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New Contest: The Worker Placement Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Worker Placement Challenge is the next board game design contest at The Game Crafter and it will be judged by Letiman Games ( We want you to design a game that uses worker placement as the driving mechanic. You can consider using 1 worker per player like in Harbour, many workers like in Lords of Waterdeep, or even consider using dice as workers like in Kingsburg. It is completely up to you how you create your workers, how many you have, and what the workers are doing for you.

Voting has begun for our Learning Game Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The voting has begun for our Learning Game Challenge. This is the chance for The Game Crafter community to vote on all the games that have been submitted and to choose a list of 20 semi-finalists. Check out the games at and place your votes today! This voting period ends in 6 days.

Design a chit!

We have an auction going on right now where you get to design a chit that will be permanently available to our community:

TGC Podcast: What makes a bad game?

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

JT brings questions from The Game Crafter chat community; in the form of what makes a good and bad game. JT and Jeff discuss the question, and find it easier to point out what makes a bad game, or what can make you stand out as a "first time designer."

Listen to the podcast at

New Slider Clips Available at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - New Plastic Slider Clips Are Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that The Game Crafter now carries awesome new slider clips (in 8-colors) that are specifically designed to attach to cards and card stock to mark scores, hit points, etc.

You can add the plastic sliders to your game in any quantity at Or you can purchase just the clips by visiting our online parts shop.

TGC Designer Interview with Marcin Zarycki

The Game Crafter - Designer Interview with Marcin Zarycki

We just released a new board game designer interview with Marcin Zarycki. He’s a talented game designer and a HUGE supporter of The Game Crafter community. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years in The Game Crafter’s forums and chat channel. You probably know him as “Zovu” on :)

He signed a publishing deal with Argyle Games for his game, Landed. In addition, he has another game that was signed by Floodgate Games and that will be out later this year. Congrats on all the success Marcin! We believe you have a bright future ahead of you. Click here to watch the full interview on youtube

Landed is currently on Kickstarter and you can check it out at

The Game Crafter now makes linen cards and components!

The Game Crafter - Linen cards, boxes, and boards are now available!

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that LINEN is here! For the past year, linen cards have been the number one idea in the ideas system. We’re pleased to announce that we now have linen finished cards. But why stop at cards?

When you enable linen finish on your game, everything from your cards to your box to your game board will get our professional linen finish! And you can do it with or without UV coating, but UV coating really makes it pop. Just go to “edit details” in your game and you can enable linen finish for $0.25 per sheet.

Zerpang! is now on Kickstarter

The Game Crafter - Zerpang! is now on Kickstarter

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign today to get miniatures made for Zerpang! The miniatures enhance the game by not only doing a better job of telling you who is who, but also by adding a much more dramatic thematic element to the game. We could really use your support.

Visit our campaign on Kickstarter here

Crafter Con 2015 Video: What to expect from distributors

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

In this recorded session from Crafter Con 2015, Dave Cook at Zipwhaa shares his experience of working with distributors as a small board game publisher. Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

See more videos from Crafter Con at

Big News at The Game Crafter! Mix-n-match Chits, Dry Erase, and Frickin Laser Beams

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Today we’re announcing one of the most massive upgrades to The Game Crafter in our 6 year history. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it.

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