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Game Project - 2 Months in - Input appreciated


Game that I've been working on for a while. Below are samples of the uncut prototype sheets. Total sheets 27, this is not the final art it's meant for play-testing. Let me know what you think.

Credit on icons belong to the Noun Project creators below:

Adam Simpson
ajmal kernain
Alfredo Hernandez
Anand Prahlad
Andy Selimov
Calle Pettersson
chirag shah
Claire Jones
Camilo Villegas
Creative Stall
Christian Wad
Daniel Turner
Dys Sahagun
Eric Bergholz
Eward Somers
James Viola
Joe Bayles
Luis Prado
Mahmudur Rahman Shovy

First Time entering the Game Design Showdown.

Put this together for the show-down, let me know what you think. Something I worked on specifically for this challenge but would like your feedback as it'll help me overall with something else.

Challenge is located here:


The Waves of Fight

Game takes place over 3 rounds. Each wave card determines the victory condition(s) (trump/suit/etc.).

60 Game Cards
20 Wave Cards

Splat 2.75 Re-write of Rules (Non-Play-Tested)


I've been working with you and the family on socializing the rules and this is what we've come up with (attached). Take a look, it will most likely change by end of project, but am 100% open to feed back.


Art update & More :)

Grape Juice

As it's easier to update one site I've been putting art updates on:

However here are some of the boarded cards. :)

What do those Symbols mean?

Rain Drop (w/o Stop Sign) = Liquid Attack
Brown Splat (w/o Stop Sign) = Solid Attack
Rain Drop & Brown Splat (w/o Stop Sign) = Dual Attack
-----Symbol w/ a Stop Sign over it indicates it blocks that attack.

Star = Special (Interrupt/Cleaning/etc)
4 Player Symbol = Effects all players

Splat - Proto-Type Art being assembled

Let me know what you think....

Art is coming together for Splat and Stuff the Universe....

Samples of STU below:

Very excited

I was approached by Space Tavern Games to be on their podcast.

Uber excited about this as I know it'll help the buzz about the games.

-Tumblr Entry below-

Stuff the Universe - Character Art

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