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Making Game Boards Without Gutters by siskny


This tutorial will show you how to make full wrapped game boards of any number of folds without gutters. The images and procedure will show a board with the front artwork wrapped around to the back of the board, and a backing glued over the ends. The procedure can easily be used to wrap the backing of the board around to the front and then place the front artwork over the ends.


  • Board : Either 2-ply chipboard or book binder’s board (also called Davey board).

Simple No Fold Game Boards by Brykovian


This method is what I use to make my boards for Castle Dangerexternal link and DareBaseexternal link ...


  • Illustration Board (rigid, white "cardboard" available at OfficeMax, Office Depot, etc., in 20-inch by 30-inch sheets)
  • Full-Sheet Label Paper (for my inkjet printer)
  • Adhesive-based Laminating Sheets (I use a type called "SelfSeal")
  • Some Tools:
    • Hard-Rubber Squeegee
    • Rotary Trimmer (a small pizza-cutter type tool with a very sharp circular blade)
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