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A Few More Tickets for Protospiel Madison 2014

Good news, we were able to get a slightly bigger room, so we have more tickets available for Protospiel Madison 2014. Get them while they’re still available, because they are going to go fast.

Finalists of 5th Street Challenge Announced!

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Phil at 5th Street Games has narrowed the list of 20 semi-finalists down to just 7 finalists. Here they are:

How to Build a Space Ship
Help!! Wanted
Castle Defenders: POCKET
Rapid Rabbit
ROWDY HEROES! Fight the Evil Army

He’s also provided a spreadsheet with feedback about each of the top 20 games.

Official announcement at

Mark "Shmitz" Major to Judge the Time Challenge

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Mark Major, who is known on The Game Crafter website as "Shmitz", as the owner of Whirling Derby Games, and creator of amazing titles such as Zerpang!, Jupiter Rescue, and Sinister will be the official guest judge for the Time Challenge. The Game Crafter's latest game design contest has just begun, so enter today.

New Game Design Contest at The Game Crafter - The Time Challenge!

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Fall is upon us. The kids are headed back to school, the crops are ready to be harvested, and the leaves will soon be changing on the trees. It is about this time of year that I always think of the changing seasons, more than any other time of year. And that leads us to the premise for this contest. We want you to design a game where time is a resource to be managed. For example, where you can actually manipulate time, like you can in games like Red November. Other games for research include Chronos Conquest, Village, Seasons, and T’zolkin.

5th Street Challenge Semi-Finalists Announced

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Voting has finished and the finalists in the 5th Street Challenge have been announced. Thanks to The Game Crafter community for voting, and all the contestants for entering. Phil from 5th Street Games now has his work cut out for him narrowing the list of semi-finalists down to a list of finalists.

Protospiel Madison 2014

We're bringing Protospiel to Madison, WI on October 24-26th. We've already sold almost 60% of our available tickets with 2 months yet to go. If you want to get your prototype to the table, this a great opportunity. You can find out more at

What do you want in interlocking tiles?

At The Game Crafter we have many requests for interlocking tiles, however, we're not sure exactly what the greater community is looking for, so we thought we'd ask. Here's a laser cut prototype of some various interlocking tiles we made:

What sizes and shapes would you want?

Is it more important to be able to rotate and interlock each edge of the tile, or is it more important that the tiles could interlock when upside down? (it's a geometry problem that you can't do both)

If you had interlocking tiles, what would you use them for?

Voting Begins in the 5th Street Challenge

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We’re pleased to report 65 entries in the 5th Street Challenge. It is now time for The Game Crafter community to vote on which entries are the best. They must narrow the field from 65 to only 20 semi-finalists. This is going to be a tough job, as there are some amazing looking games in here!

Plan Your Kickstarter Stretch Goals

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Introduction: The Game Crafter is running a series of articles about "How To Run A Kickstarter" on our blog that will eventually be consolidated into a guide we publish for game designers.

In our last article we told you to do the math before you start your campaign. This time we’re talking about stretch goals which will make your math more complicated.

Make no mistake, you should plan your stretch goals well in advance of the launch of your campaign, and build the cost of them into your budget. Don’t scramble to come up with them during the campaign. If you do, at the very least you’ll stress yourself out. At worst, you could bankrupt yourself by rushed planning. With that in mind, here’s some advice for figuring out stretch goals.

Click here to read the full article

How To Run A Kickstarter

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Starting today, The Game Crafter is going to start a new series on our blog called “How To Run A Kickstarter”. This will eventually be the basis of a guide we publish for those of you who want to run a Kickstarter through The Game Crafter, but just aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Some of the topics we plan to cover are as follows:

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