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Paper of Plastic miniatures

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For a military strategy game i was wondering, would it be better to have Paper of Plastic minis?
My main problem is that both have pros and cons

Paper miniature Pros:
quick, simple to make, easy make a larger army, far cheaper, more customizable
Paper miniature Cons:
easy to break and bend, don't stand up quite well

Plastic miniature Pros:
stand up to a lot of punishment, more visually appealing, can actually stand up (with a base)
Plastic miniature Cons:
more expensive than paper, not as customizable, harder to reproduce for larger armies

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How large?

I think the answer may lie in how large an army are you envisioning players to be able to build?

While I definitely love the atheistic that minis bring to a game, I don't see anything wrong with cardboard pieces on a plastic stand, or even cardboard tiles. The key would be the thickness of the cardboard. Fantasy Flight uses a good solid thickness in their games, so using tiles similar to the monsters in Arkham Horror would work pretty well. Arkham also utilizes the cardboard in stands for the investigators.

Are you wanting each unit to represented individually? or would this be squad based where one mini/cardboard piece could represents several units?

Typing this with my fidgety two month old in my lap, so if it doesn't make sense, I apologize.

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Each piece would represent 1 either 1 soldier or 1 unit, depending on how you would like to play the game.
My original idea came from the Fire Emblem game series, and i mixed it with a little bit of Warhammer 40k.

In my rulebook, i include 2 sets of rules: 1 for each piece being 1 soldier, and each piece being a unit. for size i was thinking about 35mm (about an inch and 1/2)

Each army could range from a simple 10 points (1 point per unit, 1 point for special bonuses) to around 50 points

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SithPenguin wrote:While I

SithPenguin wrote:
While I definitely love the [i]atheistic[/i] that minis bring to a game,
Do you mean Aesthetic?

I wonder if you could go with a more durable flat design, with the durability of minis and the flat packing and lower production cost of cardboard. Pocketmodels had plastic cards for their Pirates of the Burning Sea and Star Wars sets. Is that something that would work for your game?

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