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Need help naming characters...

I've sort of named the wizard. Either Thiltwig or Thigwilt. (Both are anagrams of Twilight. I painted the figure purple, we joked about MLP, and he was born.)

Female names are HARD. I could think of a dozen unique male fantasy names before I could think of 1 for a female. All the female names I DO come up with, sound too magic-ish. I'm hoping someone will read this and maybe have some input on a decent sounding name. One where you look at him/her and say, "yeah, that looks like a [insert name]".

Been a while. End of the year.

It's been a while, not since gateway in california, have I worked on my game, but far longer than I have posted anything. Since last time, I have attended both "Extra Life" at Brookhurst Hobbies and "UnPub Mini" at The Guild House both events were phenomenal flops for demoing. I will be thankful for one kind soul who played my first-ever experimental 2 player variant. It was garbage as I had anticipated. Looking back, it further solidifies Warrior as overpowered.

After-con update

Dungeon Brawl Playtesters

If you have the chance to go to Strategicon over another con, go to the other con. I signed up for 12 hours of demo time. In that time I got 7 people to play it. I called it in early every 4 hour block I was assigned due to non traffic and all the hardcore Ticket to Ride tournament players. God, Ticket to Ride is just Candy Land with objectives and points. I digress. On Sunday, when I cleaned up early, I had enough time in the day to go downstairs to the free gaming area. I had THREE pickup games with almost no wait time. I don't think I'll ever do a scheduled demo with them again.

Last minute delivery and Convention time!!!

So I finally got my overshirts!! I have to overnight them which was 50 bucks but I got it in time for the con. They're about 90-95% what I wanted so I'm okay with it. Now I can look legit while demoing my games.

Crunch Time with Dungeon Brawl

Lots of fine tuning going into the character classes before I send off for my professional-looking version from Game Crafter. I've also made Tableflip Games overshirts for when I demo! I really feel it adds a bit of professionalism. Do you really want to pitch your game wearing a Dr. Who T-shirt?

Printing prototype and monk trouble

So as I mentioned before, I get bored waiting for the next playtest so I started transferring my cards into the game crafter to see how much it would cost. Sheesh, round punch board chits are a flat 10 bones. I'm glad my game has armor tokens now to offset the cost of just needing 5 chits. The really bad thing is I'm making a copy just for myself as the art is taken from various sources which are place holders for when I pay for real art... but I have to have a nice looking working copy.

DONE! Now for fine tuning and reflection.

Finished 8 of the 9 classes! Everything is printed in full color, minis half painted, dungeon squares mounted ND painted. Haha. Adding it all up, I spent over 80 bucks on this game. Printing all the cards was about $23. Minis I didn't already have was about $40. Poster board and cork board: $15. Index cards straight cutter, and scissors: $20.

Making the game presentable.

It only took a day to fix what the guys broke. Several more days to make new copies of cards to institute a new playstyle.

Broke the game!

Example of Play.jpg

Every playtest has been great. I little change here and there...

That is, until my friends got it on Saturday. With no restrictions, taking all armor and all weapons, they broke the game in twain. I was a bit disheartened, especially since we played a full game, took 2 hours, and half of them weren't having fun. I had to document this here since it is valuable information and allowed me to further refine the game through card restriction and retooling cards.

Max 5 copies of a card. Max 8 defense cards.

Free-For-All Dungeon Brawl

So in lieu of working on Tile Pile, I've created a new game. No name yet, so it's the title of this entry for now.

You play as 1 of 8 RPG classes, each with their own deck of abilities. Players make 20 card decks made up of their ability cards, and weapon, armor, shield, and item cards. Once finished, players place a miniature in a 5x1 board which makes up the dungeon.

Players draw 5 cards on their turn. Any cards they have in their hand at the start of their next turn are discarded. You have the option to keep one and draw to max hand size.

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