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board effect cards for spaaaace

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One of the mechanics in the game is an event deck. Whenever you destroy a large ship, you draw a card from the event deck. These cards have board effcts. I have 2 ideas for it so far. One generats a wormhole on the destroyed ships space. Once there are 2 on the board ships can jump fron one to the other. The second is core breach. When this card is drawn, any adjacent ship takes 1 dmg.

Most of the cards will be "nothing happens". But I kind of want a third thing. Any ideas? They have to fit the theme of space battles.

I dont really like thing like +\- effects for this unless it really makes sense.

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Third Idea


One of the things I've used in my adventures, be they D&D or Serenity is the third-party (which I'm using loosely to define anything other than the main antagonist and protagonist in the story). So, in a Space Game (which, by the way, we'll have to compare notes, as I'm currently in the throes of designing and developing one, as well), I would offer the following two ideas as primers:

- Space Debris/Radiation: No Movement through this tile/hex/space for 'x' number of turns or suffer hull/computer/personnel damage

- Alien Encounter: Another race has been alerted to your presence and deploys ships/probes/etc to the location

Hope that gives you something to think about, moving forward.


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A bit more info

This is a 2 player grid tactics game. Right now I have primary formations that have meteors and when a large ship is destroyed and nothing happens, a destroyed ship card goes there. The destroyed ship card effects shooting and movement but has HP that you can blow it away to show you are breaking up the larger chunks of the ship.

The game takes place in a galaxy that is mostly mapped and the different races are at war over a new sector of space that has wormholes popping up and they WAR FOR SCIENCE!!!"

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Unless this is some kind of catchup mechanic, slowing down a player who killed off another player's big ships to prevent them from getting too far ahead, I don't think that there should be any negative effects at all. However, if it is, only having negative effects makes sense.

Ponder what the purpose of this "event deck" is in your game, and focus in on what you're trying to do with it. I don't think that this is a good time to induce another element of randomness that could potentially destroy your ship on the death of an opponent's ship, but that's my own personal interpretation.

Have you considered a "veteran" system, where destroying a big ship with another big ship grants that ship's crew experience? It could be kept track of on a card for that ship set to the side of the board that also details what each level of veteran status means for the ship. This would replace the event deck, methinks.

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I'm thinking some neutral

I'm thinking some neutral monster joins the fray. we can assume it was something the large ship was carrying in hope to use it as a weapon, or the monster warped in from another dimension from some freak accident, etc etc.

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other board effect cards for spaaaace...

What about something like:

1) system malfunction: If the attacking ship is within X many spaces of the destroyed ship, then the player is limited in some way next turn...cannot move, cannot attack, shields down, etc. Maybe roll for randomness.

2) Gravity Burst: Maybe the explosion cause some gravity anomaly pulling the attacking ship (and maybe others) within X spaces 1 or more spaces closer to the destroyed ship.

3) Pressure Wave: The expansion of the matter from explosion pushes the attacking ship 1 or more spaces away from its current location.

Hope those ideas help spur other ideas. Good luck!

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That's more like it!

That is more the feel I am going for. I was trying to justify some similar things to that. I like the push pull a lot.

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