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PAX Unplugged: after the con.

If you've ever been to a metropolitan City then Philadelphia is no different. The food is either fashion flap or an expensive restaurant, the traffic is terrible, and parking is super expensive.

PAX Unplugged and setbacks.

Hooray for me! I'm going to PAX Unplugged this month. I thought I was going to miss it due to not getting a booth but Unpub Network allowed a second chance. It kind of sucks as I've been told they're cramming 22 people into a VERY tight space. Mainly because I'm banking $800 on this venture before the con even starts. I AM working a prevailing wage job building the mexican/American border crossing building so that is helping my wallet.

Dungeon Brawl Final Draft rules


I received a PDF maker from andrew2 over at thegamecrafter, so now I'm able to make PDF rulebook! This rulebook I've made is pretty much final draft. Thanks to all of you here for finding the last errors and clarifications! If there is anything super glaring, let me know. I bought 10 copies of my game for preview copies and every one has this version of the rules.

GameCrafter PDF rules link:
DeviantArt PDF rules link:

I'm going to Pax Unplugged! (almost...)

So, I got on the list of Unpub! I didn't know I had to sign up and enter information... so at 10am I was filling out the forms and entering my game all while on the clock at the construction site! haha. 15mins later, 11 spots of 15 were already taken! Whew!

Now here's the tough part: Scraping enough money together to go! I have to buy a plane ticket, get a room, and get a badge! "Why haven't you done that already?" Well, I didn't know I was going to go AND I don't have enough money saved up. Because...

Laziness, Cons, GameCrafter and Kickstarter

• So, I dragged my butt by not staying on top of registering a booth and now I didn't go to GenCon nor Pax Unplugged. I DID go to Strategicon and Comic Con, but (especially Comic Con) I don't think I got my name out enough. All of this is also due to being unemployed for a bit. Either I'm working a lot and can't go due to the nature of construction work, or I'm unemployed and have all the time in the world but no money.

WonderCon woes, conflicted playtesters, and 1 Month til KingdomCon

WonderCon is over and done with. I rushed at the last second to print out card adjustments. I vowed to get a banner this year and had one set to print at Staples the day off. I call to pick up and they say the printer is down and I'll have to wait til 8PM!!! WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THIS? I transfer the project and the new place says they'll have it done in an hour. I call and hour later and THEY DIDN'T EVEN START IT. ANOTHER hour lost. I didn't have a stand for said banner, so I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of 1/2" pvc, couplers, and voila, Instant banner for 9 bucks.

Arists, Creating Deadlines, and Afterward



Overhauling the layout. "Dark Horse C"

Group V6.jpg

So the overwhelming majority said "C" with my last blog.
On the right, you will see 2 groups of images. On the left are all the characters (aside from warrior which you've seen) with the same "C" style. The cleric is in 4 positions, each labeled on the bottom of his card. Which position do you prefer?

I guess there's always room for improvement.

A, B, or C?

TL;DR Which do you think is better? ------------------->
Here's with the cleric. I don't know if I want to put his glowing hand in there or not.

Need help naming characters...

I've sort of named the wizard. Either Thiltwig or Thigwilt. (Both are anagrams of Twilight. I painted the figure purple, we joked about MLP, and he was born.)

Female names are HARD. I could think of a dozen unique male fantasy names before I could think of 1 for a female. All the female names I DO come up with, sound too magic-ish. I'm hoping someone will read this and maybe have some input on a decent sounding name. One where you look at him/her and say, "yeah, that looks like a [insert name]".

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