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Parts! What can I do with them?

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Assorted chess and checker boards and pieces
Several (10+) D6's
Several red and white wooden disks (1.5" across)
2-4 (Some have writing on them for Sabacc, and most have different backings... They're also not all where I can get my hands on them, sadly..)
Monopoly (And Net.opoly) money
Small plastic stands to hold cards, paper models, or chips upright
1337 Origami Skillz, plus the paper (generally 6", with some larger pieces, and all sorts of colours, plus foil paper.)

Any ideas on what sort of games I can work up with that jumble? Preferably without the boards, as I would like to be able to carry the elements in my pocket and just throw them out on a table, or at a summer camp, where I work as an Archery instructor, and have run into problems when it rains and I have nothing to do with the campers. (I do not allow shooting in the rain. Bad for targets, bad for bows, and just plain unpleasant.)

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Parts! What can I do with them?

Convince Bryk to use your post for a future Game Design Showdown and you'll have about a dozen different ideas. ;-)
Those will be other peoples ideas, but will show you that all sorts of games can be created with any given set of pieces, and hopefully encourage you to come up with a game idea of your own.

I would try to start thinking about genres and themes you want to work on, then look at the pieces and ask yourself "what could this item represent in that scenario?" and "what function could it fulfill in the game?".

This should lead you towards a general game idea, and from that you'll decide what other elements need to be added.


Joined: 12/31/1969
Parts! What can I do with them?

I want to make at least one tactical game, which will give me something to do with Paintball Camp besides crawl through the undergrowth. I'm trying to find Origami models that can represent different units, that I can stick in the card holders as pieces. I thought of trying to make a C&C based wargame, using indexcards with a picture of the unit and the name in the card holder, and using the Net.opoly money to buy more units. I also came up with a more definite idea for a modern-combat based chess variant....

All units move two spaces in any direction.

Piece - New Name - Range - Hits On - Special Notes
Pawn - Rifleman - 2, any direction- 4,5,6 - None
Knight - Sniper - 3, diagonal - 1,2,5,6 - None
Bishop - Grenadier - 3, forward+diagonals - 4,5,6 - Splash adjacent (Roll Each)
Rook - Support Gunner - 3, horizontal and vertical- 3(5,6) - None
Queen - Mortarman - 6 straight forward - see notes - Hits X squares away (X=1d6)
King - Field Officer - 2 any direction - 4,5,6 - Field Promotions (If any special unit has been killed, FO can promote an adjacent Rifleman to that position)

Doesn't have to be played as a set piece game, and can have scenarios. Recommended to be played ona larger board than chess... Like Stratego and Scrabble...

But it requires carrying a board. I really don't know what genre or style I want to use.... Wargames are good, customizable games are good, but in this case, simpler games are probably better.

(Edit) Another idea that I had was that the wooden disks can be laid together to create a hex layout.... Not sure what I can do with that. Play Hex Chess? Does such a thing exist?

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