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Killer Gamer's Remorse Challenge

The Game Crafter's Latest Game Design Contest!

Objective: a player elimination game that is implemented in such a way that it is still fun. Maybe it is a quick game like love letter. Maybe it is a longer game but the eliminated players still have a role to play like in werewolf via the “ghost writer” ability. Or maybe you finish is off in the most glorious fashion possible, so humorous that we are dying laughing for the next 30 minutes.

Sprue Challenge Semi-Finalists Revealed

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that our guest judge, Jason Glover, is hard at work narrowing the list of entries in the Sprue Challenge to a list of finalists. Head on over and check out the list of semi-finalists and feel free to leave them a comment about what you think of their designs.

Judges for the RPG Adventure Challenge

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that the judges for the Gamehole RPG Adventure Challenge 2015 are Chris Clark, Allen Hammack, and Chris Perkins. These luminaries of the RPG world definitely lend panache to the contest.

New 40-Card Tuck Box for Tarot Size Cards

Custom printed 40-card tuck box for Tarot size cards - Produced by The Game Crafter

We are pleased to announce that The Game Crafter can now produce custom printed 40-card tuck boxes for tarot size cards! These are perfect for games that use the larger tarot size cards or for smaller tarot decks (like the 36 card Lenormand decks). Click here to see the specifications for the box and download the templates. Enjoy!

2 New Game Design Contests

In case you didn’t see our post from a few days ago, The Game Crafter has 2 new game design contests for you that work a bit differently than our usual contests. Click through to read the details:

- Gamehole RPG Adventure Challenge 2015

- Gamehole Board Game Challenge 2015

Welcome To The Rodney’s!

The Rodney's - Game Design Awards at Gamehole Con

What are the Rodneys? Great question. They are the name for our just launched Gamehole Con game design award. If you look at any of our annual logos, you will see an armored fellow squaring off against some foe. At Gamehole Con command central, we have always called that guy, Sir Rodney. So, that will be the name of our game design awards.

Introducing the Dual Dial

Dual Dial - Custom printed and available at The Game Crafter

Introducing the Dual Dial. This new dial makes it easy to track 2 stats at once, or to track large stats up to 100. Entirely custom printed, assembled, and shipped to you like all of our components. Download the template and make your own at The Game Crafter. Enjoy!

Time Challenge Winner Announced!

Oaxaca from Undine Games is the winner of the The Game Crafter's Time Challenge. This is the second win for Ben Haskett, and only the second time in history we’ve had a repeat victor. Our guest judge, Mark Major, was the other. Our guest judge, Mark Major, left an impressive array of comments for all the finalists.

James Mathe joining Publisher Panel at Crafter Con

Crafter Con - Hosted by The Game Crafter

James Mathe, owner of Minion Games and the Game Universe retail stores, will sit on our publisher panel at Crafter Con. Just one more great reason why you should attend!

The Game Crafter announces new urgent queue for printing games quickly!

Ever since we launched The Game Crafter, people have been asking (some pleading, and others demanding) that we offer an urgent production queue. Sometimes it’s for a last minute birthday / wedding / christmas present. Other times it’s for a class project. And other times they’ve made some last minute changes before going to a game convention. Whatever the case we’re pleased to announce that we are offering an urgent queue.

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