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Specialist desktop digital Printers

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Anyone know how i can print on regular paper 270 to 300 gsm artcard and which printer would be suitable for that.?

Specialist desktop digital Printers

I don't know about something as thick as that, but many printers can handle thicker card stock. I regularly pass 200 gms cardstock through both laser and ink jet printers.

The question is what size output do you want and what quality? Is letter/legal size good enough? Do you want tabloid sized? Larger format? I have used a printer that can print up to 17" wide banners, which is really helpful for printing game boards (two 16" x 23" sections make a good game board) and other larger format pieces (tuck boxes that are a little too big for legal paper). That printer was only OK on quality though (and VERY tempermental).

Budget is another big concern, are you looking for cheap or is money not an issue?

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Specialist desktop digital Printers

I have been looking for a printer that can handle this weight paper for a while now.

I have not found many that will work, but I noticed that some of the Xerox(check out their website) personal/business color laser printers handle up to 110#, which is pretty close to 270-300 gsm range. Limited to A4 max paper size.

If you come acrossed a printer that handles your needs for 270-300 gsm, let me know. I might still be in need of one.

Wonder if any of the photo printers would print on cardstock that size? Not sure how costly using those printers would be either..

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