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Metal Gear Solid-based miniatures game

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Khe Sahn
Joined: 01/27/2010

I had an idea ages back, when I was going through a serious Metal Gear Solid 4 phase - create a game, similar to Warhammer, except use cards as opposed to miniatures (I decided on cards, because they were heaps easier to make.
I had decided to make it like, if anyone has ever played it, the Metal Gear Online function for Metal Gear Solid 4.
The main play style, Respawn Versus, is played like this:
A set amount of points are assigned to both teams (reinforcement points). Players draw five cards at the start of the round. It doesn't matter about how much points the card costs, because that isn't a summoning cost, its a destruction cost - when the card is destroyed, the amount of corresponding points are taken away from the owner's reinforcement points. When a card is destroyed, you must wait 2 turns before summoning another. There must be 5 cards in your hand at all times. When a card is killed, it is removed from play. If all cards are killed, simply reshuffle dead cards.
An example:
each team has 50 rp's.
player one puts down a soldier, who's destruction cost is 3, along with 2 gekko's, which cost 6 each and also 2 decoy soldiers, costing 1.
The soldier is killed, reducing his reinforcement points to 47. He waits two turns before summoning another card, a frog soldier, costing 4. If all cards on his team were destroyed, so thats 4+1+1+6+6=18, his rp total would be 47-18=29.
I hope this is understandable.

Deathmatch Versus is played where a player has a small amount of cost points and draws 10 cards. They may put down as many cards as they can, but their values have to be equal or less to the amount of cost points. The player with no troops at the end wins.
EG: A player has 15 cost points. He summons 3 soldiers, worth 3 each, as well as 1 gekko, worth 6. His soldiers and gekko die, while the opponent still has a soldier left. The opponent wins.

This is the list of total modes that I have created, some almost impossible to play:

Deathmatch Versus
Respawn Versus
Deathmatch Sneak
Respawn Sneak
Respawn Base
Deathmatch Rescue
Respawn Rescue
Deathmatch Sneak Rescue (pretty much Team Sneaking in MGO)
Respawn Rescue
Two-Team Deathmatch Sneak
Deathmatch Escort
Respawn Two-Team Sneak Rescue
Respawn Sneak Base
Respawn Escort
Deathmatch Escort Sneak
Respawn Escort Sneak
Deathmatch Capture the Flag
Respawn Capture the Flag
Deathmatch Sneak Capture the Flag
Respawn Sneak Capture the Flag

There are actually more variables for gameplay.
There is also a combat system, for when you actually get around to playing! I'll update that later.

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Khe Sahn wrote: I hope this

Khe Sahn wrote:

I hope this is understandable.
I apologize, but it's not. You've really got to explain more concisely your mechanics and your concept. Also, many people on here probably did not play MGO or MGS4 (I did not, although it should be clear that it's not because I don't like the series, see my avatar). However, it sounds like a skirmishing wargame, something that I am not interested in, so I might not be the most reliable source for comments or criticism.

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Do you intend to make a

Do you intend to make a stealth game or a simple shooter game.

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