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How and why to build the board

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I'm playing around with a theme and the rules that would make that theme work in a children's game, and would like to hear your thoughts on how to create the game board:
My design will use a preprinted board layout, with different areas on the board meant to be explored by the players.
If the game was planned for older players I'd probably have used a small number of large tiles for most areas instead, to be drawn from a bag in order to introduce variation and chance to the game.
With kids age 5+ that does not feel like a good idea because the tiles will become chipped and easier to identify -which someone is bound to suspect and argue about instead of enjoying the game... But that's my approach to things.

What approach would you chose, and in order to create what challenge for the players (of any age)?
Outside the box is a nice place to be, feel free to try silly examples just to provoke thought!


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Exploration game for +5s

Hi Ewain. Being for kids aged 5+, obviously fun, safety and durability are priorities. Large, flat plastic tiles, brightly coloured to match each player's home/start position, picked from a bag? The same colour could form the path each player follows around the board, perhaps crossroads for some interactive play? Ray

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