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A Battle of the Elements - Quintessence Tournament

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"Quintessence Tournament is a game inspired by the PS2 game "Wrath: Unleashed". and the trading card game "Magic: the Gathering". Quintessence Tournament combines both games and out comes an immerse Strategy game where players must take command of one of the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind to kill the other player or capture the temples that lay scattered around the battlefield to secure victory." -Facebook group description.

---WIP --- WIP --- WIP --- WIP --- WIP --- WIP --- WIP --- WIP --- WIP---

For those of you unfamiliar with Wrath Unleashed: <-- Introduction <-- Game Description

The "Blank new card maker" I have attached is my most recent "editor" for my cards. Creature cards are on top and spells are on the bottom, from left to right there is Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and Aether (I'm not making any Aether cards yet)

Creature cards have 6 attributes
•Cost •Vitality
•Might •Range
•Resilience •Speed

Cost - How much energy the card cost to summon
Vitality - How much damage the creature can take before being sent to the graveyard.
Might - How much damage the creature deals to Vitality
Range - How many hexs away the creature can attack.
Resilience - How much damage can be reduced against an attack.
Speed - How many hexs the creature can move.

Note: If a creature you control attacks an enemy creature that has equal or higher resilience than its might it will always do one damage to vitality.


The 2nd attachment are 1v1 maps taken directly from Wrath: Unleashed. The Grey diamonds are Citadels, Yellow triangles are Temples, and Purple triangles are Energy Wats.

Citadels - This location is where the your Lord is stationed at the beginning of the game. It also provides 2 temple points.

Temples - Scattered around the map these outposts grant 1 temple point when captured.

Energy Wat - Provides bonus energy to the player who captures it.

Notes: I'd like to make temples more than just a secondary objective. I may rename them to something else

Lords represent the player in-game. Lords can be identified by the "L" in their cost. They do not necessarily summon your creatures from your hand but all summoned creatures must start adjacent to the Lord. All lords have an internal ability to summon a elemental (I have a problem with lack of field swarming.) and lay down terrain which provide bonus to your units and penalty's to your opponents creatures (see 3rd attachment "terrain")

Draft of Lore (made October 8th 2013. definality plan to change it but not any time soon):
At the beginning of time there was only the void, then Light and Darkness shown its self to fill the void with expanse of stars and a world named Nakai. Out of Light and Darkness came the four elemental forces of Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind created equality on the same world; it was so balanced all elements could co-exist together.
In time came the Initiates of the Elements - scholars who have studied, understood, and controls the elemental forces were able to scribe powerful creatures and channeled spells into whatever they can find. From tree bark, papyrus, and stone slabs these Initiates declared friendly duels with their others kin to proven themselves. Prestigious scholars called Lords, explored beyond their homelands to face other Lords of other Elements...and so the Quintessence Tournament was born.
After many years the best of the best of each element shined the brightest. These Masters who stuck out of thousands of the world were Lord Kort lontje of Fire, Lord Steinfaust of Earth, Lady Alsius of Water, and Lord Dàfēng of Wind also called the Fatal Four. Together they started the first championship to declare who was the superior element at a scared location called the Nexus.
To this day the results of the first Championship is unknown however all of the Fatal Four emerged as Champions. Returning to their homelands they would then pick the next best Lord of their homeland and send them to the Nexus again only this time everyone will be watching.

Below is a general idea of the elements and what I'd like them to do along with some other things. Noticed I do care soemthings over from other Magic and Hearthstone

- UNIQUE: Effect Damage, Might Bonus when attacking only, abilities that grant more actions
- Shared: Anti-Attachment (w/ Earth), ,
• Signature Card Effects
- Reckless - (during.your.turn.this.creature.gains.+X.Might)
- Enrage - (When this creature is below maximum vitality it gains X Might)
• Earth
- UNIQUE: Energy Production, "Pulls", Resurrection, High Defense, Teamwork (marching), Energy Disruption, Restoration, Discard effects, Light Crowd Control
- Shared: Anti-Attachment (w/ Fire),
• Signature Card Effects
-Growth - ( Might, Resilience, or Speed)
- Presence - (You.may.summon.this.creature.for.its.Presence.cost.if you.control.a.creature.that.has.a.high.cost.than.this.creature.
• Water
- UNIQUE: Deck attachments, Exchange powers, Counter spells, Adaptability, Bouncing effects, Mill
- Shared: Stat debuffs(w/Wind)
• Signature Card Effects
- Swap (You may summon this creature for its swap cost when you do return target allied creature of the same cost as this card and summon this card in its place)
- Refocus (Once per turn you may switch two chosen stats with each other)
• Wind
- UNIQUE: Objective controlled effects, Swarming, Mobility, Forced Movement, Heavy Crowd Control,
- Shared: Stat debuffs (w/Water)
• Signature Card Effects
- Overrun (this creature gains +1 might for each allied creature adjacent to enemy creature that is in combat with this creature)
- Split (Sacrifice this creature and summon X Wind elementals in adjacent hexs)
• Aether (shared by everyone/needs assigned to an element)
- Recurrence (You.may.cast.this.spell.from.the.grave.for.its.Recurrence.cost) [taken off of Earth]
- Flyer - (this.unit.may.move.over.other.units)
- Teleporter - (this.unit.may.move.over.other.units.and.void.spaces)
- Solitary - ( effects)
- Ransack (mill cards from the top of your deck equal to the ransack cost of a creature card in your grave, return it to your hand)
- Benefactor (Discard this creature card from your hand to have target allied creature gain its might and resilience until the end of your turn)
- Hellbent (MAGIC, needs renamed, ideas please: effects when no cards are in your hand)
- Homeland (double the bonus this creature would receive from terrain)
- Taunt - (
- Vanishing (MAGIC, needs renamed, ideas please: After the summon of this creature it is destroyed after X turns)
- Burrow
- Barrier (The next enemy spell that targets this creature is negated)
- Spellshroud (Untargetable by enemy spells and abilities)
- Banished - (This.unit.cannot.capture.temples)
- Impending (
- Stealth (this unit cannot be targeted until it attacks)
- Salvage - (exile.this creature.from.the.graveyard,.target.allied.creature.gains.the

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Not everyone has a facebook

Not everyone has a facebook account. (me for example)

You can always copy/paste text/tekst.

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If you want me to I can copy an paste EVERY single post from there to here...

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You should change Facebook requirements

I think or to be precise I KNOW there is a way to publicly display a Facebook page so that others may view the content WITHOUT having to be Facebook members!

You should look into that... And then everyone will be able to see the page.

An example, one of my friends, who is an Artist, has a FANS page:

I can search via Google for his page and see ALL it's content without needing to be a Facebook member...

So I know it's possible, I just don't know how you can configure your page to allow ANONYMOUS viewing... But you should definitely look into that!

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ugh This is a page, the Quintessence Tournament Lounge is a group. Just that small difference bars him from viewing my works -_-

I'll transfer my stuff over...

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After I had some time to myself

I cared over what was needed to show the basic idea for QT.

Note to self: might change vitality to equal Might + Resilience instead of putting points into it like I do the rest of the attributes.

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