to create a sell sheet for my game.

Online Dice Game: Hungry Jack

Screen shot of an online version of the "Hungry Jack" dice game - or toy.

So I made a digital version of a classic dice game for a virtual workshop on game design. The game - if you want to consider it one - is called Hungry Jack. It's roots rest somewhere deep in European antiquity.

You can play it here. It's made with HTML5 and works in nearly any web browser:

To play, click the mouse on the "click here to play" button. When in the game, click on the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR when it's your turn.

SpellMasters — Just wrapped up the Monster Micro Deck composition

One of the remaining aspects of the game (and I'll admit that the design is 80% done) was the Monster Battle Decks. Obviously the Monster Compendium is not fully written ... Never-the-less I managed to hash out thirteen different types of "Attacks" and realized that some may "recycle" and others may get "discarded" when their action(s) play out.

What remains to do is COMPLETE the "Monster Compendium" that comes with the game. That BOOK will contain ALL the enemies that you can battle. Of course you can expand the game and "invent" new or "mod" existing Monsters.


A series of blog-posts about my main project

As some of you know already, Im offering hundreds of digital artworks on this site at affordable prices. The artworks have been created for several card- and board-game projects over the course of the last two decades. Most of the images where created by talented artists who are active on deviantart.

Polyhydra | A Battling Polyhedral Dice Game

Polyhydra | A Battling Polyhedral Dice Game

Polyhydras are powerful and dominating creatures. Whenever they encounter other polyhydras in the wild, they fight one another to the death to claim the surrounding territory.

Each round, players roll polyhedral dice, representing their hydra heads, dealing damage with “locked” dice, sequenced by number of sides and increasing value. Push your luck to deal more damage, risking a miss if no dice can be locked.

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