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Protospiel Madison 2017

The Game Crafter - Protospiel Madison - Board Game Design Event in Madison, Wisconsin

Get your badge to Protospiel Madison 2017 before they sell out. Note: we have sold out every year! Get yours at

Promo video for Protospiel Madison:

Free Paper & Chipboard Products for Game Designers - (ONLY November 8th @ 8am-5pm CT)

The Game Crafter is giving away a bunch of miscellaneous paper and chipboard products because we don’t need them. We think game designers will love using these for prototyping and it’s a much better option than just sending them to recycling! (We will be bringing a bunch of other blank stuff to give away at Protospiel Madison too! So be sure to get your tickets to go to that.)

New Game Pieces Available: Roosters & Henhouses


The Game Crafter has added more game pieces to our online parts shop! You’ll have the start of your very own gaming barnyard with these new henhouses and roosters. The roosters come in 5 colors and the henhouses come in 6.

Component Studio Tutorial: How to change a color of an icon via variable

Aaron Gresham, (aka "Tomrel" in The Game Crafter chat channel), created a new Component Studio tutorial that shows how to change a color of an icon with a variable.

The full tutorial is available at

If you've never used before, it's a app created by The Game Crafter that rapidly speeds up development of new tabletop games. There is a 3-day trial when you signup and if you use promo code "firstk" you'll get 50% off the paid subscription.

New Game Pieces Available: Thick Halma Pawns

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces Available: Thick Halma Pawns

New game pieces in our online parts shop! This time, we've added a new style of Halma Pawn (Thick) and they are really nice. There are 7 different colors and they're available here.

Manhattan Project Dice Challenge Winners

The Game Crafter - The Manhattan Project Dice Challenge 2017

For the first time in our history, we have 2 winners to a challenge. Normally, this would not be allowed, but because it is for a potential publishing deal for both winners we decided to allow it.

Congratulations to both The Dice Game and War Machine. Both have won all the prizes associated with this contest.

Small Stout Box - New Product Bounty

The Game Crafter - Small Stout Box Product Bounty

Do you want more box sizes at The Game Crafter? If so, we need your help. This is our first attempt at using the new Product Bounty system where game designers in our community can help fund development of new products they want us to offer.

Luke Gygax Testimonial Video

Tabletop Events - Tabletop Game Convention Management

Luke Gygax is the President & CEO of Gary Con ( In this video testimonial, Luke talks about their positive experience with Tabletop Events, the features they love, and the 5 star rating they give to both the application and our service. If you run a tabletop game convention be sure to watch this!

New Board Game Pieces Available: People

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces Available: People

People come in all shapes and sizes. The Game Crafter is pleased to release several types of wooden people. We have the fedora wearer, the white and green figure, and the blue gnome. Your towns and cities will be bustling with these additions.

New Game Design Contest: Escape Room Challenge

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Escape Room Challenge

The Game Crafter is announcing another board game design contest! This one is called the Escape Room Challenge. The official announcement was posted at


Letiman Games presents the Escape Room in a Box Game Design Challenge.

With the popularity of escape room games on the rise, we thought it would be fun to run contest with escape room in a box as the featured theme. For this type of mechanic, look at games like Unlocked! and Exit.

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