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GameCon (Post 3) - Game Pictures

Sample Booth Tiles 1mb.jpg

Hey Folks, here's another update on GameCon to show the game setup.

The game's theme is that players are an attendee at a gaming convention, visiting Publisher Booths (the tiles), playing mini-games, and collecting Merch (which can be used in multiple ways).

The mini-games take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Some are 2-player competitive, some are 2-player cooperative, and others are free-for-all.

The mini-games also come in dexterity genre, social/party mini-games, or strategic mini-games.

The first picture shows the game setup, with the various publisher booths.

GameCon Post 2 (Still learning BGDF)

Instead of the Game Journal, I believe I wanted to create a blog entry. So this is a repost of the Game Journal I just created... sorry for the repost.

I would like to introduce the board game that I have been working on the past year. Development has gone through ebbs and flows, and it was shelved for almost 6-months at one point, but I feel like it's in a much better position now. Development is back underway. Our goal is to hopefully have it ready for Kickstarter the second half of next year.

The game is named GameCon, and here's our elevator pitch:

Introducing GameCon & Sample Art

Steampunk Goggles

We at Winsmith Games (all two of us) are working towards publishing our first game this year, GameCon. Our kickstarter campaign will be launched a week before GenCon 50, where we plan to have "GameCon: Learn & Play" events.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to team up with Benjamin Raynal and Sebastián Koziner. Benjamin was the illustrator for one of my personally favorite games, King of Tokyo. Sebastián has been the graphic designer for many successful Kickstarters.

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