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Time Travel

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Hi All,

Has anyone played any games, or worked on a idea, that used time travel as a theme,?

How did it use or portray it in the mechanics, and did it work or advance the game?

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Some interesting discussions

Some interesting discussions can be found here:

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I've played two games with

I've played two games with time travel, and both were pretty simple. Chrononauts had each player as a time traveler with a secret mission like kill Hitler, or something. I remember having a series of cards laid out as the timeline that players could alter as they went through. The other one was US Patent No. 1 by Cheapass Games. Players has all invented a time machine, so they were racing to the patent office. Since you can go back in time, you were trying to file the very first patent ever. Time travel was not actually a strong mechanic in that game, it was mostly a hose your neighbor game.

It's been a while since I played either one, so I may not be recalling them accurately.

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