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90 card jumbo tuck box now available!


The Game Crafter is pleased to announce a new 90 card Jumbo Tuck Box! This is a custom printed box for jumbo cards and you can get started today by downloading the template.

2" Triangle Chipboard Tiles now available at The Game Crafter

2" Custom Printed Triangle Tiles available at The Game Crafter

Behold: Triangle Tiles! These tiles are 2 inches on each side, making them an ideal pairing with our Small Square Tiles to create complex board design. Download the template and get started today!

custom printed 3/4" chits are now available!

3/4" chits are now available at The Game Crafter!

3/4” chits have been one of our most popularly requested printed components, and we’re pleased today to announce Small Circle Chits! They are circular measuring 3/4” across and come 150 to a sheet. They are printed both sides full bleed. You can get a sheet of these for $9.49, or just over 6 cents each chit.

In order to keep costs low and improve handling they are cut into 10 slugs and left in the slug for the customer to punch out. Because of this they require a bit larger box (not a tuck box) such as any of our pro boxes, or the medium game box.

Download the templates and get started. Enjoy!

26 Quarter Finalists in the Time Challenge

There are 26 quarter finalists in The Game Crafter's Time Challenge. The community must now narrow the field down to just 20 semi-finalists.

The Winner of the 5th Street Challenge Is…

Congratulations goes to Castle Defenders: POCKET for winning the 5th Street Challenge.

The two runners up (in no particular order are): ROWDY HEROES! Fight the Evil Army and Questgiver

The Game Crafter team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants in the 5th Street Challenge. Our next contest, the Time Challenge ends in a few days. Be sure to get your entries in soon!

Custom Printed Bridge Card Tuck Boxes

Bridge Cards Tuck Box

For quite a while people have been asking The Game Crafter to produce a tuck box for bridge cards. We’re pleased to give you exactly that now. Download the templates and get started. Enjoy!

Related Games Subsystem

Many of the designers in The Game Crafter community have asked for a way to link their games together. Sometimes it’s because one game is an expansion to another game. Other times it is because they have a deluxe and a basic version of the same game. Whatever your reasons, you can now do exactly that.
Go into your game and click “Edit Details”. At the bottom of the screen you can see a list of all your games. You can click on one to link it to the current game.

96-Card Square Tuck Boxes

96-Card Square Tuck Box - Now available at The Game Crafter

We’ve had a lot of call for a square tuck box, so we’re happy to release our new 96 card square tuck box. It will hold 96 square, hex, or circle cards. In addition, it will hold approximately 20 of our large square and large hex tiles. And it is priced at just $2.79, the same price as our other tuck boxes. Download the templates and get started. Enjoy!

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Hello from The Game Crafter!

I know it seems to be ridiculously early to be talking about holiday shipping deadlines in October, but it is that time of year again. If you’re working on a game you plan to give as a Christmas present, then please place your orders no later than December 3rd to receive it in time for Christmas. If you live outside the US, it will take much longer to arrive so plan accordingly.

We’ll provide another update as we get closer to remind you to get those orders in. Happy designing!

A Few More Tickets for Protospiel Madison 2014

Good news, we were able to get a slightly bigger room, so we have more tickets available for Protospiel Madison 2014. Get them while they’re still available, because they are going to go fast.

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