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Finalists Announced for Worker Placement Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Here are the finalists in The Game Crafter's Worker Placement Challenge:

Treble with Gators
The Mines of Mi Otal
Film Fest
Build the Skies
Gopher Glory

Dan Letzring, the judge for this contest, has stated that if anyone who participated would like more feedback, to contact him. However, he provided a spreadsheet that's available on our official Tumblr news article with a rundown of the scores of all of the entries in the semi-finals.

PS - Don't forget that the Gamehole Gauntlet contest is currently running right now and there are 75 days left before the submission deadline. So there's still plenty of time to work on your idea and enter the contest!

Semi-finalists announced for the Worker Placement Challenge

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Semi-finalists have been announced for our Worker Placement Challenge. See them at

Auction: Design A Punchout

If you win this auction, you’ll get to work with JT to design a custom laser cut shape that will be available to everybody that uses The Game Crafter. The punchout will have to be something that reasonably more than one person would want, and it will need to fit on the small (3.25" x 5.25"), medium (4.5" x 8"), or large (10.5" x 8.25") punchout slugs we have. The auction ends on May 31st.

PS: If you win this auction, you will be let in on a big super secret, and that secret may influence what you design.

Click here to bid on this auction

Andrew Smith Inducted Into the TGC Hall of Fame

The Game Crafter - Andrew Smith Inducted Into the TGC Hall of Fame

Andrew was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame after his game, Honeywars, won the the Gamehole Board Game Challenge 2015 . We’d like to congratulate him on this awesome achievement. You can read our full interview with him here.

Now Available: Medium Triangle Chits

The Game Crafter - Medium Triangle Chits

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce our new Medium Triangle Chits. They are made of 60pt chipboard with your custom artwork printed on both sides. They are laser cut and as a result, you can mix-n-match them with any of our other Small Punchouts.

Protospiel Chicago 2016

Protospiel Chicago - Sponsored by The Game Crafter

If you are a game designer looking to get professional level feedback from other designers there is no better place to get that feedback. With around 50 other designers in attendance you’ll have the opportunity to play test your designs many times throughout the weekend. And the friendships you’ll make will last a lifetime.

A Publishers Perspective on The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Game Crafter Official Podcast

So JT reaches out and brings Ray Wehrs, of Calliope Games, on to the podcast to discuss Ray’s perspective of The Game Crafter as a game publisher.

So does a publisher with such hits as Tsuro, Roll For It, and a successful Kickstarter for the upcoming Titan Series have a use for The Game Crafter? And would they recommend The Game Crafter to other publishers?

Click here to listen to the podcast

Domino Chits now available

The Game Crafter - Domino Chit

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce another new custom printable game component! This time around it's the Domino Chit. It's made of 60 point (.06 inches) thick chipboard, printed on both sides, and measures 2 inches long by 1 inch wide.
You get 4 Domino Chits per slug and you can mix-n-match these with any of the Small Punchouts we offer.

Laser Cut Boards + New Board Types Available!

With the exception of our folding boards (bi-fold, quad-fold, or six-fold game boards), all of our boards are now laser cut. This provides higher edge quality and dramatically more accurate cuts. We always recommend that you enable UV coating on any games that include laser cut components.

New Product Available at The Game Crafter - Arrow Chits

The Game Crafter - New Product: Arrow Chits

We are pleased to announce our newest product. They are called Arrow Chits. This is a new type of laser cut chit that you can mix-n-match with any of the other Small Punchouts we offer.

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