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The Manhattan Dice Challenge at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - The Manhattan Project Dice Challenge

The Game Crafter, in partnership with Minion Games, is pleased to announce the Manhattan Project Dice Challenge. You could be the designer of the next game in this hit series!

See all the rules and details for this contest below:

New Game Design Contest - The Hidden Movement Challenge

The Game Crafter - Hidden Movement Challenge

To celebrate All Us Geeks reviewing games for over 5 years now: We want you to design a game that uses hidden movement, or secret unit deployment, as the featured mechanic. For this type of mechanic, look at games like Letters from Whitechapel, Fury of Dracula, Specter Ops, and Nuns on the Run.

Jeff King and Jordan Steinhoff, from All Us Geeks, will be judging the contest.

To qualify, your game must comply with all of the following rules:

* Your game must implement the mechanic: Hidden Movement/Secret Unit Deployment.

* The game must be playable by 2 or more players.

New Transparent Sticker Pawns

The Game Crafter - Transparent Sticker Pawns Now Available!

The Game Crafter is excited to announce the release of transparent sticker pawns. Your stickers will have some extra sparkle when attached to these shiny new pawns. Available in 7 different colors.

Handmade Game Pieces Now Available!

The Game Crafter - Handmade Board Game Pieces

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the release of a new line of handmade game pieces. These game parts are sure to keep your players engaged and talking about their beauty long after the game is played. Check them out now at

Serious Play Conference is now accepting board games, card games and tabletop games for the new award category Tabletop Serious

The Serious Play Conference honors games for learning, education, healthcare, corporate, government, museums, military and many other uses. Publishers, developers, designers, faculty, researchers, game-based programs and other organizations come together each year to advance purposeful games across the world.

● Compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes,​ earning recognition as an outstanding example of quality engagement, learning, and innovation in the serious games market.

● You also win official Certification​ as a leading product in the field.

Cheap International Shipping at The Game Crafter is a Game-Changer!

The Game Crafter - Cheap International Shipping at The Game Crafter is a Game-Changer! - By Richard Durham

Richard Durham is a board game designer, TGC community member, and moderator of this great BGDF website/community! He wrote up a great article about why The Game Crafter's new cheap international shipping is a game-changer!

Read the full story with photos and real world shipping examples at:

Changes to Micro Cards

The Game Crafter - Changes to our Micro Cards

We’ve made some changes to how the Micro Cards are created and cut in our facility. This means a couple of things for you. Firstly, micro cards are now slugged, which means you will have to punch 2 of them out of a poker sized card. It also means that we’re moving from 56 cards per sheet to 36 cards per sheet. To balance this out we’re lowering the cost per sheet from $3.99 to $2.19.

New Premium Game Pieces at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - We've added new Premium Game Pieces to our Online Parts Shop!

The Game Crafter is excited to announce a new line of Premium Game Pieces in our online shop. This is a wonderful collection of new resources, animals, and containers. The level of detail and color on these parts is sure to impress players and they’ll make a great addition to any game!

Click here to view all 25 new game pieces

TGC Community Chat w/ Jeremy Holcomb, designer of White Box

Come hang out with us in The Game Crafter's chat channel on Wednesday, May 3rd at 8pm (US Central Time). We’re going to be chatting with Jeremy Holcomb, the designer of the White Box.

Trick Taker Challenge - Winner Announced!

The Game Crafter - Trick Taker Challenge

And the winner is … Tricky Tides by Biggest Little Games.

We’d like to thank all our participants, and our guest judge Gold Seal Games.

Speaking of our judge, Andrew left a beautiful document describing how he reached a decision the winner. Definitely worth a read!

Turn your idea into a board game at The Game Crafter.

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