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Piecepack Contest- Solitary Confinement

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Anybody want to brainstorm about a possible contest entry for the piecepack contest? I'm thinking in sticking to the theme it could be a jailbreak game.

There'd have to be some mechanic that decides if you win or lose, obviously, and since it's just you, and you're trying to break out of prison, we'll call that success/failure.

So how can we use Piecepack stuff to determine success/failure? Perhaps remove some of them face down, and let the game be to determine which ones are removed by revealing tiles one at a time... if certain tiles come up, you have been cought, and if not then you get information about which the removed tiles are...

Any thoughts on this?

- Seth

Piecepack Contest- Solitary Confinement

I've had a few. But they aren't that fun or workable yet. But then I'm not seriously considering entering - merely interested in the idea :-

Take the 4 ace tiles - these are guard rooms.
The counters are guards.
The dice are guard movements.
Take a blank crown tile - this is your cell.
Take a blank crescent tile - this is the exit.
Remaining tiles are the main corridor - set them up in 3x6 with grid side up. Guard cells alternate on the long sides (2 on each), cell at one end, exit at the other.
Put counters in guard rooms of same suit.
Put crown marker in your cell - this is you.
Take one counter of each suit and put in front of the guard rooms - these are alerted guards.
Each turn move 2 squares in any direction and roll 4 dice - one for each guard room.
Move guards according to the die of their suit-
Blank - guards stay still and are automatically defeated in combat (they've lost their breath chasing you and while gasping can't defend themselves)
Ace - Another guard is alerted - take a counter out of the guard room and put it on the grid at the guard room - roll again
2 - move guard(s) 1 square horizontal towards you
3 - 1 vert
4 - 2 hor
5 - 2 vert

Combat - if guard moves to your square or vice versa - turn it over. Roll a die of its suit.
If you roll equal or greater than the number, you win and the guard is discarded unconscious.
Blank counter - guard automatically defeated.
Ace counter - guard automatically defeats you.
Blank die - guard pushes you back toward your cell 2 spaces
Ace die - defeat any guard but the Ace counter guard.

I had a go or two of this - but it just seems lacking to me as a game. Feel free to use the ideas.

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