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Arcana Victoriana: Setup and Scenarios

Been a long time since I posted anything up. I've just been buying, basing, and painting steampunk figures and anything else I could get my hands on to pose as the characters for my miniatures game. You can't really get people into play testing if things aren't painted... Finally got off my ass as this army of one and started making rules changes and scenario play.


Arcana Victoriana: Finally! A successful play test!

Play Test of Arcana Victoriana

After play testing AV twice today, I made some headway.
Strengthening Ranged helped.
Lowering Defense helped.

Rules we played by:
3 Fate Coins were given. They were used to either add a die to attack or Gear Down your difficulty to hit.
Fate Coins do not replenish.
Initiative is rolled after every round.
While engaged in combat, you may leave combat at half speed without provoking a model's attack.
While engaged by 2 enemy models, you cannot move.
Charging a model allows you to move at 1.5x speed. Example: Mov 5+2.5= Charge distance of 7.5

Arcana Victoriana: Still not happy with the change.

I'm really missing the 3-dice system. I trashed the idea after I was told the dice system was too dice-y. In other words, the numbers swung too much. I don't know if I'll ever go back to fix it. "Real" wargamers want hard numbers. They don't want to leave attacks to chance even if the dice allocated are based on a stat.

I've since been working on the d12 system and I'm running into options and having to choose 1 route to take.
Attacker gets X dice. He needs to roll Y Number or higher to successfully hit/damage.

Arcana Victoriana: Character Stat Rewrite

As the title says, I'm rewriting the stats of every character I've made so far. Printing them out is going to be a problem. I don't know what the layout on the cards will be. Sure, I could just print them on a big white sheet of paper, but it gets difficult finding what character you're using when nothing is bolded and you have several pages.

Arcana Victoriana: Alpha Playtest

I tried a short and sweet, proof of concept playtest thursday night with Wes. It worked out alright but Wes thought it was a bit too random. It would work better as a "light narrative wargame/role-playing game". Basically, all those hours of work are for not. It's fine though. Live and learn.


Really??? You beat me to my own game???

Saturday, at 4 in the morning, I finished v3.0 of my game (to which I believe will be the final version). I was looking at the newest Game Trade Magazine after I got off of work that afternoon and read through all the new games coming out.

I come across this game coming out in May 2011 called "Letter Flipz", "Flip Cardz", or something to that effect.

"A game in which players frantically flip over cards with letters printed on them to create words as fast as possible."

***** Expletive removed *****

CAPTCHA Chaos! v3.0

Okay, I finally got some REALLY good info. The older scoring system is back in effect and the points for words have been changed.

Easy, Medium, and Hard words are 1, 2, and 3 points each.
Finishing all your words (thus ending the round) gives you 1 point.
All other players will still dump their tiles for unfinished words.
Extra points are awarded at the end of the game once again:
2 for most Easy words finished, 3 for most Medium, and 4 for most Difficult. (Needs testing)

CAPTCHA Chaos! v2.9

After 2-3 weeks of not working on anything, I finally got the gumption to make the much needed changes to the game.

The problem was now within the words themselves. The double consonants seem to have the opposite effect they were designed for. All words now have absolutely NO repeating LETTERS. I capitalize this because vowels are no longer doubled either. The only thing separating points are word length and use of vowels. I had to kick out about 20 words from my game which didn't follow the rules.

Work Halted

So, with no further input from either gaming group, I've stopped working on Captcha Chaos aka Tile Pile aka Wild Tile aka FTW!(Fuck This Word!) I have 1 of the guys in the store testgroup who wants to buy the game already. I still don't think it's ready and I need another group (who I don't know) to test it for me. Without those tests I can't improve the game. Some want the cutthroat randomness of the 2nd incarnation and some want the structured chaos of the 3rd incarnation.

CAPTCHA Chaos!: Playtest / Rules 2.6 + RANT

I just lost all my typing work due to a fucking acrobat update so I'll make this rant quick. GET THOSE GODDAMN WIP MONTHLY PNP CONTEST OFF BGG!!! FUCK! That's what BGDF is for! I want to read about people's problems and questions that need answering for a game they have been working on for months and I don't want to wade through all those contest posts. We had 2 whole goddamn entries last month! Is it so much to ask to bring it here?

I've said all that I wanted.

Playtest Bitchfest Rules Change.

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