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Joined: 12/09/2008

No questions. View the attached PDF which contains a graphic of a playing surface concept. Post an idea if inspired. Try to build on the ideas posted before you. All game design elements open for ideas. Let's see where this takes us...

Graphic Description:
Circular game board with characters used for reference in this thread.

I was trying to envision a game board that I would enjoy playing on. I had many interesting ideas, but will only post the following:
Areas A, B, & C are stationery. The five rings can independently rotate. The rings rotate beneath the "runway" between B & C....

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Joined: 07/26/2008
A solar system?

This reminds me of a model I'm working on for simulating a solar system, although it's actually quite different as my board is static rather than moving.

I would imagine this board being about 4 different races trying to exploit a solar system, each starting at one of the A positions. The five circular tracks represent the orbits of five planets around the sun at B. You would need to use the orbits to save on fuel costs for travelling from one planet to another (i.e. travel only when the orbits are close together).

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Word game

I love the solar system idea. Particularly if each planet has a different balance of resources that affect your ability to colonize further, upgrade your ship, fight, etc. C-->B represents a straight shot at the sun, which would be easy on fuel but take up an entire turn -- the only problem is that two of the A's are farther from C than the other two; this might be fixed by allowing the A's to rotate as well or mirroring the C-->B path.

One thing that strikes me about this layout is that the spaces are different sizes, which reminds me a lot of Chang Cheng, an area control game about the Great Wall where negative points placed on one side of the wall don't quite line up with the positive ones on the other, making for some interesting choices.

Then I thought, why not have common letters (E, T, A, and C are the most common letters in the English language, I believe) on some of the big spaces, and uncommon letters on the small spaces? On your turn, you would rotate one ring to form a word on three or more consecutive rings, scoring higher for each additional letter, and based on letter rarity. The spaces currently labeled A and B are bonuses of some kind, and of course a five letter word that stretches from A to B thus gives you a game-taking kind of score, like scoring Bingo using a triple-word-square in Scrabble.

You'd probably need to modify the tiles so they had more letters on each ring, or represented a selection of letters for each space. And I have no idea what to do with the C-->B path; it strikes me as too difficult to try to let someone score a word using only hidden letters.

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I dig both solar system and word game ideas. I think if the board represented a galaxy, we could have jump points on each ring. What could happen if ring points 1-5 all lined up?

Joined: 01/23/2009
a game which can b played

a game which can b played both as strategy n as first person shooting aswell .
you can b a leader n can fight yourself aswell .
i have a very clear pic in my mind of what i want n i don't think thers a game like that .
well less see if i can make my ideas come alive :P

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ff3 warns about flash driven site

just got a warning about the flash driven site. my settings blocked access from the site. do not click on the link.

for the poster: what is that site about and did you knowingly post a site link that triggers warnings as an attack site (phishing or otherwise)?

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I like this. To move somewhere from somewhere else, it's just as easy to move the world than to move yourself. Leads to some interesting possibilities for a simple open-information strategy game, like Chess, where one of the moves is to rotate a ring. I dunno.

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Grave Robbers

You are a band of fortune hunters facing your greatest challenge yet. You have been around the world and unearthed priceless treasures with your shovels and pick axes, but you've never discovered anything like this. Its an elaborate lock to the greatest treasure room the world has ever seen. Can you and your partners arrange the rings in precisely the right combination in order to enter the tomb? Or will your techniques backfire and seal the treasure behind the ancient walls forever? You will need to work together in order to break through, but will you be able to trust your fellow robber when his eyes see all that gold...?

I envious a tile laying game perhaps with positions rotating around the center. There are symbols on the tiles that have to be ordered properly in order to unlock the vault.

The Magician
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Escape the alien mother ship

This diagram is an area in an alien mother ship. your trying to get your army of galactic marines out of this alien mother ship, each solder has a piece of the alien treasure and what you want to do is get as many of your solders to escape with it as possible by traveling from point (B) to point (C). (C) is a teleportation portal that you have opened up that is your route of excape. Points (A) are where Alien fighters are fireing weapons at the solder running across the bridge.

The humans have theire army that they must cross the runnway to the portal (C). One solder runs to the portal, while the others defend him by firing at the aliens. If the solder is shot dead, he falls on one of the rings 1-5, and aliens fet points for this. If he makes it, the humans gets points added by escaping with a piece of treasure.

Now, there are two sides: Alien and human space marine. If there are two players (one human, one Alien), If three players (One human, two alien, or visa versa), Four players (two human/ two alien, three human/one alien), and so on. If there are multiple players that are humans, each player gets a pile of solders and they want to be the player who escaped with the most treasure. The alien player gets their own point system by recovering treasure from the dead bodies.

Rings 1-5 could have a method of scoring based on the distance from (B) to (C)- how close was I to getting to the portal (C) before I fell dead. There could be a long-range combat system.

Human players could custamize their solder stats to beef them up for the dash to the portal (C), while also shooting back or haveing a group of solders covering his butt as he moves.

This could get quite interesting, Alien side must iether fire at solder whos trying to escape with treasure or counter attack the players deffending their comrad.

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Definitely something to do with orbits, Maye players try to Zap space junk, or escape the planets gravitational pull first.
How about the rings indicate time, the more a player moves around the board (or does certain actions) it moves time forwards towards certain destruction (rings rotate), with players trying to make economical plays (using as little time as possible) but possibly trying to push it forwards to get a spacial advantage.

Joined: 04/09/2009
I am waiting for a zombie game made like this

I would love to try a game where you can choose to be a zombie or a Human. Mixing Avp, Stubs the zombie and GTA San Andreas.

Make a Story about a zombie that try escape a facilety or arise from his grave.

Story about the human could be either you start in the city as a cop, worker or a teenager at school.

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